Mumbai boy wins UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest 2017

Apr 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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Eleven-year-old Mumbai boy "Aahaan Harish Phadnis" won UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest 2017 which was the video contest held at the global level where the candidates were supposed to create a multimedia production/ Video in order to spread awareness and encourage participation of youth in achieving sustainable development. The UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest is organised every year and with over 600 entries were done this year and each and every project has been properly evaluated by the international panel of judges of UNESCO. All participants will receive a thank-you letter from Mr Guy Djoken, President of UNESCO Center for Peace.

What is UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest?

  • UNESCO Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition 2017 is being organised in order to spread awareness and encourage participation of youth in achieving sustainable development.
  • The UNESCO Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition is open for the students from age 10 to 24 years and will accept individual participation on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Participants should respond in English by making a 3-5 minute multimedia production, 500-700 word written in MLA Format.
  • Prompt of this year: The international crisis of the growing number and desperate situation of refugees is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. Document how this crisis affects your life and/or offer a comprehensive, achievable solution to the problem.


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UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest Result - Winner!


Now the UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest Result for the year 2017 has been announced and the Mumbai boy named “Aahaan Harish Phadnis” has made India proud by winning the first prize in the contest. There are total 5 Indians who have won the contest in which Aahaan Phadnis came up as the winner among over 6,000 participants.  The list of the winner of the UNESCO from India is given in the table below.


Project Title

Project Type

Aahaan Harish Phadnis (Winner)

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Managing Refugee Crisis


Dhruv Mital Shah

The Plight of a Refugee


Sachin Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu

Global Citizens...they are us!


Nikita Ambwani               

'Refugees- The Affected'


Roshni Chhabra




What was the Idea of "UNESCO Youth Contest Winner"?

The winner of the UNESCO Youth Contest "Aahaan Harish Phadnis" applied the simple yet creative formula for the betterment of the crisis of the refugees in the world. He applied the idea we generally use to reboot the system i.e. CTRL + ALT + DEL to reboot the Crisis of the Refugees in the World. Let's have a look at his concept.

CTRL stands for Control Haphazard Displacement

  • The countries around the world need to join hands and the influx should be distributed so that there is no strain on any few countries
  • Refugees should be given temporary citizenship and should be rehabilitated once the situation in their country returns to normalcy

ALT stands for Alter the way given to Refugees

  • Refugees should be given opportunities to learn skills, educate or strengthen their competency at earning a livelihood by the host country
  • Countries should contribute to the relief funds on a regular basis and these funds should be utilised for the betterment of the community and the process of placing the refugees in a host country should be official and legal.

DEL stands for Delete War and Terrorism

  • Try and settle disagreements in a peaceful manner
  • Be tolerant towards religions

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"Aahaan Harish Phadnis" -  How he Made It to the top!

We the team Motachashma has a Question/ Answer round with the winner of the contest to know more about his strategies and future plans. He shared his creative idea for the "Refugee Crisis in the World." Scroll down to know his views and ideas for creating this world a better place to live.

UNESCO Youth Multimedia Contest Winner

  • How did you get to know about this competition? How often you participate in such competitions?

" In the process of researching for UN to delve deeper into a Civics concept that my mother and I were studying, I chanced upon Mota Chashma. I had seen the UNESCO competition on their site, but it was perfectly explained on Mota Chashma and that's how I got interested. I participate a lot in all types of competitions. And now due to Mota Chashma, I get to know all the competitions in one place."

  • What/ Who is your inspiration behind such a creative idea of Control+ Alt+Delete Solution for the Refugee Crisis in the world? 

" I draw my inspiration from people who go against the flow. People who make a difference, who want to make this world a better place. Nelson Mandela, Baba Amte, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others who opted for an alternate path when they could have lived a cushier life. They wanted to change the world and I thought if we could reboot the world just as easily as we reboot our computer, we would be paying an honourable tribute to such great lives."

  • What was the process to create this video? How much time did you take to create this video? Did you take a feedback on your work?

" I wrote down all my ideas and then tried implementing them in various presentation software. The process was a lot of trial and error and took over a week to finalise. I did take feedback from my mother at every interval."

  • What are your future plans for higher studies and what do you aspire to become in life?

" I am a homeschooler and I learn through self-guided methods. I learn what interests me and research subjects in varied ways. I want to bring about a change in the world, contribute to the betterment of the society and would want to follow a path that will lead to that goal. Nobody has said that you have to do just one thing in this world. You can play multiple roles."

  • What is your message for other students in India for participating in such competitions?

Go for it! Make India proud. We are a country filled with talent and waiting to be discovered. This is the way we can show the world how unique and powerful we are."

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