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Household goods like LED TV, Smartphones, Washing Machine, AC etc Other prizes: Two wheeler, car etc.

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About Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto

Category Game Show
TV Channel Sab TV
Eligibility Families
  • It is the first gameshow on Sab TV.
  • It is bi-weekly game which is aired on Sat and Sun @8PM
  • Hosted by popular celebrity and host Cyrus Sahukar .

What is SAB KHELO SAB JEETO game show all about??

  1. The game show involves 60 minutes of non-stop fun where four members of a family can participate as a team that includes 6 rounds.
  2. There are no terms and conditions and families can keep whatever they win.
  3. Families participate in a buzzer round, where the host asks a question based from all walks of life.
  4. The family that hits the buzzer first, gets to answer first and if they win, they play a 2 min family game for the gifts. 
  5. Each game will be followed by another buzzer round and the team that wins the buzzer round gets to play the next game.

Family Composition

  • Family should consist of 4 members.. These 4 members could be Mother-Father-Children or could even be related to each other closely. For example : Husband-Wife-Husband's Nephew Nephew's Wife...OR Two Brothers accompanied by their respective wives.
  • Family should have atleast one child
  • The age limit for child is from 8years to 15years

The Maha Champion Family

  • Each episode we will declare 1 Champion family who has either won or qualified maximum number of times
  •  The six champion families will compete to win the coveted title of The Maha Champion family' and a bumper prize.

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Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto Registration and Audition Process

Online Registration Process 

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Record your video according to guidelines present in the video.

Step 3: Register yourself by clicking on the Web Auditions.

Step 4: Upload your video and submit it.(Max size- 30 MB)


All Cost to be  borne by the participating families themselves, companies will not reimburse anything.

  • Families (including Shortlisted Users) participating in the Audition and/or Series shall not be entitled to any allowance, reimbursement, cost or arrangements in relation to travelling, food & beverages, accommodation or any ancillary facilities/arrangements
  • Families alone shall be responsible for the same during the entire process including Audition and while participating in the Series.


  • Selected Entries shall be contacted by the Company by way of call on the contact number provided by the Users at the time of registration on the Website (“Shortlisted Users”).
  • The Company shall endeavor to inform the Shortlisted User at least two weeks prior to the date on which he/she is expected to be present.
  • Shortlisted Users shall be given a certificate of participation.

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Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto Important Links

Contact Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto

Multi Screen Media Private Limited
3rdFloor, Interface 7, Malad West,
Mumbai – 400064.

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