CBSE makes Vocational Subject Compulsory for Class 10

Mar 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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CBSE makes Vocational Subject Compulsory for Class 10, As per the official notification published on 9 March 2017 - there will be now 6 Subjects for the class 10 students which includes the vocational subject. The class 10 students will have to study compulsory 6 subjects, and the final assessment of the 2017-18 candidates will be based on the scores of the 6 subjects. The 6th subjected is included (compulsory) under the National Skill Qualification Framework(NSQF).

Till 2017, class 10 students have to study five subjects which are two language subjects, science, mathematics and social science. Class 10 students also have a choice of studying a vocational subject as an “additional” subject. However, it will be compulsory from 2018 onwards for the students to study a vocational subject not as an additional but a compulsory subject.

CBSE Revised Scheme of Studies (Under NSQF)


Subject (All Subjects are of 100 Marks)

Name of Subject

Subject 1

language 1

Subject 2

Language 2

Subject 3


Subject 4


Subject 5

Social Science
Subject 6 (Additional)

"Vocational Subject"


The CBSE is working for remodelling its assessment scheme so every student of class 10 will have to study 6 subjects from the next year. The CBSE has acknowledged all the heads of the schools (Affiliated to the CBSE) in India about the new change for class 10 students. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has remodelled its assessment scheme for class 10 board examination.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a big changing in its assessment scheme for Class 10 Board examination for schools. Under the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), a vocational subject who is now an optional subject will be a compulsory subject from the next academic year 2017-18.

 “If a candidate fails to pass in any one of the three elective subjects — science, social science, mathematics, then it will be replaced by the vocational subject (offered as sixth additional subject),” a CBSE circular said. “The board exam result will be computed accordingly, however, if a candidate desires to reappear for the failed subject they can appear in the compartment examination,” it added.


CBSE includes these Vocational Subjects

Now the students will have 13 options to choose as the sixth subject and the name of all 13 subjects are given below.  The total weightage of the Vocational Subject will be of 100 Marks. Out of which there will be a board exam of 50 Marks and the rest 50 Marks for practical which will be conducted by the school itself (Internal Assessment). Students have to secure the minimum of 33% marks in both (Board Exam and Practical Exam) individually to pass.

  1. Information Technology
  2. Security
  3. Food Production
  4. Front Office Operations
  5. Banking and Insurance
  6. Automobile Technology
  7. Dynamics of Retailing
  8. Introduction to Tourism
  9. Basic Agriculture
  10. Marketing and Sales
  11. Introduction to Financial Market
  12. Beauty and Wellness
  13. Health Care Services

CBSE official Notification 2017

CBSE Official Notification regarding Vocational Courses

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