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SC Students Gets Fee Waiver Gift in Madhya Pradesh

Mar 2016 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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At an event held in Satna in Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the ruling Chief Minister made an official statement to waive off fee of all the SC students. This declaration will provide more opportunities to the deprived and downtrodden to excel in their academics.

SC Population in Education Sector

As per the Census, 16.2% of the Indian Population belongs to the SC category and such unprecedented call taken by the CM will mean better opportunities for those belonging to SC population. The SC population has been reeling for opportunities and this stand will definitely give them the opportunity that they seek. The Chief Minister has also proposed to provide foreign study assistance to 50 students belonging to SC and ST category.

Condition of SC/ST Students in Education and Job Sector

In the past, the SC/ST students were given concession to the tune of Rs. 450 for secondary courses and Rs.525 for primary courses. There have been landmark programs passed by the states to empower the deprived termed as Strengthening of Boarding and Hostel Facilities for Girl Students of Secondary Schools. These benefits that have been bestowed upon the SC/ST population has dramatically helped reduce the ignorance and lack of education among the SC/ST population. But some important reforms are needed since the averages of Gross Enrollment Ratio has reduced with the increase in education level.

Take a look at the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of Total Population and SC Population  (In % age) Age Group Total Boys & Girls to Total Boys & Girls

                                           General                             SC

Age Group







6-11 (Classes I-5)

 112.6 105.8 109.4 126.1 110.0 118.4

11-14 (Classes 6-7)



71.1  81.0  64.9  73.4

6-14 (Classes I-8)

 98.5 91.0  94.9 109.3  93.6 101.8

14-16 (Classes 9-10)

 57.7  46.2  52.2 54.8  40.3  48.1

16-18 (Classes 11-12)

 31.5  25.1  28.5  27.9  20.7 24.6

14-16 (Classes 9-12)

 44.7 35.8 40.4 41.7 30.8 36.6

6-18 (Classes I-12)

 80.6 73.1  77.0 87.8 74.5  81.5

18-24 (Higher Edn.)

 13.6  9.3 11.6 10.1 6.4  8.3

The table portrays that level of education among the SC population has improved in the nascent level of education, however, the trend also suggests that as the population has reached higher education level—the enrolment rate has plummeted leading to a gradual dip as the children are going up the age.

In such times, they are either drawn out of the school due to lack of fund or have been forced to join work in factories or have taken up farming. Such initiatives as envisaged by the CM would allow them to have a better future.

The %-age of SC/ST population in advanced exams like JEE Mains, JEE advanced have dipped. Now, providing them with scholarship programs to study abroad would definitely help in bringing the equilibrium in the disequilibrium of the society.

The government has also been quite energetic towards developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among the backward castes by providing them 30% subsidy in the procurement of materials for setting up of the industry. They have also been eager to provide an erstwhile investment of 3 lakhs to SC/ST entrepreneurs willing to set up enterprises.

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