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KVPY Interview Tips - Interview Questions, How to crack KVPY Interview


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KVPY Interview Tips for the qualified candidates of KVPY Aptitude Test. KVPY Interview is the final stage in order to get KVPY Fellowship. Therefore, the candidates are advised to read and follow these steps before appearing in the Personal Interview. Scroll down to read more on KVPY Interview Tips.

The very first thing to all the shortlisted candidates that they have already cracked the written test, so no need of feeling anxious, uncomfortable or negative about your ability. However, you need to get prepare for the interview in order to get KVPY scholarship. So read these tips carefully and plan accordingly.

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KVPY Interview Tips - What is Interview?

Interview is one of the most unpredictable things as the questions are asked never depend on what you know or decided earlier by the interviewers, however, Interviewers mostly ask about your strong area and later they put the questions from that particular field, besides this they could also put few questions on their side but candidates don’t need to get nervous as it would be related to your syllabus or area, and if it is not then the candidate can simply nod negative. the only thing you need to know that you know everything and just being present-minded once you enter the interview hall. In the interview, they also judge you with your presentation.

KVPY Interview Tips

KYPY Interviews Tips

Of course! you could impress with the right answer but this not happen all the time, sometimes if you don’t know the answer or you are wrong, then they see how you tackle that situation, your selection is also the matter of how you represent yourself there. One thing to remember, you have already cleared the written test, the Interviewers sitting there don’t need just explanation of what they ask as they are Ph.D. in their areas, they also check your communication Skills and your attitude towards situations. Followings are the point we bring together to help you prepare for the same. Best of Luck!

  • Attitude not just Aptitude: One of the students stated Attitude not Aptitude towards Science. And this seems true as you have already stood out from lakhs of students who were in the competition during written test. Interviewers know that you are eligible however you need to prove it just one more time with your Attitude towards science.
  • Being Positive: If you are facing the interview very first time, you need to know one thing that is you are going to learn and experience something new. So just be in the present moment and listen carefully.
  • Just Ask for it: In case you have some confusion related to the question asked, you don’t need to panic, just ask them politely to give a more clearance on the question or rephrase it.
  • Be neatly groomed and dress formally: Although selection will be based on your interview however it is important to be neat and dress up properly as your getup will draw an image of you. Always remember you can be misjudged and become the material of fun if you dress up sweater in spring.
  • Last moment actions: Take a long and relaxed breathe when your name is called for the interview, knock on the door before entering the room and wear a smile on your face.  
  • Stay Focused:  Listening carefully as there would be questions about various subjects and topics so being there present-minded. Don’t lose your self, pay attention and show your interest in them. 
  • Don’t make any perception: Most of the time, we make perceptions based on previous things we hear, see and experience but it is foolish to judge rest of the life putting those things in the center. You never know what is coming next so don’t make any perception about anything.  
  • Stop Prediction: Do not expect once you have done. It is not just how many times you answered correctly but also matters on the intensity, how your response and time is taken to answer the question and your attitude towards every question they ask. Let them decide. 
  • Strong Area or Area of Interest: Candidate must have a strong area or area of interest. Choose one area in which you have a keen interest and furnish it further. During the time of interview if asked you can tell your area of interest.
  • Say ‘No” if you don’t know: In the interview hall, any unexpected and unheard question can come, learn to say no rather than confusing the panel, although it also depends on the mood of interviewers what they asked.

What to do while entering the Interview’s room?

All the candidates who are appearing for the interview need to know few things about how to represent himself/herself as this makes a huge impact and create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the interview’s room.

  • Knock before you enter the room.
  • Greet everyone in the room. This could be your first good impression.
  • Sit when you are asked to sit.
  • Always carry a smile on your face but act maturely according to the situation.
  • Maintain eyes contact as it reflects your confidence.
  • Don’t move your chair unnecessarily, or your legs as it shows sign of nervousness. 
  • Listen carefully and if there is any doubt just ask them to repeat and rephrase.
  • Show your gratitude with thank you while leaving the room.

KVPY Interview tips - Few things to remember!

  • You have cleared the written test that means you deserve it.
  • Interviewers are also human, they don’t bite so just relax and make communication nicely.
  • Interviewers are Ph.D. in their areas, they don’t just sit there for your explanation but also the way you represent everything.
  • Never expect or predict anything.

KVPY Interview Tips – How to prepare for the Interview

  • Shortlisted candidates can also go through previous year sample paper, tutorial videos in order to prepare for the interview. The link is given below. Click on the subject to see sample paper. 
  • The interview round is based on your innovation mind and basic knowledge of science.
  • The syllabus will be based on what you have already been taught however you can also prepare in your strong area.
  • NCERT books are best for preparing for the same however candidates can also explore according to their interest which they can mention.
  • Candidate can also take advice from the teachers and prepare in a group to polish their communication skills.
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What is KVPY?

KVPY is Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, in order to fuel the research in the area of basic science, engineering, and medicine.  It is administrated by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. It was started back in 1999 to encourage the students to contribute to the research field.

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In case of any query regarding KVPY Interview Tips, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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