About Mota Chashma

Mota Chashma is an opportunity portal for students, parents, schools and colleges which information on scholarships, competitions, fellowships, entrance exams, admission, auditions and other educational information and news. It keeps them updated about all the opportunities and is a first of its kind portal in the country which provides all such exhaustive information free of cost at one place.

We provide Authentic and Updated information for free!

Our Offerings:

  • Scholarships/Competitions: When we think about scholarships, what springs to mind is that they would be for academically brilliant students or a form of financial help for economically challenged people. But that’s actually not true. There are scholarships for which anyone can apply, in domains such as academics, sports, art, painting, English language, Mathematics, poetry, theatre, fine arts, logo designing, study abroad scholarships etc. There is often a general unawareness about such kind of opportunities which are available from time to time. We bridge this gap by providing all relevant information about upcoming scholarships and competitions in India and abroad, in a manner that is easily understood.

    Mota Chashma gives a comprehensive list of scholarships, competitions, fellowships, internships conducted by Government, NGOs, International Organisations, Private Companies etc. enabling this platform to provide opportunities for everyone to win cash awards, scholarships, recognition and much more. Any doubts or any need for further information, are also addressed by a comments section which is constantly monitored by our staff.

  • Entrance Exam: Here the students can find information on all entrance exams like engineering, medical, defence, fashion & design, hotel management etc. including complete details on eligibility, application process, exam pattern, result, counselling etc. There is also a list of recommended books for all exams. We provide complete information about an exam from the release of application form till the final admission.

    Get timely updates on all entrance exams!

  • Auditions: In India, a lot of TV shows promote children to showcase their talent but the problem that many children and parents face is that they do not get timely information about the dates of the auditions for these shows, especially people living in smaller towns. So Mota Chashma helps them get timely information on dates of auditions, venues and also a detailed illustration of the registration process. And even better, if you have any queries, we are there to answer them all!
  • Articles: Mota Chashma provides a platform where the young people, parents and others can share and discuss their views on various topics such as problems faced by today’s generation, issues like health, career, lifestyle, relationships and a myriad of other things that may be important.
  • News: Mota Chashma provides regular updates in the Education sector to parents, students and schools so that they can take informed decisions at any point in time.


About the Team Mota Chashma:

Mota Chashma is an initiative of two Alumni of Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB). Their passion in the education sector and prior experience in the same has motivated them to start this education portal. Mota Chashma is their second start-up in the education sector; their first start-up got international recognition when National University of Singapore (NUS) published a case study in their Journal – Asian Case Research Journal (ACRJ) on how their efforts created a difference in the life of school students.



Mota Chashma aims to become the most authentic and trusted source of information for students, parents, schools and colleges.


  • Provide updated and best possible information about scholarships, competitions, exams, auditions etc. to students.
  • Keep parents and schools informed about latest updates in the education sector so that they can take well informed decisions at any point in time.
  • Create a platform where students, parents and schools can discuss all their needs and concerns.