NEET Preparation 2018 - Effective Last Minute Study Tips


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NEET Preparation 2018 - Everyone wants to score well in exams for which the students leave no stone unturned from their side. But at last minute, most of them get to freak out and want to mug up all the chapters and topics they never had conversant with. It is very important for the candidates to understand that how much you study does not matter but whatever you study attentively does. All of us know that how essential NEET exam is for the admission in the MBBS, BDS and other medical courses. This page carries the points focusing on NEET Preparation and tips for the last minute study plan.

Since when NEET has become the only exam for medical admission, it has come to prominence. Because it is your last minute to study, you certainly will not be able to go through all the study notes and class materials. So here we are providing you some last minute study hacks which will surely help you to score well in the exam.

NEET Preparation 2018 - Follow the Tips to Score well

NEET Exam is scheduled to be conducted on 6 May 2018. With only a few months left with the exam, the preparations of the students must be on the high pitch. So to add more power to it, we are providing some study tips which would be beneficial for the students at last minute

Put up with the Important Focus Areas
It is impossible to again revise the whole syllabus at last minute, so instead of doing that, you must go through the important areas of NEET Syllabus. The focus areas of  NEET Exam are - 

  • For Physics - Nuclear Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Optics are the important topics
  • For Chemistry - General Organic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry, Mole Concept are the areas you must read once
  • For Biology - In this subject, the focus areas are Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Morphology, Cell Biology, Basics of Biotechnology

Practice Mock Test Paper
Are you good at time management? Can you finish 180 questions in 3 hours? This is one of the biggest challenges faced by the students. Honestly speaking, the time management is the proficient skill that is required for the exam, especially for NEET. So to judge your this skill, you must practice mock test papers on a daily basis. You can also do the same with previous year question papers and develop the skill to finish the paper on time.

Concentrate on Principal Formulas
While preparing for any of the exams, it is a good habit to maintain a separate book or diary for the formulas so at the last moment it does not appear messy to you while revising all the formulas. When you see question between the formulas, your mind gets tangled but when it comes to a solitary note, you are able to revise it quickly. Everyone preparing for the NEET exam must revise all the formulas they have been taught.

Heed on your Health

The study is important and no one denies this but your health is more important than anything. Being healthy does not only mean to be physically prepared for everything but it also implies to be mentally strong. Do not bond yourself with too much of exam pressure, if you have studied well, you are surely going to nail it. You should focus on having a nutritious diet and proper sleep so that you will appear fresh and energetic in the exam.

Organize important things a day prior to the exam
To avoid the last minute rush and uncertainties, the students must prepare their bag one day before the exam. Few things are given below implying the items/ documents one should organize -

  • Postcard size photograph to affix on Performa
  • Passport size photograph to affix on Attendance Sheet
  • NEET 2018 Admit Card with photo affix to it.
  • ID Proof (Aadhar, Voter ID, Pan Card, Driving License etc.)

Belief is the strongest instrument and you own that instrument. While appearing in the exam, if you trust your ability and your preparations, it implies that you have already finished half of NEET marathon. So stay cool and relaxed, you are surely going to win this game.

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In case of any query regarding the NEET Preparation 2018, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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