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Vocational Course in CBSE Schools Find few Takers

Mar 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has organised a committee to review that why only a few students are opting for the vocational subjects in the school and do away with those courses which are not finding enough takers. The committee organised by the CBSE will analyse the data for the past few years, and recommend the courses that need to be dropped. More than 11 lakhs students are going to appear in the Class 12 examination conducted by CBSE and the CBSE Date Sheet Class 12 has been released. From which only a few students have opted for the vocational courses.

Sources said that this issue was raised at the meeting of the governing body of the CBSE held last year. There are about 100 courses offered under vocational stream from which the students opted the following courses.


Number of Students

Retail Services


Health Care Management


Integrated Transport Operations


Confectionery courses


Front Office Operations



CBSE News 

List of the Scholarship by CBSE

Reasons behind lack of interest in CBSE vocational courses

  • The first reason could be stated as the negative mindset of the parents against the vocational courses. The parents and also the students think that the vocational studies do not hold many opportunities as the career options.
  • According to the mindset of the parents and some of the students, the vocational stream is meant for the below average students that are why opting for the vocational studies is not worth for future benefits.
  • When vocational courses were introduced, they lacked the proper planning such as provision for proper labs, instructors, hands-on practice, etc., hence which caused the students suffered.
  • Vocational courses also lose sheen at Class XII level because very few universities offer graduation courses in these subjects

The reasons mentioned above have been stated by the Inderjeet Dagar who is the principal of the college of vocational studies, Delhi University.  According to him, the candidates are provided with the more options of jobs from the professional course.

What is the opinion of School Principals about Vocational Courses?

  • The mindset of the people is somewhere responsible because many of the parents and the students think that the vocational courses are considered as meant of the below average students. The CBSE is right in conducting this exercise as without valuing the demand for a course, there is no point running it. The focus should be on few, but quality vocational courses said Inderjeet Dagar, the principal of the college of vocational studies, Delhi University. 
  • We don’t offer vocational courses in class 12 as there are no takers for these courses. Also, Delhi University either doesn’t accept these courses or doesn’t offer such courses in graduation. "However, Vocational courses need to be in sync with demand," said Ameeta Wattal, principal of Springdales School, Delhi.

CBSE Vocational Courses - Highlight of the news

  • Most of the 18,000 CBSE schools in the country don’t offer any vocational course at all. So how the interested students can opt for the course.
  • The CBSE is planning to drop some of the courses offered in the vocational studies after analysing the data of the past few years.
  • Trimming the vocational courses would also help the board reduce the examination schedule from 45 days to a month.
  • Some of the vocational courses got the appreciative response from the students. The list of the courses are:
    • Mass media studies - 1126 students
    • Stenography English - 1867 students
    • Entrepreneurship - 11, 762 students
    • Database Management Application - 864 students
    • Web Application - 843

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