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1 in 3 foreign pupils from China or India by 2024 in Higher Education

Dec 2013 Source: Times of India

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By the year 2024 it is expected that there will be 3.85 million outbound mobile higher education students globally out of which one in every three student will be from India and China. 35% of the total global growth will be contributed by China and India during this period. 

Germany is to stand third with a predicted 139,000 outbound students, overriding South Korea. Germany will also be hosting 180,000 international students by 2024. 

1 in 3 foreign pupils from china or india by 2024

Image courtesy of xedos4 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Elizabeth Shepherd, author of the report, said: "Mobile higher education students are set to remain an attractive market for host countries across the world, with continued strong growth forecast over the next decade." 

"Against a backdrop of fragile economic conditions and recoveries, slowing international trade, squeezed household incomes and a global decline in the number of people aged 18-22, this growth is impressive," Shepherd added. 

China and India dominated global growth in higher education accounting for 5.3 million (45%) of the overall increase of 11.8 million between 2009 and 2011. Globally 32 million additional higher education enrolments will take place in 2024 from 164 million in 2011. 

"India, by some distance, is forecast to be the fastest growing market, with an additional 12.7 million enrolments by 2024; other emerging economies with significant forecast growth in higher education enrolments between 2011 and 2024 include: Indonesia (5 million), Brazil (2.6 million), Nigeria (2.3 million), China (1.9 million), Ethiopia (1.6 million), Pakistan (1.3 million), Mexico (1.0 million), Philippines (0.9 million), Colombia (0.9 million)," the report said.


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