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EGMO 2018

Last date to apply

28 February 2018

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About EGMO 2018

EGMO 2018 is an international mathematics competition that is organized only for female candidates. In this European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO), the participating countries have to send teams consisting of four female mathematicians of school age. EGMO 2018 competition is similar in style to the International Mathematical Olympiad, with two papers taken on consecutive days. There are three members who are elected for three-year terms in EGMO Advisory Board and three representatives of EGMO host countries. EGMO held in the month of April each year in a different European country.

Those girl students who willing to represent Indian in EGMO are required to appear in the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) that is conducted by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). They have to clear all stages of national level mathematical Olympiad conducted by HBCSE. The stages of national level mathematical Olympiad is mentioned below.

  • A team of four female candidates will be selected at the end of IMOTC accompanied by a leader, a deputy leader and an observer represents the country at the EGMO.
  • The EGMO contest consists of two written tests held on two consecutive days. On each day of the contest, the test consists of three problems and lasts for four and half hours. India has been participating in the EGMO since 2015.

EGMO 2018 Dates


Events Dates
Last date of Submit Participation Charges
+ Travel Details
28 February 2018
EGMO 2018 Olympiad Exam Date 9 to 15 April 2018
EGMO 2018 Contest Paper 11 to 12 April 2018


About EGMO

The aim of the EGMO is to give more girls an opportunity to perform mathematically on an international stage, and so to discover, encourage and challenge mathematically gifted young women in all European countries.

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EGMO 2018 Eligibility Criteria

Gender Female
Region Across the Globe
Class/ Age

Candidate must have been born on or after 2 April 1998

  • Only Female candidates can apply for EGMO.
  • Candidates have to qualify the required Olympiads such as PRMO, RMO, INMO, and IMOTC.
  • Candidates should be citizen or resident of that country and should be selected through that country’s national Mathematical Olympiad or equivalent selection programme.
  • Candidate must have been born on or after 2 April 1998
  • Candidates who have enrolled in full-time primary or secondary education on or after 1 December in the year prior to the EGMO, or, in the case of home-schooled students, must not have received a high-school diploma (or equivalent) and must be working toward such a credential on 1 December.

EGMO 2018 Reward

  • The total number of prizes (first, second and third) must be approved by the Jury and should be approximately half the total number of candidates. The numbers of first, second and third prizes should be approximately in the ratio 1:2:3.
  • These calculations are made on the basis of the performances of members of official European teams. Prizes are awarded to participants from guest teams and any additional teams on the basis of these boundaries set by the Jury.
  • Special prizes may be awarded for solutions considered outstanding by the Jury. Proposals for such special prizes are put forward by the Chief Coordinator appointed by the Host Organisation.
  • The prizes are awarded at the Closing Ceremony. Each Contestant who has not received a first, second or third prize receives a Certificate of Honourable Mention if she has received seven points for the solution of at least one problem.

Last Year winners of EGMO


Student Name



Archi De

West Bengal


Haimoshri Das

West Bengal

Honorable Mention

EGMO 2018 Application form and Process

There is no application form to participate in the EGMO 2018 contest. Candidates will be selected for EGMO on the basis of PRMO (Pre- Regional Mathematical Olympiad). Students aiming to go through the Mathematical Olympiad programme leading to participation in EGMO should note that PRMO is the first essential step for the programme.

There are charges to participating in European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO). Participant, Leader, and Deputy Leader or Observer has to pay the following charges to participate in EGMO.

(Registration of Participants and their travel details must be submitted by 28 February 2018)

EGMO Participation Fee

Category Amount
Participant EUR 1000
Leader and Deputy Leader or Observer EUR 1500

EGMO 2018 Selection Process

The selection of candidates for EGMO 2018 will be based on the performance in following Olympiads. A Pre-departure camp will also be arranged for female candidates.

  • PRMO (Pre- Regional Mathematical Olympiad)
  • RMO (Regional Mathematical Olympiad)
  • INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad)
  • IMOTC (International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp)

The selection of the members of the Indian team for EGMO will be subject to their fulfilling criteria such as age limit, medical fitness, parental consent, etc., as may be applicable. In particular, the selected students need to have a valid Indian passport meeting the visa regulations of the host country.

EGMO 2018 Regulations


  • The contest element of an EGMO (the “Contest”) takes place on two consecutive days specified in the Annual Regulations, under the direction of the Chief Invigilator appointed by the Host Organisation. On each day of the Contest, the examination starts in the morning and lasts for four and a half hours. Each of the two examination papers consists of three problems.
  • Each Contestant may receive the problems in one or two languages, previously requested during registration, provided that the Jury has approved the relevant translation.
  • The only instruments permitted in the Contest are writing and drawing instruments, such as rulers and compasses. In particular, books, papers, tables, calculators, protractors, computers and communication devices are not allowed into the examination room.

EGMO Management Details

A “Host Organisation” specified in the Annual Regulations has overall responsibility for the organization of an EGMO. The Host Organisation is responsible for ensuring that the arrangements for that EGMO support the aims of the EGMO and competition in the spirit of fair play. The Host Organisation may approve extensions of the deadlines specified in the Annual Regulations.

The EGMO Advisory Board consists of three members elected for three-year terms and three representatives of EGMO host countries. The current elected members and host country representatives are:

Current Elected Members Host Country Representatives

Birgit van Dalen (Chair) (Netherlands) (current term ends 2019)

Alessandra Caraceni (Italy, EGMO 2018)

Charles Leytem (Luxembourg) (current term ends 2018)

Yuliia Kravchenko (Ukraine, EGMO 2019)

Geoff Smith (United Kingdom) (current term ends 2018)


EGMO 2018 Contact Details

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
V. N. Purav Marg, Mankhurd
Mumbai - 400 088, India

Phone: (022) 25575622
Email: matholy@hbcse.tifr.res.in

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