FYUP finally scrapped by DU as per the directives of UGC

Jun 2014 Source: Delhi University

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University of Delhi finally scrapped off Four Year Undergraduate Program - FYUP on Thursday - June 26, 2014 as per the directives of the University Grants Commission. The Vice- Chancellor of University of Delhi, Dinesh Singh mentioned that the University will retain its three year undergraduate program.

Why did DU switch to FYUP?

The University switched to Four Year Undergraduate Program in the academic year 2013-14, in line with the universities in US that generally follow four-year undergraduate programs. It supplemented the traditional three year courses based on the study of a major subject by putting its main focus on “foundation courses” such as mathematics, life skills and information technology for all students, irrespective of major.

FYUP contravened old educational structure

FYUP contravened decades-old educational structure set by National Education Policy of the country. The structure followed by the nation was 10 years of middle and elementary education, 2 years of high school and 3 years of undergraduate school. The University contended that three year course would offer the students a university bachelor’s degree and the four year course would offer them a university bachelor’s with honours degree.

Implementation of FYUP has been criticized by the teacher’s union which said that awarding a full year to study of minor subjects diminished the study of major concentration area of the three year course. They also mentioned that the new courses were structured in a hasten, leaving doubts regarding the quality of education to be provided to the students.

The university comprises a total of 76 colleges. UGC funds a total of 64 colleges at the university. It had got replies from 57 colleges that these will scrap off FYUP individually as per its directive. The university’s resolution on Thursday finally ended the argument and the confusion in the minds of thousands of students who had been waiting to get admitted in the University. Due to this, the university also delayed its first cut-off list. However, the students who got admitted for the four year course last year shall be arranged back to the three-year structure that will compress the final three year education of these students into two years.

Smriti Irani, mum over the FYUP issue

Union Human Resources Development Minister, Smriti Irani refused to say anything over the controversy of the four year undergraduate program after her interaction with the students of Government Model School

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