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IIT Bombay’s A-Plan Competition

IIT Bombay’s A-Plan Competition

Last date to apply

October 31, 2015

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About IIT Bombays A-Plan Competition

  • IIT Bombay is invites college students from all over the country to participate in their A-Plan Competition.
  • Theme: The aim of A-Plan competition is to come up with specific problems & their solution which are related to the following 5 sectors:
    • Women Empowerment
    • Sustainable Energy
    • Waste Management
    • Education
    • Employability
  • Competition Format: The participation in the competition will be in the form of teams having 3 to 8 members and each team should define their own problem, come up with their own solution of  the same problem and present it in front of Prominent judges in ‘Abhyuday - The Social Festival of IIT Bombay’.
  • Prizes: The top 3 teams will share the prize money of Rs. 1.5 lakhs and various other prizes in the form of gift vouchers, internship and networking opportunities.
  • The final presentation & judging will take place during IIT Bombay’s Social Festival named as Abhyuday.
  • The registration for the competition is to be done online prior to October 31, 2015.

A-Plan Competition Timeline

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IIT Bombays A-Plan Competition Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both
Region All India
Class/ Age Open for all College students
  • Nationality: Thecompetition is open for teams all over India
  • Academic Qualification: Thecompetition is open for students from all colleges having a valid Identity Card for the session 2015-16.
  • Participation: The participation in the contest will be in the form of Teams of 3 to 8 members including a Team Leader.
    • A Team can have maximum 2 college graduate members.

IIT Bombays A-Plan Competition Reward

IIT Bombay’s A-Plan Competition Rewards

The teams selected as the winners or top teams will be eligible for the following prizes:

  • Cash Prize: The top 3 teams of the competition will be awarded with cash prize worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs.
  • Mentorship: All teams will be provided with mentors soon after they qualify Round 1 of the competition to provide guidance to the team.
  • Participation Certificate: Teams qualifying Round 1 will be provided with participation certificates.
  • Networking opportunities: Theparticipants will come in contact with some renowned person working in a specific field, social incubators and Corporate Social Responsibility teams.
  • Action Plan Adoption: Renowned organizations may adopt the action plan presented by any team.
  • Other benefits: In addition to the above mentioned benefits, teams and their members will getvarious gift vouchers and internship opportunities.

IIT Bombays A-Plan Competition Application form and Process

IIT Bombay’s A-Plan Competition Application Process   

The application process of IIT Bombay’s A-Plan Competition is completely online and the teams willing to participate in the competition can register by entering some basic details of a team leader and members. The details of the competition and its application process are:

  • Registration Form: Theregistration form can be filled online and just the names of team leader & members along with contact details are required to complete the registration.
  • Competition details: There are three stages of the competition and to be the winner of the competition one must clear all of them. The details of each stage are:
    • Stage 1-Problm Identification: Theparticipatingteams will have to come up with a problem statement form any one of the given sectors and subsectors. The teams are expected to provide an overview of the exact problem that they seek to solve during the competition. Teams should present different view-points, perceptions & needs, and narrowing them to bunch of measurable parameters. The details of sectors are:
      1. Women Empowerment
        • Regional Rights and Facilities
        • Security and Protection
        • Employment & Employability
      2. Sustainable Energy
        • Water Management
        • Eco-friendly designs/products
      3. Waste Management
        • Hygiene and sanitation
        • Innovative models to reuse waste
        • Waste Disposal
      4. Education
        • Improving Quality of Primary education
        • Improving practical learning aspect of Secondary Education
        • Enhancing Vocational Education.
      5. Employability
        • Small scale business
        • Business development
  • Stage 2- Action Plan Submission: The teams advanced to the second stage should present the solution of their pre decided problem and each team will be provided with a mentor to guide them through the phase. The solution proposed by the team must belong to any of the following models:
    1. Non Profit Model
    2. Social Entrepreneurship (Profitable Model)
    3. Activism Model
  • Stage 3- Final Presentation: Theteams who survived the Stage 2 will get a chance to present their solution in front of Judges during ‘Abhyuday - The Social Festival of IIT Bombay’. The finalists should present minimum viable product and customer validation of their solutions in power point form.

IIT Bombays A-Plan Competition Contact Details

Telephone: 9975396484
Email: shrutimadavi1108@gmail.com

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