Vocational Education Scholarship

Manipal Foundation, City & Guild Group Vocational Education scholarship 2017

Last date to apply

It is an ongoing scholarship and is open through out the year

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About Vocational Education Scholarship

Manipal Foundation along with City & Guilds Group announced a joint scholarship programme in Vocational Education and training (VET). Manipal Foundation is the charitable body of the Manipal Group. City & Guilds is the UK based skill development agency.

  • Manipal Foundation and City & Guilds Group will invest an amount of Rs. 1.46 crore over the next three years. The vocational education scholarship will fund 300 students to achieve international vocational qualifications and other qualifications on the national skills qualification framework.
  • The candidate can apply for the vocational education scholarship in the following skill areas:
    • Engineering and manufacturing
    • Hospitality and catering, 
    • Construction,
    • Health and social care
    • Teaching and learning. 
  • For the first year, scholarship will be available in the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhubaneswar and the regions surrounding these cities.
  • The scholarship would be given on need basis and merit basis. 50% of the scholarships will be awarded to women.
  • Scholarship is just launched and no information is available on how many rewards would be given and what kind of support would be given.

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Vocational Education Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Gender  Both
Region  Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhubaneswar 

 The Manipal Foundation and City & Guild Group scholarship will be awarded on the basis of “need” and “merit”. This is explained below:

Need based 
Enable Quality Vocational Education for the Needy Learners

Who are eligible?

Additional Eligibility


50% of scholarships will be allocated to them.

Learners with disability

  • Based on Level of disability
  • Trainability for specific Job Roles
  • Learners whose parental income is below Rs.2 Lac per annum (GBP 2000 pa)
  • Learners whose parental income is below Rs.50,000 per Dependent per annum (GBP 500 pa per Dependent)

Economically backward learners

  • Students who belong to the categories of SC, ST whose annual family income is below Rs.2 Lac per annum (GBP 2000 pa)
  • Learners whose annual family income is below Rs.50,000 per Dependent per annum (GBP 500 pa per Dependent)

Prisoners who are keen for rehabilitation

  • Prisoners who have served their sentence and want to restart their lives outside the jail
  • Prisoners who can be allowed to have a better life by picking up one of the Vocational Skills

Merit Based
Appreciate Meritorious Learners with Progression and Recognition


Additional Eligibility

Meritorious learners from focus sectors, such as

  • Engineering & Manufacturing,
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Hospitality & Catering,
  • Construction
  • Health & Social care,
  • Teaching & Learning, etc.
  • Reward Learners who have scored the highest in their Sectors – knowledge and Skill together

Recognise Learners with good Vocational Skills and enable them to progress to higher levels.

  • Learners who show promise to excel
  • This could be existing Learners or someone who is in the Industry.
  • The learners in this category would also need to showcase Portfolio of evidence and references supporting their candidature.

Recognise and polish skilled learners so that they are able to compete International Events.

  • C&G / MCG Trained and/or Certified Learners who have been recognised as the best in their sector and have very good references from their Trainers, Employers and Customers.
  • Learners who exhibit the brand Philosophy of City & Guilds and Manipal Foundation


Vocational Education Scholarship Application form and Process

How to apply

Individuals those who fulfil the above-mentioned “Need and Merit” based criteria can apply for Manipal foundation and City & Guild group scholarship by emailing at mfcg.scholarship@manipalglobal.com

It is to be noted that Learners can be asked to upload 2-5 minute Video clip showcasing their skills. They would also need to showcase Portfolio of evidence and references supporting their candidature.

Vocational Education Scholarship Selection Process

Vocational skills will help the youth to establish a business or become an entrepreneur. Despite the significant benefits and opportunities VET offers, many still perceive university education as superior to vocational education

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