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Tapasya- 10 days’ Academic Workshop by Resonance- For India’s top Scholarships & International Olympiads

by Resonance

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There are some prestigious scholarships that are conducted/organized by the Govt. of India like NTSE, National Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT, KVPY conducted by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, IJSO, an international Olympiad, PSAT/SAT for admission to the finest colleges in America and various other international Olympiads.

Preparing for these exams/Olympiads is a tough task as there is a lot of competition but the correct guidance & coaching can help the student ace the toughest of the exams with a matter of ease. One of the ways to prepare for these exams/Olympiads is by attending the ten days academic workshop "Tapasya" conducted by Resonance, 10Kota, Rajasthan, a premiere coaching Institution imparting coaching to IIT-JEE aspirants across the nation for. This workshop will guide & prepare the students to crack scholarships exams/Olympiads such as NTSE, KVPY, IJSO, PSAT, and Olympiads.

What is ‘Tapasya’?

Tapasya is ten days academic workshop for students of Class 6-11 that has been conceived after in-depth research and suggestions by a panel of education experts. This program has been introduced to offer the best coaching & guidance for students preparing for India’s top Scholarships & International Olympiads.

There are two phases for the workshop. 

Tapasya integrates very well with the preparation, by offering a planned curriculum syllabus with structured studying schedule and experienced faculty. The complete teaching module has been segregated & designed as per the class wise target and thus, it offer systematic and step by step methodology to understand and cover the entire syllabus & fundamentals of the above mentioned competitive exams.

Faculty at Resonance has an outstanding combination of proven record, experience and qualification and for a reason, students find an environment for holistic development. ‘Tapasya’ simply bestows knowledge to the students to seek to learn with the clarity of fundamentals of the subject. The experienced team of faculty members have an art to teaching the most complex topics in a very lucid way within a limited time frame and the students benefits by getting a perfect blend of subject knowledge and experience.

“Tapasya is a 90 hours journey to ace the competitive exams.”

Details about the complete workshop module




Workshop Name



Class 6,7,8




Class 9




Class 9, 10




Class 9, 10




Class 10, 11




Class 9, 10, 11



  • The program has been designed according to the class wise need of the student.
  • Everyday classes will be held from 8 AM to 2 PM
  • Special doubt classes will be held from 3 PM to 6 PM every day.
  • Students will be given subject wise booklets and daily practice problem booklets to sharpen and strengthen their subject wise skills.

Subjects covered under the workshop module:

Subjects to be covered in each workshop of Tapasya

The curriculum of the workshop is concise so that students can concentrate and focus on the preparatory materials with a direct approach and thus, qualify their target exams.

Rewards and Prizes to students for showing excellent performance during the Workshop

By attending the workshop, students will not only excel in curriculum studies but will also have an opportunity to receive several awards & prizes based on their performance.

Rewards of Tapasya Program

FAQs for Tapasya

  • Why parents/guardians should enrol their wards for ‘Tapasya’ workshop?

Resonance’ has immense expertise in the field of competitive exams & has launched Tapasya for the preparation for Scholarships exams/olympiads. The entire workshop is designed and structured by expert educationists. Every module has been prepared in a way so that the students are not only thorough with the basics of the subject but also gain specialised skills to ace the tough questions with a matter of ease.

  • Will ten days’ workshop benefit the students?

Those who have attended previously organised workshops have witnessed excellent results & realised its importance. Resonance has a history of churning out the best result in the India’s top Scholarships & International Olympiads.

  • How is it possible to stay at Kota?

The classes will be available only at Kota Center. Resonance Management has arranged boarding & lodging facilities for outstation students and their parents/ guardians. Students will be charged Rs. 4000 for ten days for boarding & lodging. If parents decide to stay along with their ward, then they would be charged Rs. 500/day per person.

Registration for Tapasya

Registration for the workshop is easy & convenient. Interested students can register both online & offline as per their convenience. Offline application forms are available at the Resonance Study centres.The fee charged for the workshop is Rs. 3000 which can be paid online Debit/Credit card or through a DD made for “Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.” payable at Kota. 

Apply Online for "Tapasya" 10 days workshop

J-2 Jawahar Nagar,
Kota (Raj) Pincode: 324005

In a case of any other query, students or parents can contact the help desk:
Help Desk:  08824078330, 0744-2434727
Loading & Boarding: 09352890563 (Lokendra Nath Chaturvedi)

Note: The workshop classes will take place at Resonance Center, Kota (Rajasthan) only.

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