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LSAT Exam Preparation Tips

LSAT Test Preparation

The LSAT India is a test of analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension, including comparative reading.Candidates should become as familiar as possible with the test pattern, which includes the question types and test timing, by taking advantage of the available LSAT test preparation material.

Since LSAT India measures critical thinking skills mastery of any specific body of knowledge, cramming facts, mathematical formulae and other general knowledge is not necessary and will be a waste of time.

There are some guide books available in the market for the LSAT India. However, the LSAT India is a test of reason, so one doesn't need to cram facts/data. Ideally, a candidate should prepare as long as it takes to feel comfortable with the question types and how they are answered.

To encounter these type of questions on day of test, LSAT INDIA invites candidates to use below given 6 kinds of preparation materials:        

Official LSAT—India Free PrepTests

These include the ACTUAL 2009 LSAT India, the ACTUAL 2010 LSAT India, and the ACTUAL 2012 LSAT India, along with descriptions of the question types, scoring, etc. 

Prep Test No. 1 Click Here
Prep Test No. 2 Click Here
Prep Test No. 3 Click Here
Prep Test No. 4 Click Here


LSAT India  Sample questions

Analytical Reasoning questions

Click here

Logical Reasoning questions

Click Here

Reading Comprehension questions

Click Here

LSAT India test taking tips

LSAT Online Courses for Critical Thinking
Following are the free online courses on critical thinking:


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