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Recommended books for JEE main and Advanced Preparation

by Sanju Sinha

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 Few Tips to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Main 2015 & JEE Advanced 2015

  1. Choose only 1 book of a level to solve problems as most of the problems will repeat in two same level books because their basic framework is same and they are supposed to cover same fundamentals. This can waste your time.
  1. Never start any book of advance level before having crystal clear basics. This is a very important advice- These advance books can create many misconceptions if you are using it wrongly.
  2. Buy only the latest editions of JEE preparation books. Each new edition ensures that the book is more concurrent and includes solved questions & practice questions based on the latest question pattern and examination trends.
  3. Don’t pick too many books at a time. Be with one book and look at other books only when you need help on a particular topic. To know which book to refer for which topic, read description or ask your teacher.

Recommended books for JEE Main & JEE Advanced

List of Recommended Physics books for JEE Main 2015 & JEE Advanced 2015

 Physics Preparation Books


Book Type


Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma
Volume 1
Volume 2

Text-book & problems

Recommended for Mechanics, Electricity, Modern Physics, Heat & waves, Optics. Exercises of this book is mandatory to solve while completing this book.

NCERT Physics


Class 11 and Class 12 books by CBSE. Basic Text

NCERT Book for Class 11 | NCERT Book for Class 12

Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

High Level Problems

Only pick it up when you are done crystal clear with your concepts. Consists of Complex level problems. Only for Mechanics, Electricity & modern Physics.

Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday

Volume 1
For Class 12

Reference Book and Problems

Good for Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat.

Arihant Physics by DC Pandey


Detailed Text and Problems

Consists of many solved problems. This must be used for reference only after understanding the fundamental.
Mechanics Part 1Mechanics Part 2 | Optics & Modern Physics | Waves & Thermodynamics

University Physics by Sears & Zemansky 

Average Problems

Good numerical problems

Elements of Statics & Dynamics S.L. Loney

Text and High Level Problems

Detailed Mechanics text and problems.
Part 1 |  Part 2

Interactive Physics

Text & Problems starting from beginning

Perfect guide for self-study. Detailed text for deep understanding covering problems from very basic to Irodov level.


 List of Recommended Chemistry books for JEE Main 2015 & JEE Advanced 2015

Chemistry Preparation Books




NCERT Chemistry

Text Book for Basics

Class 11 and class 12 books for CBSE. Basic Text- Mandatory for Inorganic chemistry.
NCERT Chemistry Class 11 | NCERT Chemistry Class 12

Organic Chemistry Morrison and Boyd

Detailed Text

Best for strengthening conceptual knowledge

Reaction mechanism by Parmar & Chawla

Detailed Text

Recommended for Reaction mechanism I & II and Halogens

Arihant Chemistry

Detailed text and Problems

It is not recommended if there is time constraint. Only Good for preparation when there is a lot of time in hand. A deep base can be made using this book’s text.

Organic Chemistry by Francis Carey


Recommended for Text of Nomenclature, Polymers.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

High Level Problems and Basic Text

Very nice problems for understanding various mechanisms. Cover Basic text of this book too before attempting the exercises.

IIT Chemistry by O.P. Agarwal

IIT-Level Problem

Highly recommended for practice

Numerical Chemistry by R.C. Mukherjee

IIT-Level Problem

Fairly Recommended for practice but don’t use it after solving high level books as most of the questions will repeat.

Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins

Detailed Text

Illustrated text for deep understanding. Recommended for text.

Numerical Chemistry by P.Bahadur

Problems Specific

Highly Recommended. Solved numerical problems are very good. Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium problems cover every single aspect you need to know about them.


List of Recommended Chemistry books for JEE Main 2015 & JEE Advanced 2015
Maths Preparation Books




Mathematics by R.S. Agarwal

Basic Text

XI and XII Basic text for beginners. Platform Building.


Basic Text

CBSE prescribed books for XI and XII

High school mathematics by Hall and Knight


High Level problems for practice. Recommended for Quadratic Equations.

New Pattern Mathematics for IIT JEE by ML Khanna

Average Problems

Good Problems for Practice and understanding the fundamentals. Exercise use to covers all type of problems. – Recommended for Permutation & combination.

Algebra made easy by K.P. Basu

Reference Book

Recommended for Mathematical Induction & Theory of Equations

A problem book in Mathematical analysis by G.N. Berman


 Recommended for practice of Definite & Indefinite basic Integration problems. Ample number of questions for practice.

Calculus and analytic geometry by Thomas & Finney


Recommended for Coordinate Geometry and Calculus.

Coordinate geometry by S.L. Loney


Cover Conic section here. Highly recommended book by coaching centres

Problems in calculus of one variable by I.A. Maron


Considered good for Differential Calculus and Functions.

Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney

Reference Book

Recommended for Practicing to strengthen the basics of Trigonometry.

Higher Algebra by Bernard and Child

High level Problems

High level book. Must be picked after an advanced understanding of the subject.

Arihant Mathematics

Text and Problems

Great for understanding Vectors


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About the Author: Sanju K. Sinha

He is an IITian pursuing his B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. Sanju cracked IIT JEE in 2012 and presently a third year student with a 7.2 CGPA.


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