Points to remember while looking for a Tutor

by Niharika Kulkarni

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Today’s world has become very mechanical, monotonous and very rapid. Whether it is private, government work or work which is freelance, everyone including mothers have no time to have a look at their child’s studies or to teach them. Even the academics have become much upgraded now compared to what the parents have learnt before. This is why people prefer to send their children to home tuitions or coaching classes. Tuition classes have become common now and a huge part of our education system.

Importance of a tutor


Here are some points to keep in mind before enrolling:

  • Who is the tutor? Anyone can setup a tuition class.  Pay attention if the teacher has an experience in teaching. Is the tutor just a student who needs an income or a self claimed teacher
  • How many students in the class?  If the tuition classes have more children it is as equal to learning in school. It is of no use and personal attention is not at all possible in such circumstances.
  • Does it limit the burden?  There is no need of tuitions for children who can self study; it just lays a burden on the kid. The tuition teacher must not give homework to the child too.
  • How is the teaching? Parents have no time to take their child’s studies but they atleast must have a watch on what the kid studies in tuitions and does their teaching have any benefit for the child.
  • Place of the tuition? Choose tuitions which are near to where you stay as it reduces the time consumed for travelling. In addition see to it that the place where the child studies is comfortable and spacious.
  • Free Coaching: Some of the coaching institutes provide free coaching or waiver in the tuition fees to the selected students from the All india test conducted by them. So the students can timely fill in the forms and take the advantage.

  Survey by ASSOCHAM on the tuition industry

 ASSOCHAM is the highest body of the Chambers of Commerce of India which provides a forum for dialogue between business and government had conducted a study on Business of private coaching centers in India in year 2013 and the survey highlights are also discussed in the article. The survey took responses from 5,000 students and parents between March and May across 10 cities — Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

ASSOCHAM Survey 2013: The survey based on response from 5,000 students and parents in March-May across 12 cities (200 respondents in each city) of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh

The survey revealed that the current size of the private coaching industry in India is about $23.7 billion (Rs 1,41,416.33 crore) and is likely to touch $40 billion  (Rs 2,38,677.36 crore) by 2015

  • Parents are spending 33% of their income on tuitions for their children
  • Teaching Maths and Science can make the tutors rich
  • Maths, chemistry and physics tutors can earn a five-figure monthly income from tutoring
  • Even high-caliber student’s sign up for private tuition to score the 96-99 percent cut-off averages demanded by best colleges.

Parents’ Views on Tuitions

  • 87 per cent of primary school and 95 per cent of high school students in metros receive private tutoring
  • Over 86 per cent of parents said that they have to rely on tuitions due to lack of time or because they are ill-equipped to teach their children. 

Tutors Views on Tuitions

  • 92 per cent tutors reported that parents want to compensate for "perceived deficiencies in the state school system
  • 85 per cent attributed the rise in their business to the exam-anxiety factor among students

  Assocham Survey Tuitions

Some of the characteristics of tuitions

Tuition is for people of all ages 

Tuition classes are for children to adults. Nowadays even KG students go to tuitions to prepare for entrance exams to take admission in top schools. Primary and Secondary school students mostly opt for all subjects’ tuitions but more preference is for Maths and science.  The pressure of board exams makes it necessary for tuition classes to revise or relearn the subject well. Tuitions further for IIT, engineering, medical, CA and so on are followed too. But many parents and teachers think that tuitions are not necessary till 10th if the child can keep up with his self-studies.

Fees charged by Various Institutes

The tuition fees depend on various factors from no. of subjects, hours in a day and even subjects offered. They also take full year fees sometimes including fees for vacation month too (same as school fees). Coaching centres take a huge amount of fees for students for class 10 to 12 ranging from 25,000-50,000 rupees annually.

Special tuitions for the Brilliant Ones!

Tuitions for special students who score above 85% so that teachers can take the credits of their percentage and also there are some classes where teachers leak question papers of the test they are going to face in class. It happens when the student goes to the tuitions to the same school teacher.Coaching centres increase their enrollments on the basis of the star students.

Tuitions are a tool for revision of the school syllabus- But leaves little or no time to play

Tuitions are important so that your child revises all that is done in school. It helps to get a deep knowledge about that subject. School teachers cannot pay attention to all the students in the class and thus such classes help to concentrate on particular children.  If a child is not enrolled in tuitions he/she may start rotting the subject matter just a day or week before exams.

No time No play

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. This old saying is a fact, as children come from school and directly move to their tuitions which hardly gives them any time to play. Some students change tuitions depending on the subjects they have enrolled for which leaves to them no time for themselves and they are too exhausted to play. The free time they get is usually spent completing their homework.

Benefits of tuitions

  • Learn this missed in the school: It helps the students to catch up with the syllabus that they have missed in school. Schools teach a lot of matter at a time without knowing the capability of each child. Private tuitions adjust the teachings according to the student’s capacity, their age and their mood. Individual attention is possible in tuition classes.
  • Better practice of a subject: In tuitions there are 1-2 subjects studies in a day unlike schools where possibly lectures of all subjects are taught in a day. It allows the children to reinforce and practice subjects one at a time.
  • Teaching according to the student: Tuitions help to learn the way of learning. Teachers teach according to the students’ way of learning. Some children are quick in by hearting topics, others may need time to understand the topic before learning.
  • Easy language is used in tuitions: Teachers in tuition can help better by making the student understand the topic in his/ her mother tongue or any possible easy language which the child knows.
  • Can help students focus on a particular  If a kid is not good in a particular subject the tutor can focus on that particular subject. If a child is good at science but scores less in maths, the teacher will pay extra attention on maths.
  • Regular studies: It makes a daily routine for a child and he/she atleast study for those hours spent in tuition. Thus parents are more relaxed about their child’s academics.

Limitations of tuitions

  • Waste of time: It is a waste of time as teachers teach what is already taught in the school.  The child has to travel from one place to another for his tuitions and this travelling time could be used for more fruitful purposes.
  • Homework pressure: The child already has his school homework to be completed and plus the tutors give them tuition homework too.
  • Confusion: Too many cooks spoil the broth. The teacher in school and the tuition teacher’s teaching is quite different; making the child confused which causes reduction of marks.
  • Dependency: There is no time left for self study and the kid loses his independence. The child gets used to spoon feeding and he is not free to work on his own.
  • Monotonous life: The child is stressed out and he has no time to relax. His life becomes mechanical and he has to follow the usual boring routine every day.
  • Reduced Family and Friends time: Too much tuition gives no time for students to interact with friends and family and this widens the gap between them making the child either introvert or demanding.
  • Scared kids: There are teachers who punish students who do not study or who haven’t completed their assignments. Children get afraid of teachers and may lie to skip tuitions.
  • Parents lose control: Parents start believing that their child listens to his teacher more than them and they might start complaining to the tutors regarding their child.

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