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To start with IIT JEE Preparation 2019, the engineering aspirants must follow the basic steps first i.e. understand the syllabus and know the exam pattern. In order to know how to prepare for JEE Mains, candidates must follow the basic steps. Also, for IIT JEE Main preparation, it is possible to continue with the preparation for Class 12 boards. As per the National Testing Agency press conference, there will no changes in JEE Main syllabus and question paper pattern, except for that the test will be held in computer based mode only. To begin with IIT JEE preparation, candidates are advised to go through JEE Main syllabus and JEE Main exam pattern. To get a clear understanding on how to prepare for JEE Main, it is important for aspirants to become familiar with the topics and sub-topics on which the test will be based. Also, with the help of JEE exam pattern, they will understand the structure of the question booklet.

IIT JEE preparation will get a kick start once candidates start collecting the necessary books and other study materials. However, aspirants must become familiar with the syllabus before they start reading the study materials. However, most students will be joining a coaching institute to start preparing for the test under proper guidance. But they must note that only joining a coaching institute won't help much if there is no effort from themselves. Candidates can go through this article for IIT JEE preparation tips for candidates who are haven't joined any coaching institute, best books, etc. 

IIT JEE Preparation - How to Crack JEE Mains 2019?

As we all know that JEE Main is one of the most reputed and toughest engineering entrance test held in India. Few students start preparing for JEE Mains from Class 8 by joining the four years programme of various coaching classes. They get a load of tips and study materials that prepare them rigorously throughout the years. However, even these students start from the basics just like students preparing without coaching classes. For basic tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2019, engineering aspirants can follow the IIT JEE preparation tips provided below -

  • Check the JEE Main Syllabus
  • Understand the JEE Main Exam Pattern
  • Prepare a time table
  • Collect the important Books covering JEE Main topics
  • Revise the topics
  • Practice JEE Question papers
  • Write Mock Test
  • Analyse the answers

Check IIT JEE Syllabus before starting with Preparation

It is always an important step to understand or get familiar with the important topics for any entrance test. Thus, to begin with the IIT JEE preparation, candidates are advised to go through the JEE Main Syllabus. As per the syllabus of JEE Main Paper 1, the questions will be based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As per the JEE syllabus, the topics of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be similar to the syllabi of Class 12 and 11 NCERT course.

In the second Paper of JEE Main i.e. for B.Planning and B.Arch, the questions will be divided into Part 1 and 2. In the first part of JEE Main Paper 2, the questions will be based on topics like Mathematics, Aptitude and Drawing.

IIT JEE Preparation starts with Understanding JEE Main Exam Pattern

Another feature of JEE Main 2019 exam that candidates must be aware of is the structure of the question paper. To understand this, aspirants are required to check the JEE Main exam pattern 2019. Having knowledge about the test pattern will help in IIT JEE preparation. Unlike last year, the test will be held only in Computer-based mode. In JEE Main Paper 1, the test will contain 90 Multiple Choice Questions and candidates will be allotted 3 hours to complete the test. The total score is 360 and for every correct answer, 4 marks will be allotted and 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answers.

In JEE Main Paper 2, candidates will have to answer 82 questions in 3 hours. Just like Paper 1, candidates will be awarded 4 marks for the correct answer and 1 mark deducted for wrong answers.

Candidates can appear for JEE Main 2019 online in Gujarati (in the states of Gujarat, Daman & Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli), English and Hindi.

Prepare a Time Table for IIT JEE Preparation 

One of the most essential to part of the preparation for any entrance test is to create a time table and act according to it. A time schedule for IIT JEE preparation will definitely help candidates to complete the syllabus within a time period. With the help of a time table, one can fix the duration that required to complete one topic, and gradually the whole syllabus. Also, they will be able to dedicate time for practising, the sample papers, question papers, writing the mock test and lastly, time breaks.

Following the JEE Main preparation time table throughout the practice period will definitely give an edge to a candidate over others. A time table will also help candidates to understand time management for preparation and to complete the test within the allotted time period.

Recommended Books for IIT JEE Preparation

Once a candidate is familiar with the topics and sub-topics of JEE Main 2019 through the syllabus, and have prepared a time table to cover them, then they can start collecting the Best Books for JEE Main, IIT JEE Preparation.

After conducting interviews of various JEE Main toppers, experts and coaching gurus, Mota Chashma has prepared a list of important books for JEE Main preparation. Check the list of important books that candidates can refer for IIT JEE preparation 2019 -

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Concepts of Physics Vol I and II, by HC Verma Numerical Chemistry, by P. Bahadur NCERT Class 11 and 12 course books
Problems in General Physics, by IE Irodov Organic Chemistry, by Paula Bruice Yurkanis Trigonometry by SL Loney
Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick & Walker Inorganic Chemistry, by J.D. Lee Co-ordinate Geometry, by SL Loney
Organic Chemistry, by Morrison & Boyd Higher Algebra, by Hall & Knight
Problems in Calculus of One Variable, by IA Maron


IIT JEE Preparation - Revise Notes

After going through the topics of JEE Main 2019, the next step for candidates will be to revise the topics before they start solving the old question papers and sample papers. A thorough revision of JEE Main topics is necessary for candidates to make sure that the topics covered are being remembered and they have less trouble in remembering them. It is not mandatory to revise all the topics all at once, however, they can revise a few topics at a time if they have enough time.

Practice JEE Previous year Question Papers

One of the oldest tricks that candidates follow while preparing for any entrance test is solving the old question papers. Practising JEE Main question papers 2018, 2017, 2016 will definitely help candidates to boost up their IIT JEE preparation level. The topics of the questions in JEE Main remains the same, only the provided data differs. Thus, regular solving of these question papers will definitely give an edge over other candidates.  These JEE question papers will help candidates in the following ways -

  • Understand the exam paper pattern
  • Know the distribution of weightage of questions
  • Candidates can keep a track of the time so that they can solve the entire question paper within the duration of 3 hours
  • Solving a question paper on a regular basis will help aspirants in time management i.e. they will know how much time to spend on each topic
  • Candidates will also have a fair idea of the topics that will be dominating in each section of JEE Main

Appear for JEE Mock Tests

As we all know, the pen-paper based test has been scrapped and JEE Main will be held in a computer based mode only. Thus, to know about the pattern of JEE Main online computer based test, candidates are advised to write the mock test. Since NTA will be conducting JEE Main only in computer based mode, therefore, various JEE Main practice centres are being set up for the candidates. Here, candidates can visit the centres and practise for JEE Main 2019. Apart from the practice centres, candidates can also surf the internet for JEE Main online test series of various coaching institutes. These mock tests will provide an atmosphere much like the exam and here, candidates are required to solve the questions within the provided time period. Also, writing these mock tests will help candidates to understand the pattern of the computer based test. Thus, we can conclude that writing mock tests definitely help in improving IIT JEE Preparation.

Analyse your Performace in JEE Main Mock Tests

After writing the JEE Main mock test, online test series, question papers, sample papers, etc. aspirants must check their answers and analyse them. Only a complete strict analysis of the solved papers and test will help candidates to understand about the topics where they are having a hard time. Once they are aware of the topics where they are having a difficult time, they can work more on it and try improving.

JEE Main Preparation Without Coaching

Most of the students opt for different suggested coaching centres for cracking JEE Main, but even there are many such students in this era, who believe that they can crack JEE Main without coaching and by doing self-study. For JEE Main Preparation Without Coaching, students need utmost devotion towards their study and a proper plan. The  tips for IIT JEE preparation without coaching classes are given below:

  • The students must use relevant study material
  • Having a positive attitude and focusing towards the goal
  • Interaction with IIT experts and alumni
  • Having Proper time management
  • Group study and revise thoroughly

How to crack JEE Mains? - Points to Remember

JEE Main or Joint Entrance Examination is one of the most popular Entrance Examination for the students after Class 12 to choose their career in the Engineering field. The students who want to appear in JEE Main examination needs a lot of preparation as the questions asked in the examination are quite tough and tricky. Students are often confused about the IIT JEE preparation tips about how to crack JEE Main papers and also about the most authentic source and recommended books to study.

How to crack JEE Mains

Following are some of the important preparation tips and ways to crack JEE Main:

  • Prepare a time schedule:  Making a proper schedule to study is one of the initial ways for the students acing for JEE Main. They must plan their schedule properly that is when to study and what books to study. Efficient Time Management is very much important to crack JEE Main. Without proper time and schedule, it becomes difficult for the students to study all the subjects in proper time.
  • Refer to proper and authentic books to study: The students must know which book holds good for JEE Main and they must study those books. The students are advised not to read too many books for JEE Main because too many books may confuse the student and the result may be of no use of their effort in studying. They must study NCERT books thoroughly  NCERT are authored by a team of authors who are all experts in their field.
  • Walk an extra Mile - Read an ‘advanced’ book: Once the students are done with the relevant sections of the NCERT book, they can move to more advanced or higher level books. This book would differ with the content and may differ on various topics within the relevant subject. In every case, the idea is to understand the theory behind some of the most advanced topics that may not be given in the NCERT textbooks.
  • Appear in mock tests: During their preparation time, the students are advised to go through the sample question papers or previous years questions papers. Solving these papers will help the students to know the JEE Main Exam Pattern. The students can also appear for the free online mock test which will not only help them to prepare to know the exam pattern but will also help in the time management. The students can check the result of the mock test in which they have appeared soon after their completion of the test.
  • Focus on strengths and weaknesses: The students must be aware of their strength and weakness point during their preparation time. The students must practice efficiently their weak points to make them stronger. If the student faces fewer problems in solving some part of their subjects, they must switch to the other topics or subjects in which they face major difficulties.
  • Revise and Practice: The students must revise and practice as many times once they have finished their preparation for each subject. Revision of each of the subjects before the commencement of JEE Main paper will help in developing skills and the students will hold a strong grasp in each of the topics of the prescribed subjects. A list of books developed specifically for practising and teaching the applications can be found below. This would help the students strengthen their understanding of the topic & remember the formulas, tricks, etc. and also give them some experience with the application of the concepts which they have learned.
  • It is quite difficult to study each and every topic in details, so make a list of the important topics and create short notes for these topics. Then in the spare time just open those notes and start learning them.

More tips for IIT JEE Preparation

For any queries regarding IIT JEE preparation, write to us in the comment section below

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