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Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admission 2018

Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admissions 2018 - CMC Vellore offers admission to various UG & PG Courses categorised as Group A and Group B. A major part of CMC Vellore admission is through Sponsorship. Any Christian Church or Christian Organization which is a member of the Christian Medical College Vellore Association and any other Church or Christian Body which operates its own medical work in India or neighbouring countries, is eligible to sponsor candidates for selection to the various educational courses run by CMC Vellore, provided the organization does not run the said course. This page gives the details information about the Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admissions 2018.


Total Seats Sponsored Category Seats Open Seats


100 84 16

B.Sc Nursing

100 85 15

The majority of seats in CMC Vellore are for the students under sponsored category and very few under open seats. The process has been described in detail about the sponsorship seat for CMC Vellore Admissions.

Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admission 2018 - Get Details

Members of the Association and Council who are eligible for the privilege of sponsorship shall sponsor ALL eligible candidates for admission to various courses at CMC Vellore. Efforts would be made by sponsoring bodies to sponsor students belonging to the weaker and underprivileged sections of the society.

Service Obligation: Sponsorship entails an agreement between the candidate and the sponsoring body whereby the candidate agrees to serve in one of the institutions of the body for a minimum period of two years after the completion of the course.

  • If the candidate does not fulfil the service condition then they will not eligible or be admitted to any further education courses at CMC Vellore.
  • Any appointment at the Christian Medical College, Vellore and associated teaching hospital
  • Admission is restricted to the sponsored category to only one candidate from the same family (siblings) in any particular year to any single course offered by the Christian Medical College, Vellore.
  • The transcript and College documents will be released only after the service obligation is fulfilled.

Attain Minimum Standard in Admission Test - No sponsored candidates shall be considered for admission unless they achieve a set minimum standard in the CMC Vellore admission test which indicates that they can successfully complete the course. Candidates who have applied for and are not eligible for sponsorship will be considered under Open Category.

Eligibility Criteria to avail Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admission 2018

  • Any Christian Church or Christian Organization which is a member of the Christian Medical College Vellore Association.
  • Any other Church or Christian Body which operates its own medical work in India or neighbouring countries, which is a member of the Council, and which fulfils the criteria as laid down by the Council.
  • The Christian Medical College, Vellore, is also a recognised sponsoring body.
  • Indian sponsoring bodies may sponsor only Indian nationals.(holding Indian Passport).
  • The certification is normally offered to candidates belonging to Christian faith if they or their families have had a meaningful relationship with a Church or the related period for a period, not less than 10 years.
  • The list of Church/Christian Organization that can sponsor students for various courses is given towards the end of this page,

Undergraduate college Sponsorships for Christian Students

  • Christian candidates who are not sponsored by CMC Vellore or Council members may apply to Undergraduate college Sponsorships.
  • There are no fees for sponsorship under this category.
  • The Application for this sponsorship should be sent to "The Registrar, CMC, Vellore 632002, Tamil Nadu."
  • To avail this sponsorship the candidates have to send the following documents:
    • Application for Sponsorship for Christian and BSc Nursing Courses >> Download
    • A certificate from the Pastor of the candidateaYs Church that the candidate has been a member of the Church for a duration of not less than 10 years
    • Baptism / Confirmation certificate

Fee for CMC Vellore Sponsorship

  • No candidate shall pay any amount exceeding Rs. 750 to the sponsoring body towards registration for sponsorship.
  • No fee required for sponsorship for undergraduate college Sponsorships for Christian Students.

List of Church that can Sponsor Candidates for CMC Vellore Admission 2018

  1. Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church
  2. Arcot Lutheran Church
  3. Assemblies of God in North India
  4. Baptist Church of Mizoram
  5. Chaldean Syrian Church of the East
  6. Christian Assemblies in India
  7. Christian Service Society of the Bengal, Orissa & Bihar
  8. Church of North India, Nagpur Diocese
  9. Church of North India Synod – The Synodical Board of Health services
  10. C.S.I. Coimbatore Diocese
  11. C.S.I. Dornakal Diocese
  12. C.S.I. Kanyakumari Diocese
  13. . C.S.I. Karimnagar Diocese
  14. C.S.I. Karnataka Diocese Inter Diocesan Medical Board
  15. C.S.I Krishna - Godavari Diocese
  16. C.S.I. Madras Diocese
  17. C.S.l. Madhya Kerala Diocese
  18. C.S.I. Madurai-Ramnad Diocese
  19. C.S.I. Medak Diocese
  20. C.S.I. North Kerala Diocese
  21. C.S.I. Rayalaseema Diocese
  22. C.S.I. South Kerala Diocese
  23. C.S.I. Tiruchy-Tanjore Diocese
  24. C.S.I. Tirunelveli Diocese
  25. C.S.I. Vellore Diocese
  26. Council of Baptist Churches in North East India
  27. Council of Christian Hospitals
  28. Eastern Regional Board of Health Services
  29. Emmanuel Hospital Association
  30. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh
  31. Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church
  32. India Evangelical Lutheran Church
  33. Inter Ashram Fellowship
  34. Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church
  35. Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Assembly
  36. Kolhapur Church Council
  37. Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
  38. Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Catholicate of the East
  39. Marathi Mission
  40. Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar
  41. Mennonite Medical Board of the Mennonite Church in India
  42. Methodist Church in India
  43. Mizo Presbyterian Church Synod
  44. North Bank Baptist Christian Association
  45. Poona Christian Medical Association
  46. The Salvation Army India South Eastern Territory
  47. The Salvation Army India South Western Territory
  48. The Salvation Army India Western Territory
  49. Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches
  50. Southern Asia Division of Seventh Day Adventists
  51. Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church
  52. U.P. Regional Board of Health Services
  53. The Leprosy Mission
  54. Christoffel Blinden Mission
  55. C.S.I. Jaffna Diocese
  56. International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention
  57.  N/A
  58. South East Asia Union Mission of SDA Singapore
  59. United Mission to Nepal
  60. Christian Medical College, Vellore
  61. College of Nursing, CMC* (Only for Diploma in Nursing)
  62. Undergraduate College Sponsorship for Christians

For any Queries Related to Sponsorship for CMC Vellore Admission 2018, You can write to us in the comments section below.

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