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NASA’s Cinespace 2017

NASA’s Cinespace 2018 Video Contest

Last date to apply

31 July 2018

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About NASAs Cinespace 2018

NASA’s Cinespace 2018 Video Contest application entry invited by NASA & Huston Cinema Art Society. The participants are required to submit a short film made by using NASA’s Archive of Actual Video and Images. The participants will use the real NASA footage collected from 50 years of exploring the universe for making the short film and the entries will be judged by NASA. NASA’s Cinespace 2018 Video Contest is open for participants of all ages and there is no application fee in order to participate in the contest.

  • The submission for Young filmmakers (younger than 18 years) can be done by their parents or legal guardians. The selected short film will be premiered at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, November 2018.
  • The winners of NASA’s Cinespace 2018 will be awarded a cash prize of worth USD 26,000 (Approx. Rs.17,79570) and 2 special prizes ("Concept of ‘Moon, Mars and Beyond’" and "Innovation and Inclusion in Science and Technology") will also be given.
  • The entries can be submitted online using the Tongal platform with their link shared in the relevant column of the online application form.

NASA’s Cinespace 2018 Video Contest Dates


Events Dates
NASA’s Cinespace 2018 online application starts 19 March 2018
NASA’s Cinespace 2018 online application ends 31 July 2018
NASA’s Cinespace 2018 result declaration 4th week of October 2018
NASA’s Cinespace 2018 screening of the top videos and award ceremony 8 to 12 November 2018

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NASAs Cinespace 2018 Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both 
Region Global 
Class/ Age Open for all 
  • Age: The competition is open for people of all ages but for Filmmakers younger than 18 years, the parents or guardians may submit a video.
  • Nationality: There are no restrictions for the participants related to their nationality and hence people around the globe can participate in this competition.

Not Eligible for the CineSpace

  • An employee of NASA, Houston Cinema Arts Society and related organisations are not eligible to participate in the competition.  

NASAs Cinespace 2018 Reward

There will be total 5 winners of this contest.

  • Grand Prize: The winner of the Grand Prize will get a cash prize of $10,000 (Approx. Rs.6,42,000).
  • Second Prize: The winner of the Second Prize will get a cash prize of USD 5,000 (Approx. Rs.3,21,000).
  • Third Prize: The Third Prize winner will be awarded a cash prize worth USD 3,000 (Approx. Rs.1,92,000).

2 Special Prizes

  • Film Best Depicting Concept of ‘Moon, Mars and Beyond’: USD 4,000.
  • Film Best Depicting Innovation and Inclusion in Science and Technology: USD 4,000.

NASAs Cinespace 2018 Application form and Process

The application process for NASA’s Cinespace 2018 is completely online. The details of the application process are as follow:

Click here to upload your work.

  • Mode of Application: The application process is completely online and the participants need to submit their original work using the InnoCentive Submission Portal, designed for the same purpose.
  • Uploading the video: The videos are to be uploaded to Vimeo and link to the same is to be shared in the appropriate field of the online application form.
  • The content of the video: The submitted video must contain the following:
    • At least 10% of NASA video imagery (based on the running time) although more than 10% can be used.
    • Still, photos can also be used in addition to Video Imagery.
    • The video can be compressed and uploaded and in case an applicant is selected as a winner, they must provide a high-resolution version upon CineSpace’s request.

The NASA imagery may be obtained from NASA Image Archive and other publically available sources such as YouTube or any other social platform.

NASAs Cinespace 2018 Selection Process

For the selection of the top 3 winners, the submitted work will be judged on the following basis by an expert panel:

  • Is the work based on innovative artistic presentation and storytelling?
  • Does the work provoke an emotional response?
  • Does the work show a mastery of filmmaking craftsmanship?
  • Does the work exemplify creative excellence that pushes the boundaries of filmmaking and storytelling?
  • Does the work show a high level of technical, conceptual, and aesthetic innovation and display an exceptional level of creative vision?
  • Does the work show an exemplary use of the original NASA material used?
  • Does the work show an exceptional level of creative vision and execution?
  • Does the work capture a creative expression?
  • Does the work explore new ideas or techniques to further filmmaking as an art form?
  • Does the work offer a fresh perspective?

In order to decide the winners of the special category, NASA’s following statements will be considered as guidelines:

  • Film Best Depicting Benefits to Humanity from the International Space Station: The guide statement is as follow: “Through advancing the state of scientific knowledge of our planet, looking after our health, and providing a space platform that inspires and educates the science and technology leaders of tomorrow, these benefits will drive the legacy of the space station as its research strengthens economies and enhances the quality of life here on Earth for all people. This Special Award is for the submission that best captures and communicates this message.”
  • Film Best Depicting Spirit of Future Exploration of Space: The guide statement is as follow: “Exploration and pioneering have inspired and shaped civilisations since the dawn of history. Such endeavours are distinguishing characteristics of an advancing civilisation. The U.S. and NASA have figured prominently in this story. As nations explore, they discover, innovate, prosper, lead— and become great. NASA missions, both robotic and human, expand the knowledge of our planet, our solar system, and the universe, leading to the expansion of mankind itself from the Earth to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. This Special Award is for the submission that best captures and communicates this message.”

NASAs Cinespace 2018 Contact Details

Houston Cinema Arts Society
4409 Montrose Boulevard,
Suite 150 Houston,
Texas 77006

Phone: 713.429.0420
E-mail: grandchallenges@innocentive.com

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