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ALLEN Champ 2020 - Benefits for NTSE Students


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ALLEN Champ is a national level competition with an objective to honour and mentor the winner of the students been to different platforms. Be it for Examinations, Olympiads, State/ National or International level Competitions, ALLEN Champ is for all of them. This is the unique method of recognising the performance of the students in various fields such as Excellence in Academics, Aptitude, Skills, Exposure and Language Capabilities. Through ALLEN Champ, the laudable candidates from Class 3 to 10 get rewarded. This is the result of the hard work and dedication of the students and their parents.

  • The candidates who have one or more achievements in different exams or competitions can apply for ALLEN Champ initiative and bring out the best in them. One of the exams from all the competitions or Olympiads out there is NTSE.
  • NTSE exam is considered one of the prominent competition among the students of Class 10. Every state conducts its exam. This is a merit-based scholarship, and the quality rewards are granted to the winner.

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Allen Champ for NTSE Students

ALLEN Champ 2020 - Benefits for NTSE Students

As mentioned above, ALLEN respects and honour the winner of the Prestigious Examination / Event / Olympiad organized at State/ National / International level. Here we are providing details about how the NTSE students will be benefited. The winner of the competition will get the following rewards and recognition:

  • Step-up Cash Rewards
  • Gold & Silver medals and many more
  • Opportunity to be a part of the most magnificent club in the nation the ALLEN Champion’s Club
  • Dedicated Support Desk
  • Mentorship Meets in your city
  • Easy Access to Workshop and Seminars
  • Regular updates and alerts to champs as per their profile

ALLEN Champ 2020 Rewards/ Recognition for Parents and Schools

ALLEN Rewards & Recognition to Parents

  • Certificate
  • Silver Medal

ALLEN Rewards & Recognition to Schools


  • ALLEN Gurukul Certificate


Understanding the ALLEN Champ 2020 Competition

Well, the paragraph given above has presumably cleared the vision of the students and everyone who has gone through it about what ALLEN Champ competition is and how it works, but there is still a lot to know about this one of its kind competition. This competition facilitates the students with continuous guidance and mentoring programme. Although, there are two primary points to keep in mind before enrolling in the competition.

  • How to nominate themselves
  • How the selection be made

How the Candidates can Nominate themselves for ALLEN Champ 2020 Competition

ALLEN Champ is the unique initiative taken by ALLEN to excellently guide and mentor the students in different fields. So let’s understand how the students can nominate themselves for this extraordinary competition. To fill the nomination form, firstly we have to register with ALLEN Champ and then have to fill the application. Once the candidates are done with the registration and form filling, they would further require filling the nomination form which can be done in three simple steps

  • Fill in the Nomination: After completing registration, the candidates have to fill the nomination form. In this section, they have to select all the qualifying examinations for the ALLEN Champ nomination, save them and upload the relevant documents for each achievement

Click Here to Register for ALLEN Champ Competition

  • Verify Details and Lock Transcript: The ALLEN will close the nomination after a particular period. Once the nomination is closed, the candidates filled the nominations need to verify their details and lock the transcript only after verifying the correct details.
  • Submit Transcript: At the end, the candidates need to take the printout of the transcript from the Control Panel which would be verified and stamped by the school authorities. The same transcript has to be submitted to the ALLEN.

ALLEN Champ 2020 - How the selection be made

The selection of the students for ALLEN Champ Competition gets done based on the nominations received by the ALLEN. The ALLEN shortlists the ten best students profiled from each class. So let us understand how the selection be made

  • Step 1: Scrutiny of Application: Firstly, the ALLEN scrutinize the details submitted and locked by the students
  • Step 2:  Shortlisting: Based on the nominations, ten best students get selected from each class.
  • Step 3: Final Round in Kota: These shortlisted students will then be invited to the final round of ALLEN Champ to be held on Champions Day 'Honoring & Rewarding Ceremony of ALLEN Champ' along with their Parents.

The lodging and boarding allowance will be provided to the Students & their Parents, as per their confirmation.

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In case of any query regarding the ALLEN Champ 2020 - Benefits for NTSE Students, you can write to us in the comment section below

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