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Autodesk’s 3D Student Design Challenge Rewards

Autodesk 3D Student Design Challenge 2016

Last date to apply

July 1, 2016

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About Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge

  • Autodesk Inc. is organizing 3D Student Design Challenge for students enrolled in various fields of study in engineering and architecture studies.
  • The Challenge is divided into 2 categories depending upon the fields of study, which are
    • BIM Design: For students enrolled in Architecture & Civil Engineering courses.
    • Mechanical design: For Students enrolled in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering.
  • The challenge is open to students at postgraduates as well as polytechnic and ITI level of studies.
  • Interested candidates are required to use only Free Autodesk Software being offered by Autodesk on their website.
  • There is no participation fee applicable for students willing to participate in the challenge.
  • Schedule:
    Event BIM Design  Mechanical design
    Registration Closes July 1, 2016 July 25, 2016
    Submission closes November 30, 2016 30th of every month
    Results December 30, 2016 30th of following month

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Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge Eligibility Criteria

Gender Any

All India

Class/ Age Architecture/Engineering students
  • Nationality: The Challenge is open for Indian Students belonging to the state of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
  • Age: The applicant must be at least 18 years at the time of submission of the design.
  • Educational Qualification: Participants must be enrolled in a 3 or4 year degree program in an AICTE or MHRD or any Deemed University accredited institute. The details of acceptable accepted disciplines are as follow: 
    • BIM Design: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management and related disciplines.
    • Mechanical Design: Mechanical, Automobile, Industrial Production, Product Design, Polytechnic, ITI/Vocational and related disciplines.
    • Applicants enrolled in Post-graduation programs are also eligible.
  • Participation: The challenge is open for Individual as well as Team participation.
    • Maximum team size = 2 members.

Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge Reward

Fusion Challange: This is a National Level Monthly Competition where 30 Top Designs will be selected every month and each Winner will get $ 50. Winners will be announced at the end of each month.

BIM Challange: Competition starts on July 1,2016 and ends on November 30,2016. Winners will be announced on 30th December.

  • 1st Prize - $10000
  • 2nd Prize - $7500
  • 3rd Prize - $5000

Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge Application form and Process

The applications for the 3D Student Design Challenge will be accepted online using the dedicated online portal for the purpose of making application for the Challenge. Interested candidates firstly need to register using the online portal and after that need to submit their designs by email. The details of the designs for BIM Design and Mechanical Design are as follow: >>

>> Click here to Register Online for the Autodesk’s 3D Student Design Challenge

  • BIM Design: There area two available options present for the participants willing to get involved in BIM Design Challenge.
    • Option 1-Design a Multi-story Residential or Commercial Building: The following things are to be kept in mind while designing the building:
      • Max number of storey : 4
      • Site Size= 80'x130'.
      • Building material: Concrete or Steel Structure.
      • Building must be energy efficient and 10% of the power needed should be generated by the use of solar energy.
      • Maximum benefit of day light should be taken and open areas is to be kept green along with water bodies.
      • Ground floor or Basement is to be used for the purpose of parking.
      • Basic amenities and the areas should be clearly marked.
    • Option 2- Design an energy efficient Library: The Library must be energy efficient with expected number of visitors to be 500 to 800 and should have the following areas:
      • Collection space
      • Quite study area
      • Electronic workstation space
      • Display of Print Material
      • AV (Audio Video) room
      • Computer learning room
      • Group Study
      • Reference work and other learning activity
      • User seating space
      • Staff workspace
      • Meeting space
      • Rooms for file servers and other equipment
      • Video production areas
      • Few Classrooms and instructional areas
      • Site size: 150ft X 280ft.
  • Mechanical Design: Participants can work upon any one of the options in order to participate in Mechanical Design contest:
    • Option 1- Sustainable Transportation design for India: It must include the Hydro-powered, Solar-powered, electric or Hybrid transportations. Students need to work upon the following factors before developing a prototype:
        • Identify an indigenous transportation problem
        • Analyze and research the situation
        • Come up with an engineering design solution using, at the very minimum, Autodesk Fusion 360
        • Students can also use any other Autodesk software for conceptualisation, modelling, detailing, digital prototyping and analysis
        • Entries need to show, not only the end product from various views but also explain: The problem being addressed,How their design can solve the problem,Communicate the designs salient features
    • Option 2- Accessory Design: With reference to aesthetics of form and shape, texture, finishing, graphical communication, colors and color options, material, innovation, emotional values, social context, targeted segment relevance, engineering, ease of use, surprise element, timelessness of design, design of the packaging or protective casing, overall complexity or simplicity is to be kept in mind before designing. 
      • Using a 3d Printing students have to design the jewelry, fashion accessories, bags, shoes, fixtures, fittings etc.
      • Students are encouraged to submit innovative designs and unique interpretations that are true to the essence of the theme.

Submission of the Design

The Design is to be submitted by mailing it to the email id given toward the end and in case it exceed 4 Mb in size, than it need to be sent by WeTransfer. The details of the submission process are as follow:

  • Submission Requirements: The following details are required for the submission:
    • Registration Number (institute ID number),
    • Name of the Institution,
    • Name, E-mail address & Phone number of all student team members and faculty.
  • Submission Guidelines: The following details and files are to be submitted in order to complete the submission process:
    • For BIM Design:
      • Basic of the Architectural Design, a file Autodesk Revit Architecture model, extension*.rvt.
      • PDF or Images of Maximum 6, A1 (841mm x 594mm) size sheet, which shall be created and formatted in Revit. These sheets shall contain the following:
        1. Site Plan
        2. General Floor Plans (with furniture layout)
        3. Main entry elevation (1) and other elevations
        4. Sections and Details
        5. External and Internal - 3D Views (Rendered Images)
        6. Structural Floor Plans/Detailing (Optional for better grade)
      • Description of the design in 500-word highlighting the use of BIM and addressing the design topic.
      • The BIM Design project should be presented in the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation template available for download from the website.
          1. The presentation file should consist of site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections and rendered perspective view.
      • Energy & design studies along with high-resolution images in JPEG format compressed in a Zip File.
    • For Mechanical Design:
      • Single File Autodesk Fusion 360 File (.f3d) / ZIP file
      • Project Abstract
        • An abstract is an outline/brief summary of the project including design process.
        • Should able to highlight major points of the content and clearly define the Importance of the work, Project Objective, Approach, Learning and Conclusions.
        • Do not include any charts, tables, figures, or spreadsheets in the abstract body.
      • High-Quality Photorealistic Images, Panoramas.
      • Presentation File (PPT).
  • Submission Process: In order to complete the submission, the above mentioned files are to be zipped into a single file and mailed to response@3dstudentdesign.com.
    • In case the size of project files exceed 4MB, send files using www.wetransfer.com.

Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge Selection Process

There are different judging criteria for projects submitted under BIM design and Mechanical Design. The details of the Judging criteria are as follow:

Evaluation Criteria


BMI Design

Mechanical design


Photorealistic Render


Software Usage

Fusion Usage


Design Objective


Design Process & Sustainability




  • Result: The Winners of the 3D Student Design Challage will be informed by the means of mail or phone call in case they are selected as the winner.

Autodesks 3D Student Design Challenge Contact Details

Email: response@3dstudentdesign.com

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