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Capgemini India efforts to make five lakh people employable by providing scholarships

Oct 2015 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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Recently in the CNBC-TV18’s celebration of 'Daan Utsav' where it is hosting conversations with several philanthropists for the causes they support, Sudha Kidao of Foundation for Excellence and Aruna Jayanthi of Capgemini India were invited

During the conference, Kidao was of the view that in past 21 years Foundation for Excellence has extended their support to somewhere around 14,000 students who belonged to economically backward class in seeking admissions the field of engineering and medical studies. 

As per the statements, till date Foundation for Excellence have given scholarships worth about Rs 58 crore and during the last year alone, they have offered scholarships worth Rs 11 crore which helped approximately 3,500 students. All the 3,500 students are the beneficiaries of the merit and means scholarships. These students became the beneficiary because they are bright and they come from financially disadvantage backgrounds.

While appreciating the efforts undertaken by Capgemini India for rendering the maximum support in a bid to empower such student scholars, she said, “Capgemini is playing a very crucial role by supporting a large number of students, and mentoring our students to provide them skills; it basically brings transformation in the lives of these students when they are employable.”

Aruna Jayanthi of Capgemini India shared the mission wherein her organization is planning to make five lakh people employable of the 10 lakh aided ones over the next 4 years for which she needs a dedicated assistance on educational as well as on the mentoring front. 

Presently, Capgemini India’s focus in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to look at three areas: 1) the education 2) employability and 3) environment, all of which put together contribute to our goal of building stronger communities and sustainable development.

Under the education programme, their main target is to be a boon in life of one million people over the next four years by providing scholarships for technical education and girl child education. For this they have selected multiple programmes under the education umbrella and one of these related to the scholarships for education was with the Foundation for Excellence (FFE).

The biggest support has been rendered by lot of multinational companies (MNC). She said, “Capgemini is playing a very crucial role. They are supporting a large number of students  and they are also willing to mentor our students, provide skills training and basically the transformation in the lives of these students happen when they are employable and so.”

This in turn is helping us to meet the goals of our esteemed organization i.e. not just be a scholarship providing organisation but actually look at outcomes and then bring about a transformation in the lives of not just students but their families, their communities and the students become then role models for other students as well. 

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