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PFMS Scholarship 2018 - PFMS Login, Registration, Know Scholarship Payments Status


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PFMS stands for Public Financial Management System which is a scholarship portal. Through this portal, the payments of scholarships are done without any paperwork and in a quick and easy way. The payment of scholarship is done directly in the bank account of the beneficiary. The students receiving the scholarship have to register themselves once on PFMS Scholarship portal. The documents once uploaded and saved in the PFMS Scholarship portal will be kept until the completion of the education of the student.

The service of PFMS Scholarship Portal is provided by Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS).

PFMS Scholarship List: Public Financial Management System 

PFMS portal has all the PFMS scholarships provided to students given below is a list of all such PFMS scholarship

  1. Scholarship to Universities/College Students
  2. Post-Matric Scholarship for SC Students
  3. Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC Students
  4. National Means cum Merit Scholarship
  5. National Scheme for Incentive for the girl child for secondary education
  6. Top Class Education Scheme for SC
  7. Up gradation of Merit of SC Students
  8. Post-Matric Scholarship for OBCs

PFMS Registration 2018 - Apply Online

PFMS registration can be done through the PFMS portal only. PFMS login can be done by the student only after the registration has been completed. The registration for PFMS can be done easily by selecting the scholarship scheme, class 12 pass-out year and the education board. It is to be kept in mind that only the students fulfil the eligibility criteria will be able to receive PFMS scholarship through PFMS portal. The link to apply for PFMS registration has been given below for the convenience of the students.

Click here for PFMS Registration 2018

PFMS Scholarship 2018 Eligibility Criteria

The students willing to receive PFMS scholarship can check their eligibility to know what scholarships they are eligible to receive through PFMS portal. To check the eligibility, the candidate will have to go to the link provided below and in that ink, s/he would have to enter the personal and academic details to check the schemes available for her/him. The candidate will then be shown a list of all the PFMS scholarships s/he can apply for. The students can check their eligibility by using the link given below.

Click here to check eligibility

PFMS Scholarship 2018 - Documents to be uploaded 

While doing the registration/renewal of scholarship, the candidate is required to upload the documents as mentioned below on the PFMS Scholarship portal.

  • Scanned copy of passport size photograph of the student in jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, tiff, tif or gif only and not bigger than 1 MB in size.
  • Scanned signature of the candidate not bigger than 1 MB in size.
  • Scanned copy of the Mark Sheet in PDF format.
  • Scanned copy of the Fee Receipt in PDF format.

PFMS Scholarship - Know Your Payment Status

Through the PFMS Scholarship Portal, candidates can check the status for the payment of scholarship. The candidates can check their payment status through Account number or through Aadhar number.

Payment by Account number 

. The steps to check the payment by Account number has been given below

  • Step 1: Select the bank where the beneficiary has the bank account.
  • Step 2: Enter the account number, retype it to confirm
  • Step 3: Fill the word verification dialogue box and click on “Search”

Payment by Aadhar Number 

The students who are going to receive the scholarship can check their payment through Aadhar number also. The steps to check the payment by Aadhar number has been given below

  • Step 1: Enter the Aadhar number, re-enter it to confirm
  • Step 2: Fill the word verification dialogue box and click on “Search”

How to Renew PFMS Scholarship

The PFMS scholarship can be renewed through the PFMS portal. It is an easy process and saves a lot of time of the students as well the authorities granting it. The renewal of PFMS scholarship is a two-step process that includes Student registration and Filling and submitting the form online. Given below is a step by step guide that the students can follow to renew their scholarship

PFMS Student Registration

  • Step 1: Click on the link given below
  • Step 2: Click on “Student Registration”
  • Step 3: Select the scheme “Scholarship to Universities/College Students” on the registration page
  • Step 4: Select the year of passing class 12 along with the Education Board from which the candidate passed class 12
  • Step 5: Enter the bank account number and the IFSC code of the bank’s branch
  • Step 6: Click on the drop-down menu, select the category and click on “Search”
  • Step 7: System will search the name and automatically fill up the form displayed on the screen
  • Step 8: Enter the mobile number, an OTP will be sent on that number, fill up that OTP
  • Step 9: Click on “Verify” and enter the email ID
  • Step 10: Create a user ID and password and fill up the captcha code given below
  • Step 11: Click on “Submit” to finish the process

PFMS Scholarship Portal - Benefits

The PFMS scholarship portal is very useful for students as it helps in the easy disbursement of the scholarship amount. The PFMS Scholarship portal has many useful features that are mentioned below

  • Automates the payment: The PFMS Scholarship portal automates and manages all the processes related to submission, verification, processing, sanction and disbursal of scholarship to the students.
  • Online help manual for students: For the convenience of students, an online help manual is also provided to help during the filling of form.
  • Saves time: The students can submit their application in 10 minutes on the PFMS Scholarship Portal and since there is no paperwork hence the work is done in a quick manner.
  • Easy tracking: It is very easy for a student to track his/her payment status through this portal using their Ids and Passwords.
  • Easy renewals: The students can easily renew their scholarship through the PFMS scholarship portal as they can use the same ID they created, in the beginning, to register on the portal.
  • Alerts to students: Regular alerts in the form of SMS and emails are sent to the students through this portal in the various stages of processing.
  • Direct transfer: The amount of scholarship is sent directly to the students through this portal.
  • Helpline availability: The PFMS Scholarship portal has a helpline that can be used by the students for any query.

PFMS Scholarship FAQs

Students often have doubts related to various aspects of PFMS. Given below are some the frequently asked questions about PFMS Scholarship

Question 1: What to do if the Institute is not registered with PFMS?
In such a case, a student can follow the following steps

Step 1: Go to PFMS homepage
Step 2: Click on Register/Track Issues
Step 3: Fill in the required details and will enter the category as Scholarship and Sub-category as Institute not found
Step 4: Fill in the details of your institution in the description

Question 2: What to do if the student forgets the password?
Students can easily reset the password by clicking on the "Forget password" link present on the right-hand side on the homepage.

Question 3: What if the bank account of the student is invalid?
When the bank account of a student is found to be invalid, an SMS/email alert is sent to the student. After the alert, the student needs to change the bank account in order to receive the money in the bank account.

Question 4: What will be Application Type in the Renewal of Scholarship?
The application type will be "Renewal" in such a case.

Question 5: What are the prerequisites for Upload of the Picture and the signature?
The scanned photograph and the scanned signature of the student should not be larger than 1MB. The scanned photograph of the student should be in jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, tiff, tif, gif format only.

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