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IIM Fees for MBA 2018

IIM Fees of all the Postgraduate Management Courses offered in 20 IIMs is given in this page. At present, all the 20 IIMs in India accepts CAT scores for admission to postgraduate courses. IIMs offers various courses that are equivalent to MBA, scroll down for the courses and detailed fee structure of IIM Fees.

IIMs are autonomous Institutions of Management Education and Research in India. Owing to this fact, the fee structure of the courses offered at different IIMs varies.

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List of All MBA Exams & Admission

List of Courses Offered by IIMs


  • PGPEM: Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management
  • PGPBM: Post Graduate Programme in Business Management
  • PGP: Post Graduate Programme
  • PGP-ABM: Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management
  • PGPWE: PGP for Working Executive
  • PGPPM: Post Graduate Progam in Public Policy and Management
  • EPGPM: Executive Post Graduate Programme
  • PGPSM: Post Graduate Programme in Securities Markets
  • PGDHRM: Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PGDM: Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • PGPEX: Post Graduate Programme for Executives

The cost of PGPEX / IIM Executive MBA Fees is 22 Lacs, however, the fee varies from different institutes in every academic year. This page discusses in details about Fee structure of IIM MBA Fee, IIM Executive MBA Fees.

IIM Fees for MBA 2018

Fee structure of IIM will include Tuition fees, accommodation charges, library fees etc. 


IIM MBA Fees (Full Course Fee)

IIM Ahmedabad

PGP – Rs 9,39,000 (First academic year)

IIM Amritsar


IIM Bangalore

EPGP- Rs 23 lakh (approx)
PGPEM- Rs 13,94,000
PGPPM- Rs 11.6 lakhs

IIM Bodh Gaya


IIM Calcutta

PGP- Rs 19 Lakh
PGPEX- Rs 22 lakh

IIM Indore

PGP- Rs 13 Lakh
EPGP- Rs18 Lakh

IIM Jammu

PGP- Rs 20 Lakh (approx)

IIM Kashipur

PGP- Rs 6,14,400
EPGPM- Rs 6 Lakh

IIM Kozikode

PGP: Rs 6,50,000 (first academic year)
EPGP: Rs 7,50,000 (approx)

IIM Lucknow

PGPM: Rs 54,0000
PGP- ABM: Rs 54,0000
PGPSM: Rs 54,0000

IIM Nagpur

PGP- Rs 20 Lakh (approx)

IIM Raipur

PGP- Rs 10,26,000
PGPWE- Rs 6,43,000

IIM Ranchi

PGPEX- Rs 7,50,000

IIM Rohtak

PGP – Rs 5,25,000
EPGP – Rs 6,02,600

IIM Sambalpur


IIM Shillong

PGPEX- Rs 13 Lakh

IIM Sirmaur

PGP- Rs 20 Lakh (Approx.)

IIM Tiruchirapalli

PGPBM- Rs 10,10,000

IIM Udaipur

PGP- Rs 6,00,000

IIM Visakhapatnam

PGP- Rs 20 Lakh (Approx.)


IIM Bangalore Fees

EPGP Fee distribution of IIM Bangalore (Executive MBA)
IIM Bangalore fees

IIM Calcutta Fees

PGPEX Fee Structure of IIM Calcutta -  (Executive MBA)

IIM Calcutta fees

IIM Indore Fees


The PGP Course fee of NRI candidates is Rs. 19,50,000

EPGP Fee structure  (Executive MBA)

IIM Indore EPGP fees

IIM Kashipur Fees

PGP Fee Structure of IIM Kashipur

PGP Fee Structure of IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur EPGP Fee Structure

IIM Kashipur EPGP Fee Structure

IIM Kozhikode Fees

EPGP Fee Structure  (Executive MBA)

IIM Kozhikode EPGP Fees


IIM Lucknow Fees

PGPM Fee Structure of IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow PGPM Fees

IIM Lucknow - PGPABM Fee Structure

IIM Lucknow PGPABM Fee Structure

IIM Lucknow PGPSM Fee Structure

IIM Lucknow PGPSM Fees

IIM Raipur Fees


PGP Fees Structure in IIM Raipur 

IIM Raipur PGP Fees 

IIM PGPWE Fee Structure  (Executive MBA)

IIM Raipur PGPWE Fees


IIM Ranchi Fees


Tuition Fee for PGPEX  (Executive MBA)- Rs 7,50,000

The Hostel fee of PGEXP is Rs. 1 Lakh for two years

IIM Rohtak Fees

PGP Fee Distribution in IIM Rohtak 

IIM Rohtak PGP Fees

IIM Rohtak EPGP Fee Structure (Executive MBA)

IIM Rohtak EPGP Fees

IIM Tiruchirapalli Fees

PGPBM Fees Structure

IIM Tiruchirapalli PGPBM Fees

IIM Udaipur Fees

PGP Fee distribution of IIM Udaipur Fee

IIM Udaipur PGP Fees


For any queries related to IIM Fee for MBA, you can write us in the comment section below.

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