L'OREAL Intenship Programme

L'OREAL Internship Programme 2016

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Open through out the year

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About L'OREAL Internship Programme

  • Loreal Internships are open to students in universities, business and engineering schools from diverse backgrounds 
  • L'ORÉAL, the world's no. 1 global cosmetics company and its subsidiaries recruits many young talents every year in their Existiing Teams.
  • The Internships are a real professional training that jumpstarts the career of the Final year Undergraduate Students.
  • L’OREAL provides a golden chance to acquire substantial initial work experience in one of their expertise: Research, Operations, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Sales, Communications, Digital, and Human Resources.

OPPORTUNITIES offered by L'Oreal

  • Management Trainee Program: Around 650 young graduates join L’Oréal’s management trainee programme every year. Duration is 6 to 18 months. Candidates will have to undertake several missions that will enable them to discover their business and various fields of expertise. 
  • Global Opportunity Program: Global Opportunity Programme is the best early boost the candidate can give their young international career.
  • BrandStorm: A Breakthrough innovation: Each year, teams of undergraduates with their creativity propose a brand strategy for one of L'Oréal’s 28 international brands along with the latest developments and trends in the market.

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L'OREAL Internship Programme Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both 
Region Global 
Class/ Age Minimum 18 years of age
  • Candidates in their last senior year of undergraduate study are eligible to apply
  • Candidates who are young, dynamic, enthusiastic and ambitious can apply.
  • Candidates must be capable of fully committing to projects, changing enthusiasm into success and creating beauty and excellence

L'OREAL Internship Programme Reward

  • Best-in-class hands-on training is offered to the candidates, it is your passport to a successful career with L’OREAL.
  • It prepares future leaders to develop their potential and enhance their intercultural skills.
  • Depends on the luck!! You can be given a chance to take on the role of an international brand manager

Whatsoever may be the outcome of the Internship, the candidate must have acquired a unique professional experience before beginning their working life. To facilitate your addition into L'Oréal and its team, with the help of the supervisor, we offer:

  • A L’Oréal Discovery session to better get to know the Group
  • Personal development monitoring and coaching all throughout the internship
  • A dedicated digital community where you can create your own network and share your experiences

L'OREAL Internship Programme Application form and Process

Candidates can apply for a job online by searching at careers.loreal.com for the jobs they are interested in.

  • While filling in the Application Form candidates are required to share their skills, training and professional experience.
  • Candidates also have to upload their Latest CV for further perusal.

L'OREAL Internship Programme Selection Process

  • Pre Selection: All the applications received, they are scrutinized by the local recruiters. Pre-assessment focuses on the combination of the background, skills and professional experience and, if qualified, may lead to a first individual interview.
  • In Depth Analysis: Once the pre-selection stage is over, the selected participants get a chance to meet with one or two managers whose job is to assess how the profile and expertise align with the job. The Human Resources Director who is responsible for the overall recruitment also meets on this stage
  • Decision: The various people who have met you will meet to take a decision.

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