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Accreditation process for CBSE Schools getting tough

Feb 2014 Source: Times of India

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As the Central Board of Secondary Education has made its accreditation process mandatory, it is becoming tough for schools to get through this process due to paperwork that runs in thousands and hundreds of conditions that they have to comply to in order to get their SQAA certificate.

Accreditation process for CBSE Schools getting tough

Image Credits: www.freedigitalphotos.net

Mukta Chaterjee, the headmistress of Centre Point School, suggests other schools to document everything. Centre point school, Nagpur is one of the first schools to earn this accreditation.

"We were one of the handful schools chosen across the country for the pilot project on SQAA in 2012. Finally, on January 31 we, along with other schools who got accreditation, received a mail from CBSE confirming our SQAA certificate. Our school is now permanently affiliated to CBSE and accreditated for five years from 2014-19. We have been commended for performance, particularly in terms of beneficiary satisfaction, human resource and infrastructure," she said.

Due to the number of condition posed by CBSE, every minute detail has to be studied carefully by the school authorities before submissions. These include things like having rounded bench edges, a terrorist attack proof building, maintaining detailed paperwork etc. It is likely that with proper planning, schools can prepare themselves as said by Chaterjee.

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