New Education Policy to make Higher Education Cheaper

Oct 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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"New Education Policy to make higher education cheaper," said Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shri Satya Pal Singh. This policy will correct & change the education system in the country that has followed a colonial mindset. Also, the New Scheme is in the final stage of development and going to be announced in December said, Dr Singh. After the independence of India, several academicians followed the paths of British and Western scholars and denied the Indian culture. The government and education system is working on the biggest challenge that ‘how to de-colonise the Indian mind’ in this policy. This is the first time that such education policy discussed layer by layer, Minister said.

New Education Policy to make higher education cheaper

According to Dr Singh, the quality of education should be improved from the primary level so this will make higher education affordable. The education system also faced some major issues to accessing higher education. The Government should also focus on the skill development that is one of the major areas said, Dr Singh.

Higher Education in India Stats

The standard of Centres of International Excellence should be developed in the higher education institutions if they want to prevent the mass migration of students to the foreign countries for education said, Dr Singh. India has only 25.6 percent accessibility to higher education while other countries have increased ratio such as USA 86 percent, Germany 80 percent, and China 60 percent. The higher education is system is very expensive; the government is to improve the higher education system in the country to make it affordable to all sections of the society, said Dr Singh.

Dr Singh also said that "these changes are necessary for the Right to Education Act. But what we can do in the case of if parents do not send their children to the school. So many things have to be done in improving the primary education in the country."

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