CBSE replaces CCE with Uniform Assessment Scheme

Mar 2017 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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CBSE has introduced new exam format named ' Uniform Assessment Scheme', earlier Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) was followed for student's assessment. All the school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education will now have to follow a uniform assessment scheme aims at standardising teaching and evaluation across schools. 

This step is taken as an attempt to ensure and prepare the students for Class 10 Board exams which have been made compulsory from the next academic year. Earlier in January 2017 class 10 Board exams were restored the schools

As per the latest notification of CBSE (dated 21 March 2017), the new uniform assessment format is for Class 6 to 9. This assessment scheme will bring the uniformity for the assessment, examination pattern and the main objective behind this circular is to;

  • Prepare the students for the Class 10 board examination
  • Facilitate easy migration of the students from one class to another. 

Difference between CCE and Uniform Assessment Pattern by CBSE

In CCE, student's 60 % assessment was based on pen and paper examinations and while 40 % of the assessment depended on the continuous evaluation process carried out by the teachers throughout the year. On the other hand, in the new uniform assessment pattern by CBSE 90 % weightage will depend on the pen and paper exam.

CBSE news

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What does the CBSE Board Chairman have to say?

With the increase in CBSE affiliated schools, the uniform system will ease their difficulties in seeking admission in new schools and also ensure easy migration of the students within the CBSE schools. The new format is a "gradual movement towards quality education through standardisation of teaching, assessment, examination and report card”, said CBSE chairman R K Chaturvedi.

"To make students more confident about facing the Class 10 board examinations when they join the upper-primary stage in Class 6, we have decided to implement a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and report card” he added.

CBSE Uniform System of Assessment - Highlights!

  • Scholastic Area: The assessment structure for Class 6 to 9 has been prepared and comprises of the two terms i.e. Term 1 and Term 2 which is explained below.
  • Subject Enrichment Activites: This activity aims the enriching and understanding the skills of the students which will be carried out throughout the year and will be evaluated at the end of the term.
  • Language: This aims the student to learn the listening and speaking skills among them and the evaluation of this assessment will be carried out with their own methods and parameters.
  • Other Subjects: The other subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences will be carried out further as suggested by the NCERT Syllabus and Text Books.
  • Co-scholastic Activities: This assessment will be conducted from Class 6 to 8 for the holistic development of the student, the co-curricular activities in the following areas will be carried out by the teachers and will be graded term wise.
    • Work Education
    • Art Education
    • Health and Physical Education
  • Discipline: This assessment will also be carried out from Class 6 to 8, and it will be based on the factors such as the attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respect for rules and regulations, etc.

Components of Uniform Assessment Scheme

New Report Card Format for CBSE Result 2017

Keeping all the things in mind, the CBSE will prepare the report card for the students from Class 6 to 9 in which the logo of the school will be displayed on the left side, and the logo of the school will be visible on the right side. The CBSE affiliated schools will follow the simple documentation procedure and prepare the report card accordingly.

New report card format for CBSE Class 6 to 8 Result

Result proforma for Class 6 to 8

New report card format for CBSE Class 9 Result

Result proforma for Class 9




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