INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship

INSEAD MBA Scholarship 2016

Last date to apply

July18, 2016


  • INSEAD MBA Scholarship is for candidates who have secured admission in MBA Program or are in the process of the personal interview for the INSEAD Asia Campus at Singapore.
  • The INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship is offered in the memory of Antonio Borges who served as the dean of the MBA Program of INSEAD from 1993-2000.
  • This MBA Scholarship receives funds from many INSEAD alumni, Antonio’s family, friends, and colleagues.
  • INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship is a need-based scholarship and is offered without any discrimination based on sex, religion, nationality etc. It is not a fully funded scholarship and covers a part of the tuition fees.
  • Applications for Round 3 for December 2017 Class will open from July 18, 2016, and will end on August 3, 2016. The Supporting document should be sent by August 3, 2016.
  • Type of Scholarship: Financial Aid of average Euro10,000
  • Course Level: MBA Students and Applicants 
  • Number of awards: 1 Candidate for 1 scholarship
  • Country of study: Singapore and Fontaine Bleu(France).
  • Course Commence:MBA
  • INSEAD need-based scholarships are as follows:


Scholarship Criteria Scholarship Amount
IAF Diversity Scholarships Diversities €10,000 & €25,000
INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) Diversity with Financial need up to €25,000
Greek Friends of INSEAD Greek Nationals up to €25,000
The Gabel Family and the Bischoff Family S.Africa or SE Asia Up to €10,000
Ian Potter '93D and Family Endowed Asia Asians Up to €10,000 
MBA '89D Endowed Diversity Up to €10,000 
Antonio Borges Endowed Outstanding academics achievements and promise
Up to €10,000 
Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Emerging Countries Up to €25,000 
Sam Akiwumi Endowed and the Russian Alumni Scholarships Africans Up to €10,000 


INSEAD MBA Scholarship Important Dates

Event Deadline
July 2017 Class Round 1 November 9, 2015
July 2017 Class Round 2 November 30, 2015
July 2017 Class Round 3 February 29, 2016
December 2017 Round 1 April 19, 2016
December 2017 Round 2 June 6, 2016
December 2017 Round 3 August 3,2016

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INSEAD MBA Eligibility Criteria

Gender Any
Region Global
Class/ Age MBA Students in need of Financial Assistance
  • Nationality: The scholarship is open to nationals of all countries.
  • Financial Need: Being a Need-based scholarship, the applicant must demonstrate a genuine financial need to complete their MBA program at INSEAD Asia Campus.
  • Academic Status: The applicant must be a student at INSEAD and should contribute to breadth and depth of ‘diversity’ in the MBA program.
  • Only candidates who are admitted to the MBA program or are in the interview process may apply.


Scholarship Award: The winner scholarship of the Scholarship will receive a financial aid of average € 10,000 which doesn't cover the full tuition fees and the expenses of the MBA Programme.

Students can look for other options also to fund their MBA Programme.

INSEAD MBA Fee Structure

Fee Structure for the MBA Course: The present MBA Course fee for the graduating classes of 2016 is € 65,800 while the living expenses in Singapore and Fontaine Bleau ,France and their nearby areas are as follows



Fontaine Bleau,France

(includes utilities and charges)

€ 11,900

€ 10,000


€ 5,600

€ 5,400

Local Transport




€ 400

€ 500

(i.e. relocation & settling in expenses, excludes leisure)

€ 1,500

€ 1,500

Laptop (optional)

€ 800

€ 900

Travel for exchange

€ 2,000

€ 2,000

Total Average Expenses

€ 22,900

€ 23,800

INSEAD MBA Application form and Process

The Candidates willing to apply for the INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship, need to make online application under INSEAD need-based Scholarship. The Scholarship need to be accompanied by the essay on the following topics:

 Click here to apply for the Need Based Scholarship.

Answer all the Questions 

  • Question 1
    • Introduce yourself and include an account of your early years i.e. where you grew up and the primary and secondary schools you attended. How did you financed your secondary education
    • Briefly describe how you envisage contributing to the future development of your country/region after graduation and
    • Give the main reason why an INSEAD MBA is relevant to your future career development.
  • Question  2: Provide a concise but accurate description of 350 words of your financial circumstances as well as your budget for the year at INSEAD. How do you expect to finance your studies if you do not obtain a scholarship from INSEAD? WhyINSEAD should consider you for a need-based scholarship? What amount do you consider appropriate?
    • Word Limit: 350 words.

 If you want to get yourself considered for the IAF Special Profile scholarships

  • Question 3:
    Briefly describe an instance or aspect in your life to date that has made you stand out amongst your peers or that you consider exceptional in one way or another.
    • Word Limit: 400 words.

Documents to be sent with the INSEAD MBA Application form

  • Proof of salary (latest salary slip or a letter from your employer)
  • Bank statements for the last three months that shows your opening and closing balances. Online overview is accepted.
  • If you have extenuating/exceptional circumstances in the past year (supporting dependents’ education, medical care, bankruptcy, etc.), provide relevant documentation.
  • Copies of all the supporting documents are to be sent on

The last date to send the documents is August 10, 2016.

INSEAD MBA Selection Process

  • Preference will be given to candidates residing in emerging/developing countries and for those who will have limited access to loans. 
  • Priority will be given to candidates who have a marked socio-economic disadvantage.


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