AICTE To Cut 600,000 Seats!

Sep 2015 Source: MOTACHASHMA

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In a country like India, which is a home to large number of prestigious Engineering Institutions, every year thousands of kids drop their studies so as to seek admissions in private institutes keeping aside those who aim to make their way for IIT’s and NIT’s .

On one side there is a huge demand for the engineering courses in India and on the flip-side it is a case of quality. The need of the hour is that the ongoing engineering curriculum needs a major revamp. 'Innovation' is the need of the hour and not being a bookworm.

After dropping their studies for one year and the ongoing engineering curriculum then too many stuidents still fail the quality standard. Now, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to address the situation with immediate measures.

To get over with the growing rate of empty seats in some colleges (and courses) along with the below par output of many colleges, AICTE has decided to decrease the number of seats available in engineering course by close to 40%. In pure numbers that would mean a loss of 6,00,000 seats. Many of the people including the students till date in India are not aware about the fact unless an engineering college, course and seats are certified by AICTE, they are not valid.

AICTE Anil Sahasrabudhe who is the chairman of AICTE said, “We would like to bring it down to between 10 lakh and 11 lakh (one million and 1.1 million) from a little over 16.7 lakh now. The capacity should come down for the betterment of all—students, education providers and employers.” Further he added, “We would like to bring it down to between 10 lakh and 11 lakh (one million and 1.1 million) from a little over 16.7 lakh now.”

Very less employable engineers

Aspiring Minds, an education assesment firm was of the view that “employability of engineering graduates in various states ranges between 12% and 42%.” The situation is worse in the core fields like mechanical, electronics/electrical and civil engineering where a mere 7.49% are employable.

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