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Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Photo Contest 2016-17

Last date to apply

January 27, 2017

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About Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Photo Contest is conducted by Nikon Corporation International every year since 1969 to offer a chance to the photographers worldwide to communicate and to enhance the image-making culture uniform for amateurs and professionals. The period of application for Nikon Photo Contest is October 17, 2016, to January 17, 2017. The Nikon Photo Contest fosters a passionate community that supports the photographers and filmmakers who are willing to share stories and impact the thinking of people through images.The participants can submit the following. 

  • Photograph
  • Video (6 to 180 seconds)

This year it is the 36th year of the photography contest, and for this year edition, the photographs will be accepted from any device including the smartphones. The photographs have to be submitted in any of the three categories on the themes discussed below.

The participants can submit photographs in any/all of the following categories and the limit for the photos is 10 submitted across all categories and 1 video.

Entry Category Age  Entry Format
Nikon 100th Anniversary Award Open to All Single Photo through Nikon Equipment
Next Generation Award Under 30 years Single photo, Photostory
(two to five images), video through any equipment
THE OPEN Award Open to All


Top 10 Photo Contest

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Nikon Photo Contest Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both
Region Global 
Class/ Age

Open to all age groups

  • All amateurs and professionals can apply.
    •  Applicants younger than 19 years are required to take permission of a parent or a guardian. Applying for the contest shall indicate that permission has been granted. 
  • The work (photographs & Videos) should be original work of the photographers and should not be submitted anywhere else.
  • Not open for employees of Nikon or its subsidiary companies or associates.

Nikon Photo Contest Reward

Grand Prize: A trophy, an award certificate, Nikon products worth 500,000 yen in cash and a chance to show his/ her portfolio on Nikon Photo Contest Website.

The grand prize will be separate from the 1st place of each category. 3 grand prize will be awarded for the entire contest. The grand prize winner can also exhibit his/her other work for which he/she holds a copyright on the awards website.





1st Prize

Single (1), Story (1), Movie (1)

Single (1), Story (1), Movie (1)

Nikon D810

2nd Prize

Single (3), Story (3), Movie (3)

Single (3), Story (3), Movie (3)

Nikon D500

3rd Prize

Single (5), Story (5), Movie (5)

Single (5), Story (5), Movie (5)

Nikon D5500

Generation N: For Under 19 years of age

  • An award certificate and Nikon products worth 300,000 yen.
  • This award is for under age 19 applicants.
  • 10 awards will be awarded from this category.
  • Applicants under age 19 (at the time of application during September 9, 2014 to December 15, 2014) shall be eligible to receive this award from all the categories.
  • Winners will be required to submit their age proof. Winning shall be revoked in case the documents are not provided. 

 NOTE: Prizes can be changed without notice. But, prizes cannot be exchanged, transferred or reclaimed for cash.

Nikon Photo Contest Application form and Process

The applicants are required to apply through Online Application System 

The applicants will have to fill in the application form and upload their work. An applicant can submit a maximum of ten pieces of work of photography and 1 work for Video. There are no application charges to apply for the contest.Applicants can also register by downloading the contest app for android and iOS which will be released when the entries open.

Entry categories

Nikon 100th Anniversary Award

  • Theme: "Celebration"
  • Entry Format: single photo, limited to Nikon equipment
  • No age restriction

Next Generation Award

  • Theme: " Future"
  • Entry Format: single photo, photo story (two to five images), video any equipment must be used
  • Entrants must be under the age of 30

The OPEN Award

  • Theme: " Future"
  • Entry Format: single photo, photo story (two to five images), video
  • Any equipment can be used
  • No age restriction

Important points to be noted

  1. Applicants cannot submit the same work or parts of the same work for single photo and photo story.
  2. Applicants can submit max 10 photos & 1 video in any of the categories.
  3. Applicants can enter multiple times till they do not exceed the number of works allowed.
  4. Applicants can cancel the submission and re-enter the work during the entry period of the contest.
  5. Applicants can only submit one entry out of category E & F.
  6. Retouched images using any software including any photo editing app shall be accepted.
  7. Photographs clicked using any smartphones or digital still cameras (including medium and large format cameras).
  8. Both colour and monogram Images are accepted.

Not to do these things for participating

  1. Entries cannot be submitted through an email.
  2. Works that have won prizes in other contests and are submitted for other competitions after applying for this competition are not eligible.
  3. Same works cannot be sent for the single photo category and photo story category.
  4. No photographs taken on film shall be accepted.
  5. Scanned photographs taken by film cameras shall not be accepted.

File Size- Still Photography

  • File size: Up to 20 Mb per work
  • File format: JPEG/ 150dpi (recommended)
  • sRGB shall be the standard colour space for judgement.

File Size Video

  • Videos created using any the video recording feature of any device shall be accepted.
  • Length of the video: 6 seconds to 180 seconds
  • File size: up to 400 Mb
  • File format:  MOV or MP4

Music in the video

  • Any music used must either be copyright-free and performed and recorded by the entrant or a person designated by the entrant (commercial recordings of
    copyright-free music may not be used in th video) or
  • Be works for which the entrant holds the copyright and for which the copyright has not been transferred to a copyright collective or other body.

Nikon Photo Contest Selection Process

The winners shall be invited to the award ceremony and an exhibition which will be held for the awarded work. The date and venue shall be announced on the website.Winners shall review the documents sent to them by the organiser. They shall fill in the required fields and sign the documents after accepting the terms and conditions. These documents shall be delivered to the organiser through mail or an email on or before the date allotted. In the case of any information to be confirmed, the organiser may even make a telephone call.

Nikon Photo Contest Judging Rounds Schedule 2016-17


Events Dates
Posting of entries on the website after the first round March 2017
Decision of awards after second round April 2017
Voting for third or final round May 2017
Final Round of Judging June 2017
Notification of the students via email end of June 2017
Contest results to be announced  July 2017

Nikon Photo Contest Contact Details

Email- support@entry.nikon-photocontest.com

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