IJSO 2017 Winners: Gold Medal Bagged by Mumbaikar Subarno Nath Roy

Dec 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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IJSO 2017 Winners: Gold Medal Bagged by Mumbaikar Subarno Nath Roy, who is among the 6 winners from India participated in the IJSO 2017 held in the Netherlands. Recently, International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) was held which is the last stage of Science Olympiads conducted at different stages by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). The result has now been announced and it feels glad to hear that an Indian boy had bagged the title of the winner with Gold Medal.

What is IJSO Exam?

IJSO is an abbreviated form of International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). It is an annual competition conducted by an individual and with the team also. IJSO is the last stage of the Science Junior Science Olympiad conducted by IAPT. The IJSO exam is held to encourage the interest of students in Science and its pursuit of excellence. It also helps the students to analyse their strong and weak points and deep understanding of scientific facts.

The Junior Science Olympiad program is conducted in 5 stages;

  • The first stage is National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS).
  • The second stage is Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO) in which 36 students from all over the country are selected out of which 17 students were from Allen Career Institute.
  • The third stage is Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in Junior Science in which 6 students are selected for the final round, these 6 students represent India at International Level.
  • Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT) is the fourth stage.
  • The fifth and the final stage is International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) which consists of three tests, conducted on different days.

IJSO 2017 Winners

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) has announced the result for the IJSO this year. Subarno Nath Roy has won the Gold medal in the competition followed by three other members. Moreover, two students from India won the Silver medal in the IJSO.

Subarno Nath Roy professed that his father is as an inspiration for participating and winning this competition. And when asked about what he wants to say to other students, he just said - "I would suggest students to love learning new things and expand their horizon of knowledge."

IJSO Winner

List of Other Winners

  1. Akhil Jain - Gold Medalist
  2. Mudita Goyal - Gold Medalist
  3. Kunal Samantha - Gold Medalist
  4. Niyati Mehta - Silver Medalist
  5. Adarshraj Sah - Silver Medalist

Conversation with Subarno Nath Roy on winning the Gold

The team Motachashma had a Question and Answer Round with the winner and we tried to know about his inspiration, his preparing tips and other things too. The insight of the conversation is given below:

(“Subarno Nath Roy who is currently studying in Class 10 won the Gold Medal in IJSO Exam and made India proud”)

How do you get to know about IJSO?

  • As I had participated in various national level Olympiads, my father used to collect information about such competitions and it was through him that I got to know about IJSO.  

How often you participate in such competitions?

  • I have participated in many national level competition but this was a unique experience as it was an international competition among more than 50 countries. 

What are your future plans for higher studies?

  • I have not yet decided on my future plans for higher studies.

What do you aspire to become in life?

  • I have not yet decided, my parents just want me to be a good human being and do something good for my country and for humanity as a whole.

IJSO is a Multi-Stage Exam, How was your journey?  

  • This journey of 2 years was wonderful. Right from the preparation for the first stage to getting the gold medal for my country, I have learnt a lot of things and this journey was full of new experiences. 

Representing India is a matter of pride, what was your reaction when you got selected for IJSO?

  • I also think that the best part of the competition is that here we appear for the exams as representatives of the country and not as individual students. Indeed it was a matter of pride for me to represent India on an international basis. It feels wonderful especially the fact that this time the medal that I won wasn’t only for myself but for my country INDIA.

What is your message for other students in India for participating in such competitions?

  • I would suggest students appear for such competitions which are different from regular school level studies. Also, I would suggest students to love learning new things and expand their horizon of knowledge.

How has Mota Chashma helped you in achieving your goals?

  • My father used to refer MotaChasma.com to get information about various Olympiads. It helped me a lot to know about the schedule of various Olympiads through this website.


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