MHRD Scholarship 2019 for school and College Students


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MHRD Scholarship 2019 is offered at the National level, MHRD also facilitates in the nomination process for the External Scholarships offered by various countries. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is the former ministry of education that is responsible for the development of human resources in India. Currently, the MHRD works through two different departments, and that is the Department of School Education & Literacy and the Department of Higher Education. Apart from formulating and implementing new education plans and policy, the MHRD also offers different scholarships. With initiating scholarship, MHRD provides financial help in the form of loan subsidy, etc. to deserving students from deprived sections of the society. Under the MHRD, the scholarships such as Central Sector Scholarship, National and External Scholarships are given to students.

On this page, many of the MHRD scholarship mentioned by the MHRD is given. The students can go through every detail of scholarship available on this page.

MHRD Scholarship 2019

MHRD offers various scholarships, for instance, some of them are only merit-based while some are purely need-based scholarships, some are career-specific while the others are student and college-specific. In addition to the scholarships, the Ministry also implements the Central Scheme of Interest Subsidy for Education Loans (CSIS). Broadly, MHRD Scholarships can be classified into two categories;

  1. National Scholarships
  2. External Scholarships 
MHRD Scholarship 2019


Scholarship Name



National Scholarships

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

For students who have passed Class 12

Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir

For Undergraduate Courses (Class 12 students are also eligible)

Scheme for Scholarship to Students from the Non-Hindi Speaking States for Post Matric Studies in Hindi

Given for Class 11 to PhD (Class 10 Students are also eligible)

External Scholarships 

List of Commonwealth scholarship for Indian Students

Masters+ PhD

Scholarships offered by China, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Italy, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.

 Age 30 to 50 yrs

Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship

Age 30 to 40 yrs


 MHRD National Scholarships

Top Scholarships by MHRD

MHRD Central Sector Scholarship for College & University Students

This is one of the most important scholarships offered by the MHRD. Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for the College & University is given by MHRD. Govt. of India only to the meritorious Class 12 passed students. There are total 82,000 scholarships will be granted out of which 41,000 are for girls and 41,000 for boys. There are some key points of the scholarship given below:

Key Points

  • The scholarship is conducted based on Class 12 marks. Hence, no separate scholarship exam is conducted for granting the scholarship.
  • The family income of the candidates applying for the scholarship must not be exceeded to Rs.6 Lacs per annum
  • The candidates who have passed Graduation will get Rs. 1,000 per month as a scholarship amount whereas the post-graduation students will get Rs.2,000 per month paid for ten months.
  • Total of 82,000 fresh scholarships is granted which is equally divided between Boys and Girls.
  • The candidates can also renew their application form for which the minimum aggregate should be 60%.
  • The candidates will be selected based on the merit list which will be drawn by the Authorities.

There are many scholarships fall under the Central Sector Scholarship by MHRD. The list of the scholarship is given below:

MHRD Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir

MHRD offers Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir Students. This scholarship aims to encourage the students to study in educational institutions that are located outside Jammu and Kashmir. Thus providing these students with an opportunity to interact with their counterpart from the rest of the country. The tuition fee within the following limits is given to the candidates:

  • For General Degree Courses: Rs.30,000 per annum.
  • For Engineering Courses: Rs.1.25 lakhs per annum.
  • For Medical Studies (Including BDS): Rs. 3 lakhs per annum.

Get Complete details on AICTE JK Scholarship - PMSSS for J&K Students  by MHRD Here

MHRD Scholarship Scheme for Students from the Non-Hindi Speaking States (for Post Matric Studies in Hindi)

 The main aim of this scholarship scheme is to The objectives of the Scheme is to encourage the study of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking States. Under this scheme, 2500 Scholarships are provided to meritorious students studying at Post-Matric to PhD level. Depending upon the course and stage of study each student is given Rs.300 to 1000 per month under this scheme. It is to be noted here that this scheme is implemented through the State Governments.

MHRD External Scholarships

In addition to the National Scholarship, MHRD also facilitates in the nomination process for the External Scholarships offered by various countries. Hence, the candidates have enormous options to apply for the scholarship. The list of such scholarships is given below.

  • These scholarships are offered under Cultural/Educational Exchange Programmes.
  • Most of the scholarships are for Research, Masters and Doctoral studies.

Ms Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship by MHRD

Ms Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship is for the Indian Nationals who have a minimum of three years of teaching experience at the graduate/ post-graduate level after completing a PhD. This Fellowship is intended for a young scholar, who desires for pursuing an academic career in Modern Indian Studies funded by Government of India at St. Antony's College, Oxford (U.K.). The total fellowship amount is £29,944 per annum.

Korean Government Scholarship by MHRD

Korean Government Scholarship is provided by the Korean Government to the Indian students for pursuing higher studies. The scholarship would be provided to Indian nationals to study at a Korean University or an Institution designated by NIIED. 

In total, 8 nominations will be sent to the Korean Government for final selection out of which only 5 will be selected. The candidate would be provided with the monthly allowance of 9,00,000 (KRW) per month.

Israel Government Scholarship by MHRD 

The Israel Government invites the application from the Indian citizens for Israel Government Scholarship for Foreign Student. There are total 7 scholarships in Israel Government Scholarship for Foreign Students of which 2 are for Hebrew Language and 5 for an academic year/ research. The candidates are given Tuition Fee, Monthly Allowance, Basic Health Insurance

Chinese Government Scholarship by MHRD 

Chinese Government Scholarship is a part of the Exchange program between India and China. Under this scholarship, the China Government provide the scholar's boarding, lodging, medical care and expenditure on tuition and other fees etc. 

The scholarship amount which will be given to the candidates would be up to 99,800 paid in Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Apart from these, the candidates would be provided with the tuition fee, accommodations, stipend and monthly grant.

AICTE Scholarships 

AICTE being a technical educational structure of India working under MHRD has aided the students with a better quality of education and financial support in the form of scholarships. AICTE scholarship is offered by AICTE to the students on a need basis and merit basis.

Mainly there are 4 Scholarship schemes given as under to the students of India studying under the AICTE Approved Institutions in India. The following scholarships are provided to the candidates with a given number of scholarship

List of AICTE Scholarship

Number of AICTE Scholarships

AICTE JK Scholarship 


AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls


AICTE Saksham Scholarship


AICTE PG Scholarship 



UGC Scholarships

University Grants Commission (UGC) is the statutory organisation established by the Government of India. It is also the educational structure of India working under MHRD. In the same endeavour, various UGC Scholarship is offered to support the needy as well as the meritorious students to help them complete their higher education and move ahead in their career path.

The motive behind UGC scholarship is to make college and university education available to those who are financially weak but are capable of bringing about changes in the educational scenario of the nation using research and other related activities.

In case of any query regarding the MHRD Scholarships, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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