Around 14 Uncertain NEET Answers, May affect NEET Result 2018

May 2018 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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NEET 2018 official answer key has been released on 25 May, along with the OMR sheet and code booklet. Aspirants were also allowed to challenge NEET answer key 2018 by CBSE by logging in and paying Rs. 1000 per question. The last date to challenge NEET2018 answer key, OMR sheet and code booklet was 27 May.

14 Uncertain NEET Answers

As per the newspaper report, the subject experts have challenged NEET answer key 2018. There are 14 questions in NEET question booklet code FF, which are similar to questions asked in code HH. However, the responses displayed for the questions asked in Code FF and HH in NEET 2018 answer key were different. This might bring a dilemma in the calculation of NEET result, which will be declared on 5 June 2018.

Dr. Amit Gupta, the person behind the AIIMS MBBS paper leak scam, also tweeted to confirm this news stating, “Candidates who got question papers with FF code & HH code in NEET 2018 examination are requested to confirm and verify the news. It’s a serious matter.”

NEET 2018 Answer Key Tweet

Similar NEET Questions in code FF and HH

Below-given are some question numbers in NEET question paper code FF and HH, which were similar along with the options.

NEET Questions in Code FF

NEET Questions in Code HH

Question no 9

Question no 165

Question no 19

Question no 157

Question no 74

Question no 88

Question no 140

Question no 7

Question no 141

Question no 6

Question no 45

Question no 179

Below is the image of few questions similar in Code FF and HH

NEET questions in code FF and HH 

NEET 2018 Question Numbers with Different Answers

As per the newspaper, the following are the number of questions which had similar questions. Along with that, answers mentioned in NEET 2018 answer key have also been mentioned below.

Candidates are requested to verify below-mentioned questions and answers, as the result will be calculated on the basis of answers marked by them.

NEET Question NoIn code FF, number 19 is similar to 157 in code HH.

Responses in NEET Answer Key - However, the correct solution in one answer key is ‘Formation of Intramolecular H bonding’, while the other key displays ‘Formation of Intermolecular H-bonding’ as the correct answer.

NEET Question No – In Code FF, question number 140 is similar to the question number 7 in code HH.

Responses in NEET Answer KeyThe correct solution in an answer key is ’30 cm away from the mirror’, while the other one has ’36 cm away from the mirror’ as the correct response.

NEET Question No141 question number in code FF has same options as provided in question number 6 of code HH.

Responses in NEET Answer KeyThe correct answer in an answer key is ‘-z direction’, while the correct responses in other one is ‘+z direction’

NEET Question NoThe question number 179 placed in code HH is same as the question number45 in code FF.

Responses in NEET Answer KeyThe correct answer in an answer key states ‘the value of m for Dz2 is zero’, on the other side, the response in other answer key is ‘the electronic configuration of N atom’ is the correct answer.

Note: Similarly, there are 14 questions, which are similar but have different responses in NEET 2018 official answer key.

NEET 2018 Answers by Coaching Institutes

Various coaching institutes have also released the unofficial NEET answer key. Some of the institutes have provided ‘Bonus marks’ to such questions, while others have given different answers to these questions. In such cases, students are confused in considering the correct answer.

Note – To check the NEET answer key 2018 by coaching institutes – Click Here

Important Points for NEET 2018 Aspirants

Considering the above-mentioned points, candidates are advised to make sure that they have challenged NEET answer key 2018, which was available till 27 May.

Effect on NEET 2018 Result

NEET result 2018 will be calculated on the basis of answers marked in the question paper. Since the responses printed on NEET official answer key for 14 similar questions are different. And as per the marking scheme of NEET 2018, 4 marks will be allotted for a correct response, while 1 mark is deducted for an incorrect response. If the answers to these 14 questions will be correct, then aspirants will be awarded 56 marks. However, if the answers will be incorrect, then aspirants will lose their 14 marks. This will lead to increase or decrease of NEET scores.

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