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NTSE Scholarship Disbursement Rules 2017

Dec 2016 Source: NCERT Website

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NTSE Scholarship Disbursement Rules has been laid by NCERT, to avail NTSE Scholarship. NTSE Scholarship will be provided for a maximum for 12 months or period of course whichever is less. the scholarship will begin from April 1, 2017, and will end on March 31, 2018. The claim bill for scholarship has to be submitted separately before December 31 of each year and not later than March 31, 2018. The scholarship has to be renewed every year. Some of the highlights of the rules are given here.

  • The NTS Awardees pursuing the professional course in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, the Management and Law are eligible to receive the scholarship up to second-degree level.
  • The awardees in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Language, Commerce, Vocational Studies and Fine Arts will be able to receive NTSE Scholarship up to Ph.D. Level. 

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NTSE Reward


Level of Course Amount Per Month 
Class 11 and 12 Rs. 1,250
Undergraduates and Post Graduates Rs. 2,000 
Ph.D Based on UGC Norms


General Eligibility Condition for NTSE Scholarship 

The claimant has to fulfil certain criteria to get the scholarship funding, at class 10, the claimant must follow these conditions for the disbursement of the scholarship. The NTS Scholar should be pursuing a course which is approved by the scholarship grant body. 

  • In case the awardee leaves the course within one month of registration, no scholarship will be paid to them. 
  • Should maintain good conduct and continues with the studies as regular students.
  • The candidate must be not absent without any proper leave.
  • Take studies as whole time basis.
  • Doesn't take Job with salary/ remuneration.

The candidate shouldn’t be receiving any other scholarship for more than 6 months time.

  • The students have to submit an undertaking every year that he/she is not availing any scholarship from any other place.
  • Fee Waiver /One time Grant/ Subsidy in Fee and residential accommodation will not make students ineligible for the scholarship.
  • NTSE Scholarship is for studies in India only and is not applicable for studies abroad.


At Higher Secondary Stage ( Class 11- 12)

The scholarship will only be given if the candidate has qualified for class 11.The scholarship at a higher secondary level will be paid for two years only. For diploma and certificate courses, the scholarship funding will continue until the time they are not employed. 

  • To avail Higher Secondary Stage Scholarship it is important that the candidates score more than 60% marks in their class; if they fail to do so then the scholarship will be cancelled.
  • The students must pass in all the subjects and with the percentage which is demanded, failing to meet the criteria will amount to the scholarship getting permanently scrapped.

For institutions which are not conducting class 11 exams, the scholarship will only be renewed based on a written consent from principal or head of the school.

At First Degree Level Courses (UG Studies)

For continuation of NTSE scholarship to the First-degree level, the candidate must have secured a minimum of 60% in class 12 or equivalent course. The scholarship is applicable to the Basic Science, Social Science and other professional courses in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Law.

  • For SC/ST awardees, the scholarship will be paid only if the applicant has passed the JEE exam and has been admitted into IIT one-year preparatory course in B.Tech. In this case, the NTSE scholarship will continue for the scholar upon meeting with all the requirements of IIT.

Continuation of NTSE Scholarship for the second and subsequent year:  The continuation of the scholarship will be based on meeting the following criteria.

  • The candidates must have passed in all the subjects, if any candidate fails in any of the subjects appeared for, the scholarship will be cancelled.
  • The awardee has to secure at least 60% marks or equivalent Cumulative Grade Point Average. 
  • There will be no impact on the scholarship funding of the candidate withdraws from non-core subject.

At Second Degree Level Courses (PG Studies)

The awardee has to secure at least 60% marks or cumulative GPA every year; failing to get the 60% marks will forfeit the scholarship.For colleges or universities following semester system, the marks, grade or CGPA must be 60% for every semester.

  • In case there is no university examination or grades awarded by the university then the student has to present a suitable certificate from the head of the institution for the continuation of the scholarship for the next academic year.
  • The scholarship at this stage will also be available for doing a diploma course in management or specific branch of medicine or surgery provided the minimum qualification for entrance to such course is a degree in the concerned discipline.

At M.Phil / PhD Level Courses

An awardee will be awarded NTSE scholarship program only if they have taken pre-doctoral/M.Phil courses in which the institution require PhD work. The scholarship will continue for the period of 4 years, but if the research has stretched then the awardee must report one month before the lapse of the scholarship for further renewal and reassessment

  • A minimum 60% mark is required for candidates taking M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil, M.Com. After joining this program, the awardee has to inform the NCERT immediately and the funding will continue.
  • After the completion of two years term, there will be an assessment done by two independent experts and based on that the scholarship will be given.
  • The candidate can take up a teaching job for a short period (not more than six months) with prior permission of NCERT. The candidate must note that he/she will not be paid scholarship for this period.

Contingency Grant for PhD Work: There will be an additional grant for utilisation on apparatus, chemical, equipment, books, journal, Photostat copies, microfilm, typing, postage and field, work level needed in communication.

  • This grant shouldn’t be used for the payment of examination fee or any other fee.
  • If the scholarship has been terminated, the apparatus and other consumables will become the property of the college or institution.
  • The amount of scholarship unused would be later on reimbursed in the subsequent year. The amount will be added back to the contingency grant payable the next year.

Cancellation of NTSE Scholarship

If the candidate changes the course at the end of the first year, he/she will not get NTSE scholarship for the first year of the new course. However, such candidate will continue getting the scholarship from the second year.

  • The candidate should not have an association with any organisation for salary and remuneration purpose.
  • If the candidates are absent for more than 3 months time, in that case, their performance in the last months preceding the illness would be considered and if they have secured more than 60% marks then it will be renewed.
  • If at any point of time the scholarship is cancelled, it will not be revived under any given circumstances.

Disbursement of NTSE Scholarship

Mode of Payment: The disbursement of the scholarship will be done through wire transfer or through bank draft. The e-Banking will be provided for those awardees that are living in hinterlands where proper banking advantages are not provided.

How the disbursement of Scholarship will be facilitated?

  • The payment of the scholarship will be made upon receipt of the claim bill in a prescribed proforma. The bill has to be sent to the NCERT duly signed by the Principal/ Head of the institution.
  • The maximum period of the payment of the scholarship is one year for a particular academic year.
  • The amount of the scholarship will be transferred on an annual basis. The scholarship will be broken into the semester and subsequently, the payment will be made.  
  • The payment will be made the one-year session in two forms: For July to June( Manual and Offline)  or April to March (Online).

Leave Policies for the Awardees

There will be no leaves granted unless it is on medical grounds.  The leave must be sanctioned by the Head of the Institution; failing to comply will lead to discontinuation of the scholarship. 

  • A maximum of 4 months leave is granted, if it has been recommended by a medical practitioner as follows:
    • Full scholarship if the absence does not exceed two months
    • Half Scholarship for a period of two months
    • No scholarship for the absence beyond four months
  • For married men/women, a full rate scholarship grant on account of leave will be granted for 15/135 days respectively.
  • The awardee pursing Ph.D. course will granted a maximum of 30 days of leaves in one full year.

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