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GB Pant University

GB Pant University Syllabus 2018

GB Pant University Syllabus 2018 for the students seeking admission to various Undergraduates courses in the academic session 2018-19 has been provided below. GB Pant University Syllabus is very important for the candidates who are preparing for the GBPUAT exam. GB Pant University Entrance Exam will be conducted by GB Pant University of Agriculture and technology, Pantnagar on All India basis on 3 June 2018 from (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM).

G.B. Pant University Important Dates

GB Pant University Syllabus

GB Pant University Syllabus is very important for the candidates who are preparing for the GBPUAT entrance exam. The candidates are required to prepare for the entrance examination according to the GB Pant University Syllabus given below:

Mental Ability: No Syllabus is prescribed.

GB Pant University MATHEMATICS Syllabus




Coordinate geometry





GB Pant University PHYSICS Syllabus 

Physical measurements


 System of units

Thermal expansion



Errors in measurement

Specific heat

Motion in one, two and three dimensions

Heat capacity

Laws of motion

First and second laws of thermodynamics

Work, Energy and power

Heat engines

Center of mass

Transfer of Heat

Rigid bodies

Periodic motion

Rotational motion

Time period and frequency


Simple harmonic motion

Acceleration due to gravity


Gravitational potential energy

Kinetic and potential energy in SHM

Geostationary satellites

Simple pendulum

Brownian motion

Forced oscillations

Avogadro’s hypothesis and Avogadro’s number


 Inter-atomic and intermolecular forces, States of matter

Free and damped oscillations

Crystalline and glassy solids

Superposition principle of waves


Harmonic waves


Reflection of waves

Archimedes’ principle

Standing and travelling waves



Fluid flow

Doppler Effect

Surface tension

Ohm’s laws

Kinetic theory of gases

 Kirchhoff’s laws

Properties of electric charge


Coulomb’s law


Lines of force

Chemical and thermal effects of currents,

Electric dipole


Electric flux

Magnetic field due to a current

Electric field

Biot-Savart law

Gauss’s theorem

Lorentz force

Electrostatic potential

Amperes law

Potential energy

Magnetic dipole moment

Capacitors and capacitance


 Current, Voltage



Moving charges in magnetic and electric fields

Ohm’s law

Field of a bar magnet

Kirchhoff’s law

Magnetic field lines


Magnetic flux


Magnetic field of earth

Chemical and thermal effects of currents

Tangent galvanometer.


Atomic masses

Faraday’s law of induction

Binding energy

 Lorenz’s law

Size of the nucleus

Lorentz force



Nuclear energy

RC, LR and LCR circuits

Fission and fusion reactions.

Power flow in AC circuits


Resonance and oscillations

Molecular energies

Electromagnetic waves

Rotational and vibrational spectra

em-wave equations

 Solids and their structures

The spectrum of e.m. waves and light.



Semiconductor diodes

GB Pant University BIOLOGY (Botan) Syllabus

Morphology of root, stems and leaf and their modifications.

Elementary study of Plant Physiology.

Flower, inflorescence, seed, and fruits

Plant taxonomy and elementary study of the families

Development of male and female gametophytes, pollination, fertilisation and development of embryo

Classification of plant kingdom

Germination, growth, and development.

Natural resources and their conservation; environment and pollution-air, water and soil community, ecosystem, pyramids, energy flow, mineral cycles, and succession

Cell and cellular functions, tissues, the anatomy of root, stem and leaf of monocot and dicots, secondary growth.

Plant tissue culture, biotechnology, and its applications

GB Pant University Zoology Syllabus

  • A brief account of classification of the animal kingdom with reference to animal biodiversity including both invertebrates and vertebrates.
  • Physiology of animals with emphasis on Human. Homoeostasis, nutrition, and digestion, circulation, respiration, reproduction, excretion, co-ordination and endocrine.
  • Embryology of human
  • A brief account of animal biotechnology. Immune system and human health, DNA, Gene and genetic engineering.
  • Cell and cell division.
  • Mendelism, sex determination, sex-linked inheritance, genetic disorders and polyploidy.
  • molecules including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.

GB Pant University CHEMISTRY Syllabus

Atoms and atomic structure

Periodic properties of elements

Chemical bonding and molecular structure

Coordination chemistry and organometallics

Chemistry of representative elements

Chemical equilibrium & phase equilibrium

Chemical thermodynamics

Ionic equilibrium in solution

Redox reactions

Chemical kinetics

States of matter


Nuclear & radiochemistry

Surface and catalysis

Colloids and macromolecules


Carbon and its compounds introduction to carbon compounds

Purification and characterization of organic compounds

Preparation and properties of hydrocarbons


Organic chemistry based on functional groups

Halides and hydroxyl compounds

Organic chemistry based on functional groups-i

Organic chemistry based on function groups-ii

Synthetic and natural polymers

Bio chemistry


Amino acids and peptides

Proteins and enzymes

Nucleic acids


GB Pant University AGRICULTURE Syllabus



Agricultural engineering

Agricultural economics

Animal husbandry and veterinary science


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