JEE Main Preparation without coaching

JEE Main Preparation without Coaching

JEE Main Preparation without Coaching: Today, if we mark the major courses being taught in India, we can see that the engineering courses are the most popular among all and most of the students decide their career as an engineer even from the high school. So anyone, who is willing forward to get the admission into engineering courses, they have to go through an entrance exam known as "JEE Main." It is an entrance exam conducted to get admission in engineering colleges across the country. Nowadays, every student preparing for the entrance exam knows that what and how much they have to study to prepare for the exam and keeping the same in mind, they move to the coaching classes. 

How to clear JEE Main without Coaching

In India, many of the students hardly manage to afford coaching class as they are not in a condition to pay their sky-high fees. In this case, what if I tell you that you can still clear the JEE Main exam with tremendous results whether you are having a coaching class or preparing your own? Well, this is true, it is not a success guarantee to get the better result only if you are getting a coaching class from a reputed centre. You can also get better ranks if you follow your own study plan.

Here in this article, we are providing the preparation tips for JEE Main. The students should go through the preparation tips given below which will let them prepare better and in the right direction without going to coaching centre.

Top 5 JEE Main Preparation Tips without Coaching

Some of the basic IIT JEE Preparation that will be useful for the aspirants are as follows:

  • Relax: First of first, the candidates should be relaxed and calm while preparing for the exam. You will be more focused towards your preparation if you are more relaxed and calm. Don't let the exam fear predominate you. Defeat the fear and prepare for the exam calmly.
  • Ample Study Plan: We always have heard to follow the correct study plan to score good but we hardly know what the correct study plan really is? The study plan should be prepared in such a way that you should be comfortable following it. Keep in mind that it should be consistent and every subject gets covered in that plan because. You can have a look at the table below since you are not going to coaching classes: 




Total Hours

Fix it according to you

 Study/ Break/ Extra Exercise etc.

 Maths/ Physics/ Chemistry

1 Hour/ 2 Hours etc.


  • Get the best books for yourself: Do you have the right books to prepare for JEE Main? Check out the books you have chosen to prepare and replace it with good books if you have any doubt about their way of explaining the topis. It is more important to understand the topic rather than just chanting it which can only be done if it is easy to understand the explanations given for every particular topic. Check out the books here - Recommended books for JEE main and Advanced Preparation

JEE main Preparation is the key

  • Previous year question papers are a panacea: Preparing from the previous year question paper and the sample papers would give you an idea of the pattern and the type of questions gets asked. If possible set a time limit for each paper and try to solve it within that time limit. Maybe you will not get it to the first or second attempt but if you keep practising on a daily basis, you will keep improving. Check Here - JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers.
  • Do Smart Work: We always have that one advice throughout our whole life and that does hard work and win the game. But today I am stopping you from working hard. In this new era, you need to do the smart work rather than working hard. Some of the students spent lots of time to study but still manage to get average marks while there are some who do not even invest half the amount of time and effort into their studies but get good or even outstanding results. This is the game of smart study.

10 Things to keep in mind while taking JEE Main

Few more tips you will need

  • Be disciplined in your studies.
  • Don't waste time unless its 15 mins break for refreshment.
  • Believe in yourself and study with full concentration.


  • Using mobile
  • Watching T.V. or any movie.
  • Hanging out with a lot of friends.
  • Procrastinating


  • Meditation. (5-15 min daily)
  • Sleeping for approximately 7 hours.
  • Exercising (It is helpful in relieving stress and make you more confident)
  • Studying for 8-9 hours daily. Make it practice. Take breaks along with it but as you've to cover the whole course within the time limit to crack the JEE Main Exam, you've to manage time.

Quick Links for JEE Main 2019

In case of any query regarding the JEE Main 2019 Preparation without Coaching, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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