Energy Globe Awards 2016

Energy Globe Awards 2017

Last date to apply

November 18, 2016

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About Energy Globe Awards

Energy Globe Awards 2017 invites application from Every individual, private or public institution, companies, NGOs, etc. The awards see participation from more than 170 countries every year. The application can be made only in English and German. It is to be noted that participation is free of cost.    

Energy Globe Awards 2017 will be open under 5 categories. Participation is open to projects with the focus on resource conservation, improving air and water quality, energy efficiency and renewable energies. But also projects that focus on the creation of awareness in these areas will be eligible to participate.

What Kind of Projects Qualifies for the Award?

The submitted projects must be implemented somewhere or should be submitted with a working prototype in order to be considered for the Awards.

Earth: Any project related to better utilisation of resources on earth can be submitted under this category for example building materials, buildings, energy plants, and traffic routes.

Fire: Fire here relates to energy and any project related to efficient utilisation, production, and conservation of energy can be submitted under this category.

Water: Water being an essential element for life and any project that presents a solution to water related issues such as protection of waterways, shipping, and avoidance and treatment of waste water can be submitted under this category.

Air: Project which helps in the purifying air and improving its quality, reducing the greenhouse gases in atmosphere or optimisation of combustion process can be included in this category.

Youth: Youth being the architects of tomorrow holds the power to change our future. So the projects which spread awareness in the youth related to environmental issues will be included in this category.

Sustainable Plastics: This is the new category introduced in kind of project qualification. It is all about the sustainable and responsible use of plastics. An example is Air X-TEX from the USA. This air filter saves thousands of trees and tonnes of steel while millions of discarded plastic beverage bottles can be reused. 

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Energy Globe Awards Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both 
Region Global 
Class/ Age Individual or Group participation
Details Nationality: There is no restriction on the nationality of the participants.

Mode of Participation: A project can be submitted by an individual, group of individuals, companies, universities, schools or organizations.

Project Details: The project with a focus on saving resources, improving air, soil, or water quality, increasing energy efficiency, using renewables, as well as anyone making a contribution towards the fight against climate change are eligible to apply.

Energy Globe Awards Reward

The best projects will be honored as part of a ceremony that will be broadcast worldwide as well as featured by the international media

The winners of the International Energy Globe Awards will be awarded with the following prizes:

  • Trophy: The winner of the International Energy Globe award will be awarded with an Energy Globe Trophy.
  • Cash Rewards:  Cash prize of 10,000 Euros (Approx. INR 7,10,000 )will be given to the first prize winners from each category.
  • Presentation: The winners from each country will be awarded with National Energy Globe Award and the project will be presented on the official website of Energy Globe.

Energy Globe Awards Application form and Process

The Application for the International Energy Globe Awards 2017 will be accepted online only and the candidates who are willing to go for online submission needs to follow the checklist that has been provided on the website to ensure that all the documents are attached and the application is ready to be submitted

Online applications will be accepted for the International Energy Globe Awards 2017, applicants need to fill the step by step application process. An individual or contestant can submit any number of projects.
Click here to submit the project

The step-wise process for filling the application form is as mentioned below:

Step 1: The applicants should fill in the basic details such as by whom the project is being submitted (Individual or Organization) and details of the contact person including Name, gender, address and contact details.

Step 2:  In the second step, the details related to the project are to be updated including the title of the project, the category to which it relates, the status of implementation, the country where the project has been implemented language of submission and summary of the project within 10 to 15 lines.

Step 3: In the third step, description of the project in terms of the context of the project, objective/motivation behind the project, implementation activities, innovation and costs involved. All these details should be in not more than 2000 words.

Step 4: The applicant should upload 4 to 6 documents related to the project along with any article from any newspaper that has covered the project.

The points that should be kept in mind while uploading the details are as following:

Size: The size of the Images should be greater than 400 KB but smaller than 3MB.

Format: The images should be either in JPEG format or GIF format.

Submission of Energy Globe Awards 2017 Project

This is the final step to complete the submission of the applications for the International Energy Globe Awards 2017. The candidate needs to tick some options indicating the mode from where they come to know about the Awards and click some checkbox indicating the willingness to participate in the awards and agreeing to their terms and conditions. 

Energy Globe Awards Selection Process

The final decision regarding the winning project will be taken by the Independent Jurors and Energy Globe Foundation.

Energy Globe Awards Address

ENERGY GLOBE Foundation GmbH
Hessenberg 14
4814 Neukirchen

Energy Globe Awards Contact Details

Phone: +43 7617 3 10 10
Email: contact@energyglobe.info

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Energy Globe Foundation

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