Ishan Uday: Petition filed for Non-payment of Scholarship

Nov 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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Ishan Uday is a scholarship scheme under UGC which was started in the year 2014. It is given to students who belong to North East India and is pursuing the 1st year of their studies. In the latest development under this scholarship, two students from Tezpur University have filed the petition to Ministry of Human Resource and Development alleging irregularities in payment of the Ishan Uday Scholarship.

Koustav Mani Saharia, a third-semester student of food engineering and technology, and Kavya Barnadhya Hazarika, a fifth-semester student of computer science, have filed the petition in Change.org alleging that the stipend payment was irregular for Ishan Uday Scholarship.

High Scholarship Amount but Irregular payments in Ishan Uday Scholarship

  • The Ishan Uday scholarship scheme is for students of Northeast and is open to students of all categories and Income Group.
  • Total 10,000 scholarships are given to students who are domicile of any one of the eight northeastern states and studying in a college anywhere in India.
  • It is one of the most highly paid scholarships by Govt. of India. A student from non-technical courses will get a stipend of Rs 5,400 per month while technical students, including medical and paramedical courses, will get Rs 7,800 per month. 
  • But this esteemed scheme and the tempting scholarship amount seems worthless as the students are not getting their promised fulfilled which they were made.
  • The lack of timely implementation and failing to fulfil the promises has led annoyance among students. The students have many complaints regarding the Ishan Uday Scholarship

Issues faced by the students in Ishan Uday Scholarship

Ishan Uday Scholarship scheme has disappointed the students in many ways. The main issues the students are facing in Ishan Uday Scholarship are given below:

Irregularity in payment of Scholarship

The primary issue the students are facing is the irregularity of the payment of scholarship. The promise was made to the students to provide them with the amount of Rs.5,400 and Rs.7,800 as per the category. But it is seen that the payment gets made until some months, then it stops. This lopsidedness is causing the difficulties to the students

Discrepancy in Scholarship Amount

Another loophole of this scholarship is an imbalance in providing the scholarship. It means the students belonging to the same programme, group and institutions are getting the different amount of money. Some are getting gigantic amount whereas some are getting none.

Unable to download Award Letter

Apart from issues in getting the scholarship amount, the students are facing a problem in downloading award letter which gets released after uploading verification proforma. The students are complaining that they did not get award letter downloading mail so that they are unable to proceed further to get submit the documents.

Problem in registering through Canara Bank web portal

The students were advised that after downloading the award letter, they have to register themselves through the online web portal of Canara Bank but many institutes find it inaccessible so that they could not register until the due date.

Response from UGC regarding the issue

One of the students facing the problem wrote his/ her issue to the UGC for which the UGC has replied. From the reply of the UGC, it is clearly understood that they themselves are concern about the issue and working from their end to resolve this as soon as possible.

UGC Ishan Uday News

Will the Ishan Uday Scholarship be continued?

A lot of students were also in dismay that whether the scholarship would be continued for the coming years or not. As per the recent document released by UGC, it states that Ishan Uday Scholarship would be continued. The students should keep patience. From the above statement, it seems that UGC is working from their end to get a hold of this problem and come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Mota Chashma has helped the students time and again by providing timely updates about the scholarship from year 1. We hope that the student's plea is heard and they are given their dues which are left to be paid. 

In case of any query regarding the news, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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