10 Things to do while preparing for an Entrance Exam

by Niharika Kulkarni

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Handling any exam requires studying. But there are other things that one must concentrate on before giving an examination, be it the boards or any entrance exam. An average human mind can clear any exam, but you need to have some strategies regarding the preparation. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Self-confidence
    Firstly, you should believe in yourself and trust your instincts. “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your myth.” If you have confidence in yourself, you can achieve those things that you haven’t even thought of.
  2. Inspiration Find a person whom you can look up to. If you know any friend or an elder who has achieved success in your subject, talk to them and ask them for help. You set up a goal and let your goal succeed higher than your role model and get as close to your goal as possible.
  3. Knowledge Study well about your subject and each topic related to it. Note down the points that are important so that you can have proficiency in that subject. One doesn’t need to have extra knowledge to crack up the examination; whatever knowledge you have you need to gain expertise in it and that will help you succeed.
  4. Coaching/ Teaching Get proper coaching from the person well versed in the topic. You must be having the talent, but you require a coach for the growth of your talent. Your marks also depend on the coach or teacher you seek help from. A good teacher produces good students. A book can teach you, but a teacher can make you understand.
  1. Time management Prepare a timetable for yourself and see to it that you follow it. A schedule which has a proper distribution of time for studying each subject, for revision and even for other entertainment work. Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So prepare a timetable which will help you.
  2. Should Solve Sample papers Solve similar papers so that the mind will be able to devise strategies and, you will feel the mental atmosphere of solving the paper. Attempting sample papers can also help in understanding how much time you require answering each question. It also helps you achieve concentration during the exams.
  3. Study with a buddy Studying with someone often helps you to produce better results. It helps you review on various answers, share knowledge and compare your notes. It might also happen that you spend more time studying because you are with a friend.
  4. Practice makes a man perfect  Keep practising. All the information that you have gained till now from the classroom, your mentor or your friends will only be helped if you memorise it and practice what is thought till now.
  5. Be fit physically and mentally Don’t give up your sleep for studying. Arrange your study hours so that you get good sleep to keep you active. Keep exercising and meditating it will not only help you to have good stamina but also to gain concentration. Don’t keep studying for long hours, take 5-10 mins break after each half an hour. Close your eyes and sit or just go for a walk and then return to study. This will help you relax and study more. So, It's critical for a student to stay fit.
  6. BE POSITIVE  You have studied more than you think after all you have spent so many days for it. Do not have a negative attitude towards the exams. If you think, positively you will help yourself gain confidence.
  7. Use right Study Material: Take Expert's advice or the advice of your seniors while choosing your study material and in this way, you can maximise the use of the available time. The individual notes prepared by other students can also be quite beneficial.

So, while preparing for any exam take small steps and take every step seriously. Just know one thing, you have prepared well for the exams, and thus you will do well.


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