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JEE Main Preparation 2018 - Know How to crack JEE Main


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JEE Main Preparation article discusses the best preparation tips and various ways to crack. A critical part preparing for JEE Main 2018 is not only the books that the students study but also their approach to studying them. JEE Main Preparation article covers both the aspects. The idea is to make sure that the students understand the subjects well, which will then allow them to tackle questions which might be new or following the pattern.

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JEE Main 2017 Exam Preparation Strategy


JEE Main Exam Pattern 2018

JEE Main exam consists of Paper I and Paper II. The Paper I is made for all courses of Engineering except for Architecture. Paper II is based on Architecture/Planning courses. First of all the interested candidates should be aware of all the changes going on regarding the exam pattern for JEE Mains. The best way to score in any exam is to know the syllabus thoroughly. Half of the work is done when you know that what actually you are going to face in the exam. After getting the entire pattern related updates and syllabus now make a month wise plan and start preparing your monthly plan. Complete the syllabus that you have set for one month within the specified time. The question paper will be in online as well as offline mode, so your preparation should be based on the mode of which you are going to appear whether online or offline. The duration of the exam will be 3 hours with multiple choice questions for paper1.

JEE Main 2018 Paper I Exam Pattern

  • JEE Main Paper, I consist of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Subject
  • Paper, I is conducted on both pen and paper and computer-based exam.
  • The paper I consist of Objective type questions with equal weightage to all the three subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

JEE Main 2018 Paper II Exam Pattern

JEE Main Paper II is for Mathematics, Aptitude Test, and Drawing. Mathematics and Aptitude test have objective type questions. Paper II is only conducted in Pen and Paper mode.

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2018

How to crack JEE Main 2018

JEE Main or Joint Entrance Examination is one of the most popular Entrance Examination for the students after Class 12 to choose their career in the Engineering field. The students who want to appear in JEE Main examination needs a lot of preparation as the questions asked in the examination are quite tough and tricky. Students are often confused about the preparation tips about how to crack JEE Main papers and also about the most authentic source and recommended books to study.

How to crack JEE Main

Following are some of the important preparation tips and ways to crack JEE Main:

  • Execute a Proper Plan:  Making a proper schedule to study is one of the initial ways for the students acing for JEE Main. They must plan their schedule properly that is when to study and what books to study. Efficient Time Management is very much important to crack JEE Main. Without proper time and schedule, it becomes difficult for the students to study all the subjects in proper time.
  • Refer few important and authentic books to study: The students must know which book holds good for JEE Main and they must study those books. The students are advised not to read too many books for JEE Main because too many books may confuse the student and the result may be of no use of their effort for studying. They must study NCERT books thoroughly  NCERT are authored by a team of authors who are all experts in their field. One of the authors' in the Physics book is Prof. Ajoy Ghatak who is a researcher in the field of optics. Also, NCERT contains some of the most basic material explained very well. It is essential that the students master all the basics and make a strong platform before moving on to an advanced level. So, the foremost thing to do is go through the NCERT chapters thoroughly, and this includes any side notes and extra information that may or may not be a part of the CBSE board syllabus. Once the students are done with their text and exercises for the topic they are studying, you are prepared to move to the next step.
  • Walk an extra Mile - Read an ‘advanced’ book: Once the students are done with the relevant sections of the NCERT book, they can move to more advanced or higher level books. This book would differ with the content and may differ on various topics within the relevant subject. In every case, the idea is to understand the theory behind some of the most advanced topics that may not be given in the NCERT textbooks.
  • Reference Material: During their preparation time, the students are advised to go through the sample question papers or previous years questions papers. Solving these papers will help the students to know the JEE Main Exam Pattern. The students can also appear for the free online mock test which will not only help them to prepare to know the exam pattern but will also help in the time management. The students can check the result of the mock test in which they have appeared soon after their completion of the test.
  • High and Lows: The students must be aware of their strength and weakness point during their preparation time. The students must practice efficiently their weak points to make them stronger. If the student faces fewer problems in solving some part of their subjects, they must switch to the other topics or subjects in which they face major difficulties.
  • Practice-Revise-Practice: The students must revise and practice as many times once they have finished their preparation for each subject. Revision of each of the subjects before the commencement of JEE Main paper will help in developing skills and the students will hold strong grasp in each of the topics of the prescribed subjects. A list of books developed specifically for practising and teaching the applications can be found below. This would help the students strengthen their understanding of topic & remember the formulas, tricks, etc. and also give them some experience with the application of the concepts which they have learned.
  • Cracking JEE Main without Coaching: Most of the students opt for different suggested coaching centres for cracking JEE Main, but even there are many such students in this era, who believe that they can crack JEE Main without coaching and by doing self-study. It is not an impossible task for the students to crack JEE Main without taking coaching, many students have passed JEE Main without taking coaching and by doing self-study and utmost devotion towards their study. Students just need to follow few simple tips which will help them to crack JEE main without coaching. The tips are given below:
    • The students must use relevant study material
    • Having positive attitude and focusing towards the goal
    • Interaction with IIT experts and alumni
    • Having Proper time management
    • Group study and revise thoroughly
  • It is quite difficult to study each and every topic in details, so make a list of the important topics and create short notes for these topics. Then in the spare time just open those notes and start learning them.

Exam day tips to crack JEE Main 2018

Apart from the above-given preparation tips to crack JEE Main, the students must have some useful tips that will be beneficial for them to crack JEE Main during the exam time. Some of them are given below:

  • Try the shortest method to answer the MCQs: The students must have a quickest and shortest method to answer the MCQs once they have got their question papers. Because by following the shortest method will help them to manage the time and they will be able to solve the entire question paper within the prescribed time.
  • Subject Selection: The students can choose any of the subjects of their Paper I and Paper II. Choosing the subjects which they like will help the students to complete it in time, and they can utilise their time on answering other subjects and also revising towards the end.
  • MCQ Management/Time Management The students must not take much time in answering a single question. If they are unable to solve the question, they must switch on to the next question which will save their time and will help them to complete their paper.
  • Do not panic or get tensed: The students are advised not to get panic and frequently tensed while answering their questions. Because getting panic and tensed which may spoil their exam and as a result, they may not score well in JEE Main exam.

JEE Main 2018 Books Recommended by Toppers

Here we are providing a list of important books in all the three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which are recommended by toppers. These books cover all the important topics and will also help the students in clearing their fundamentals.

Book Name

Author Name


Concepts of Physics Vol I and II

 HC Verma

Problems in General Physics

 IE Irodov

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnick & Walker


Numerical Chemistry

by P. Bahadur

Organic Chemistry

Paula Bruice Yurkanis

Inorganic Chemistry

by J.D. Lee

Organic Chemistry

Morrison & Boyd

JEE Main 2018 Important Books for Mathematics

Maths XI & XII



 SL Loney

Co-ordinate Geometry

 SL Loney

Higher Algebra

Hall & Knight

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

 IA Maron


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