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Interactive Physics Volume 3 (English)

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Publisher: MTG Learning Media
ISBN: 9789383262090
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Book Summary and Content

MTG Interactive Physics: Mechanics - Vol. 3

MTG Interactive Physics: Mechanics- Vol. 3’s first section explains the way of how this book must be used. It then step-by-step covers all the concepts required for the foundation of the subject. The next section explains how these concepts are used in real life situations and explains in brief the methods of applying these concepts. Then it describes some real life surrounding applications of the concepts. It provides some very good examples with detailed solutions like how to do it and where you could have mistaken. The book includes two sample tests of high level questions and provides all the answers and detailed solutions. 

It is a highly focused mentor to help students achieve a complete understanding of the theory and applications of concepts they are learning at high school. It helps them prepare well for the exams. This book can be an ideal pilot for you if you are self-preparing for entrance exams like JEE and AIPMT. The book is one word recommended for all the aspirants preparing for JEE Mains and Advance & AIPMT. 



Chapter A - Why this book
Chapter 1 - How to use this book
Chapter 2 - Vectors - Concepts
Chapter 3 - Vectors - Applicaton Methods
Chapter 4 - Kinematics - Concepts
Chapter 5 - Kinematics - Application Methods
Chapter 6 - Centre of mass - Concepts
Chapter 7 - Centre of mass - Application Methods
Chapter 8 - Linear momentum - Concepts
Chapter 9 - Linear Momentum - Application Methods 
Chapter 10 - Gravitation - Concepts
Chapter 11 - Gravitation - Application Methods
Chapter 12 -  Periodic motion - Concepts
Chapter 13 - Periodic motion - Application Methods.
Chapter 14 - Real life applications
Chapter 15 - Worked-out examples 
Chapter 16 - Test 1
Chapter 17 - Test 2
Chapter 18 - Solutions to all tests
Chapter 19 - Remediation table 
Chapter 20 - Misconceptions


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