A Good Mathematics is key to score 250+ Marks In JEE Main 2019


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With JEE Main & JEE Advanced is just around the corner, it is time engineering aspirants pop-up their preparations for the entrance exam. JEE Main & JEE Advanced question paper consists of questions from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The folklore among students is always considering Mathematics to be a tricky subject and turn a blind eye towards it. Many Students find Mathematics a little overwhelming while preparing for the exam. Is this myth true about Mathematics? The answer is No. In one line: "Maths is tricky but not difficult". You just have to know the right way to approach it.

Physics, Chemistry & Maths have equal weightage in the JEE Main 2019, but Maths has a real edge over the other two as, in this case of an equal overall score of two or more students, the score in mathematics is a considerably a deciding factor. The syllabus of JEE Advanced Mathematics is a perfect blend of easy and challenging topics take together to make it a competitive exam.  The core method of solving mathematics is simple: First Imagine, then start. My sir used to say me “Boy, Every question in mathematics is solved two times, First in Imagination then on Paper”. It’s not the time anymore when one used to spend hours in attempting one problem. Now it is an era of behaving smartly and solving MCQs rapidly.

Mathematics Syllabus

1)      Algebra: Complex Numbers, Theory of Equations & Expressions, Probability, Matrix

2)      Vectors and 3D Geometry.

3)      Coordinate Geometry: Circle, Conic section consisting Ellipse, Parabola & Hyperbola.

4)      Calculus: Functions, Limits, Continuity & Differentiability, Application of Derivatives & Integration, Indefinite & Definite Integral.

Strategy to Clear Mathematics: How one should work

  • If we go through the previous year JEE questions, they suggest that the one should pay more attention to Vectors and 3-D than giving their one or two months to difficult and vast Indefinite integration as vectors and 3-D offers very less space to the examiner to ask questions, as variety in the problem is concerned. So there is a pattern of questions which is going to be asked about this topic.
  • Each year two to three questions are asked from Complex Number. Hence, Mastering complex numbers, vectors & 3-D can’t be skipped or taken lightly at any cost.
  • One can make algebra easier if they can harness the ability to imagine functions as graphs and learn to apply vertical & horizontal origin shifts carefully.
  • Differential calculus has a relation with roots of equations if you can use the Rolle's & Lagrange's theorems.
  • Trigonometry questions require a pure practice and dedication towards questions. Do more and more questions, and suddenly one day you will realise that you are now a Master of Trigonometry. Trust me this hard work will pay when in 12th you will do Integration, and everyone else is trying to recognise the approach of trigno's question & there you will be already with your answer.
  • P&C and Probability are another important topics in algebra. One has to be thorough with the basics of Bayes concept, derangements & various ways of distribution, including cases where objects are identical and all unique.
  • Matrices can be related to algebraic equations. Hence a 3x3 matrix can actually be imagined as being 3-plane in 3D geometry.
  • Determinants have some very awesome properties, Learn Them.
  • The basic rule of learning base of Integral calculus is to learn Trigonometry with all your heart.  You can’t solve an Integral calculus problem without learning Trigonometry. Integral calculus can be simplified by learning and keeping in mind all the time some questions and way to approach them. You are also supposed to keep in mind some basic varieties of integrable functions.
  • One of my friends always uses his open notebook to solve the Co-ordinate questions and could do it much faster than anyone in the class. He always uses the parametric forms of the equation for every curve. And I every time ask him - Are you going to take this to JEE exam? How will you do it there? He couldn’t figure it out. But I do. He taught me one thing- If I know can remember this parametric equation during the time of paper then I can do most of the questions fairly fast. Then I started remembering them. YOU JUST CAN’T REMEMBER THESE EQUATIONS. What you have to do is derive them while doing every question. You will be amazed to see the results. It’s worthy: Weightage of co-ordinate is 1/3rd of total mathematics.
  • One can learn Chemistry from even the simplistic approach one can think. You will be in any case at least average in Physics. So what remains is Mathematics. In the beginning, my teacher said to me: “You desire to get a good rank in JEE, keep mathematics your top priority and practice it regularly.”

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