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Concepts of Physics (Volume - 2) By H C Verma

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Publisher: Bharati Bhawan
ISBN: 9788177092325
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Book Summary and Content

Concepts of Physics II, H.C.Verma 

HC Verma Concepts of Physics has remained the ‘Bible’ for Class 11 and Class 12 students from last two decades. If you are a JEE aspirant then this book is must for you. You just cannot put it down. This book is called as “Bible for JEE preparation” in most reputed institutes like Resonance, Vibrant, Allen Motion, Bansal, etc.   

This is a book with a lot of text explaining concepts in a very clear manner starting from the scratch. The book is being highly recommended for JEE as the JEE checks the students for their conceptual strength and this book provides the right and easy way to learn the concepts involved in the subject. Perhaps, these are the main reasons why this book has been ruling the market for decades and many batches of IITians have referred to it.

Organization Overview: The book continues from the chapter where first part left off with . Besides, the further chapters are also organized in a natural flowing way. Concepts are introduced in a systematic manner and explained step-by-step. There is no reference to a topic in a ‘future’ chapter.

Simple Language: The book doesn’t use any kind of confusing or tangled English. The language used is simple and the phenomena and examples described seems to be mostly taken from daily life surroundings. Because of its simplicity in definitions and Justifications, it can be used even by beginners having no previous knowledge of higher school physics to learn JEE Physics from scratch.

Chapters contained in the book:

  1. Heat and Temperature
  2. Kinetic Theory of gases
  3. Calorimetry
  4. Law of thermodynamics
  5. Specific heat capacities of gases
  6. Heat transfer
  7. Electric field and potential
  8. Gauss’s law
  9. Capacitors
  10. Electric current in conductors
  11. Thermal and chemical effects of electric current
  12. Magnetic field
  13. Magnetic field due to a current
  14. Permanent magnets
  15. Magnetic properties of matter
  16. Electromagnetic Induction
  17. Alternating current
  18. Electromagnetic waves
  19. Electric current through gases
  20. Photoelectric effect and wave-particle duality
  21. Bohr’s model and physics of the atom
  22. X-rays
  23. Semiconductors and Semiconductor devices
  24. The Nucleus
  25. The special theory of Relativity

Author H.C verma is a Professor at IITK from last 20 years. He is well known for his contributions in writing for books like Quantum Physics, Concepts of Physics etc. He pursued his M.Sc. as well as got his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur with a PI of 9.9/10. He is a Nuclear Experimental physicist, who is presently working on Electrodynamics. 

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