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Adobe youth voices awards

Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015

Last date to apply

April 20, 2015

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About Adobe Youth Voice Awards

About Adobe Youth Voices started in 2006, Adobe Youth Voices is a global online initiative program of Adobe Foundation aiming to flare up the creative confidence of the younger generation, by providing them with an advance digital media tools and use their creative skills to solve problems.

  • The Adobe Youth Voices programme has seen the huge response and more than 5,000 educators &190,000 youth from 60 countries have engaged in AYV programs.
  • Adobe Youth Voices is Global Corporate Responsibility program of Adobe Youth Foundation and supported by educational & non-profit partners, employees and educators situated across the world. Nearly 100,000 media projects have been created by youth presenting their newfound solutions.

 Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015

  • The Youth Awards are a part of Adobe Youth Voices and awards youth for their creative work showcasing social change.
  • To participate in the award the students in the age group 13-19 have to either submit video/visual in digital media in either of the categories explained below and depict the power of digital media to give voice to youth concerns & issues.
  • It inspires youth to create original digital media about issues which they think are important and identify a solution for the same.

Adobe Youth Voices Award 2015 Important Dates

Event Date
Submission Open For the Awards February 2, 2015
Submission ends for projects created between 2012-2014 March 9, 2015
Submission ends for projects created in 2015 April 20, 2015
Announcement of Finalists May 11, 2015
Voting for the Finalists ends June 15, 2015
Adobe Youth Voices Award 2015 winners announced June 22, 2015

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Adobe Youth Voice Awards Eligibility Criteria

Gender  Both
Region  Global
Class/ Age  13-19 years
  • Applicant must be a full time student of U.S. Middle or High School or any foreign equivalent board of study (Proof of Student Status may be required).
  • Indian students can participate in Adobe Young Voices 2015
  • The participants need to partner with an educator (from any school, NGO or youth organization worldwide.

Not Eligible to participate

The Adobe Youth Voices Award contest is not open for residents of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands,Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba.

Adobe Youth Voice Awards Reward

Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015 Reward

  • Top three entries from each category will be awarded prizes.
  • First & Second Prize: It will be decided on the basis of the individual judges and they will decide on the first & 2nd Prize winners


Prize Details

First Prize

  • 3 Samsung Galaxy Tabs (to school/organisation)
  • 3 Licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud  (to school/organisation)
  • 1 Licence to the Individual Winner
  • Cash Grant to support NGO of student's choice

Second Prize

  • 2 Samsung Galaxy Tabs  (to school/organisation)
  • 2 Licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud  (to school/organisation)
  • 1 Licence to the Individual Winner
  • Cash Grant to support NGO of student's choice
  • Audience Prize: To be decided on the basis of audience voting and will be given in each category
    • 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab to the school/organisation
    • Cash Grant to support NGO of student's choice
    • 1 Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for individual student and 1 for the school/organisation.
  • Scholarship: All winners will be eligible to apply for Adobe Youth Voices Scholarship 2016. The scholarship for higher education.
  • Mentorship:The winners under the Venture Category will get mentorship from Ashoka's Youth Venture.
  • Recognition & Publicity: The winning work will receive huge publicity and will be showcased at multiple places.

Adobe Youth Voice Awards Application form and Process

How to Submit Entry for Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015

  • The students have to team up with an Adult Educator (working in formal/informal settings) who are from any School or a youth organisation.
  • The Adult Educator has to register online and submit the video/visual. (Submission link given below)
  • The students can prepare & submit any video or print (photograph, image, Graphic Design) created on any software for participation in Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015.

Categories for Participation

Category   Description
Animation (Video)  Art of making images, pictures, and objects come to life by making it appear that they are moving 
Narrative (Video) Fictional story, though it may be based on real life events or issues in a video format.
Documentary (Video) Tell a story or share a perspective through the documentation of real life events, past or present in a video format.
Social Venture (Video)

A youth-led social venture is a project or organization run by youth to create positive impact in the community. The organisation can be in any stage that is a strat up or fully established,

The Video can be submitted on the problem that the organisation is addressing, solution offered, who benefits.

It could be a pitch or a story of change, the participants should be creative and engaging.

Visual- Photograph,  Still Image, Graphic Design

 It can be a poster campaign or photography.It can be a single image or a series of images.
The photos/collages/campaign design should address a critical issue that brings out positive change.


Participation Fees: There is no participation fee for the submission and the work done by the student must be submitted with the help of an educator (NGO, School or organization).

Guidelines for submission of the Entry

  • Number of Entries: Participants may submit multiple projects to multiple categories.
  • The total minimum running time for videos is 1 minute and maximum running time is up to 10 minutes including title and credits. (Note: Maximum running time is 5min for Venture category).
  • No restriction is there on the software that needs to be used for creating the video.
  • Those videos which are not in English must have English subtitles.

 The video settings that need to be kept in focus while creating any master file that will be uploaded for Adobe Youth Voices Awards:


Master Settings


Frame Size (16:9) 1280x720, Keyframes (every 1 sec), Frame Rate 1 to 1, Level 3.2, Format H. 264, Field Order Progressive, Target Bitrate 20Mbps, Bitrate Encoding VBR 2 pass, Maximum Bitrate 20 Mbps, Pixel Aspect Ratio Square (1)


Codec AAC, Channels Stereo, Bitrate 256kbps, Frequency 48kHz


 For submission of photographs, still images or graphic design

  • Format:           JPEG
  • Size:                 11x17 inches
  • Resolution:      300 DPI 

Uploading the files: Final Submission of the Work

  • Click here to submit your work
  • Visuals: Visuals can be directly uploaded to Adobe Youth Voices Awards Submit Online Page.
  • Videos: Videos can be submitted in any of the three formats
    • Raw Videos: The file should be in MP4 format and should have the above mentioned video encoding requirements. The files satisfying all criteria can be uploaded directly though Adobe Youth Voices Awards Submit Online Page
    • Vimeo Link: The candidates who do not have the raw file but have submitted their work on vimeo can share the vimeo link
    • Youtube link:  The candidates who do not have the raw file but have submitted their work on youtube can share the youtube link

Other required details for completing the submission

  • Article Submission with the entry: The submission must accompany a brief article (100 words) explaining the work, reason behind its creation, intended audience and the exhibition along with any other necessary information.
  • About the Creator of the Video/Visual: A biography and individual photograph of the youth media maker(s) must be submitted in order to complete the submission, as these will be used in case the submitted media is chosen.   

Adobe Youth Voice Awards Selection Process

Adobe Youth Voices Awards 2015 Selection Process

The Judges are top names from the field of media, art and Social change. The judges will look for projects which creatively convey a clear vision by the use of advance digital media tools.

 The Judging will be done in 2 phases:

Phase 1: April 20, 2015 to May 11, 2015.- Top 10 projects from each category will be selected by The Adobe Youth Voices Awards programming team.

Phase 2: May 11, 2015 to June 15, 2015

  • From the selected top 10 projects, an international jury panel will select 1st and 2nd winner projects from each category.
  • Audience Voting: During the same interval of time the top 10 projects from each category will be available for audience voting. The Audience Award will be given to projects getting most votes from each category.  

Adobe Youth Voice Awards Contact Details


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