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Mothers are a Gift from God. Why take them for granted?

by Twinkle Dhawan

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“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”   Washington Irving

God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers. Warm, affectionate and lots of love kind of thoughts crop up when a person of any age, gender, caste or religion thinks about the word “Mother”. Love of a mother is exquisite and irreplaceable; she’s just always there for you no matter what so ever be the situation. She’s there when you need a friend with whom you share your problems and gossip about people, when you need a doctor and she knows what exactly you need to provide you relief, she’s got your back when you break daddy’s car’s headlight and then becomes your self- appointed lawyer in front of daddy, she’s there when you have your first heartbreak, she’s there to be your teacher and guide you through all the wrong paths you carelessly take,  she’s there when you need master chef to feed you, she’s there when you can’t find what to wear, she’s there when you don’t know where your lost things are as if the keys to the “lost items vault” belong to her, she’s there when you get panic attacks in the mall when you can’t find her and when she’s not there, you refer to your daddy to ask “Dad, where’s mom?”. It’s impossible to live without her even for an hour when she goes out for grocery shopping. Mother is the most influential person in kid’s life. She teaches us to be the best we can be and an overall physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically development is moulded by her.

Mothers are a gift from God

Digging into What’s Wrong?

Sometimes in rut of work and adversities of modern teenage era, kids tend to forget her real worth. We take her for granted, we call her to get us even the slightest of a glass of water or shouting at her when we are pissed with the outside world or make her job ten times tougher by creating more mess for her to clean. We treat her as if she’s the personal secretary to daddy’s bank wallet. We lie to her at times which is the worst thing that any child could do to mural of love and trust. We call her stupid and dumb when she refuses to do something for us or she doesn’t know something. But in reality she knows mostly everything but she pretends that she doesn’t so that her kids can feel smarter and develop self confidence. This is all moronic, immoral, self obsessive, jerky and imbecile behaviour on part of us as children.


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Her Shoes, My Body! 

I am a girl and a few days back my mom went on a day trip with her friends and I had to take care of the house. I know what kind of emotional, mental traumatic situations I have faced. I woke up and saw this beautiful and mindboggling house with not even a single corner left clean and that didn’t have anything on it. It was like even junk yard looked better than that. I cleaned up the whole mess without mommy and I was so tired. Then I saw the clothes that had to be washed and trust me I never knew this four people family owned a gigantic clothes store under a roof called Home! I bless myself and the technology that there is an invention named “washing machine”. After such a freedom struggle, I saw my dad and my brother asking for breakfast from me. So I made the very famous and mouth-watering coal-like toast and half baked eggs. After this, I had to make lunch, get myself a decent bath, wash some more clothes and even put them to dry and then fold them and segregate them. That day the domestic helper and cleaner was on a surprise leave too! My best day just became outrageous in its true sense. I cleaned the whole nine yard all by myself. Till the time I could gather myself and rest for a little while, it was already seven in the evening which meant I had to make dinner as well! When my mother arrived home, I welcomed with a broken back, half limb legs, shivering hands and a pale face. That was the day I actually realized what’s her real worth. I did that for one day and I looked like a zombie and she does it every day without even complaining. Now that’s some freaky stuff!

One should never forget that a mother is the one who brought you to this planet and she has all the rights over you. As you grow old, so does she and so should be treated as gently as she did when you were toddlers.  Anger and monetary benefit related issues should never penetrate the walls of such a pure hearty relationship. Mother is the one who brought you in this world and made you understand the worth of your life then why take her for granted.

Ways to make your mom happy

  1.  Help her in the household work- Everybody has at least a day off from work but mothers have to work non-stop throughout the year, they have no holidays. So help her out in cleaning or redecorating the stuff in the house.
  2. Hang out together- Go shopping together or you can plan a movie with her.
  3. Do something special for her on her Birthday- Gift her something she likes
  4. Tell her that you love her-Letting her know by just saying how much you care for her can do wonders!
  5. Share things about your life with her- This will make her feel special and you can make a very nice bond with her by doing this. You will surely get good advice for your life as well.
  6. Make lunch for her and her friends! - Value her friends; she has always been around serving your friends, so whenever you get the opportunity do your part.
  7. Take her side on an argument with daddy

 In a country like India where old tales of Lord Ram are deep rooted in every citizen, one should never forget that even our Lord sacrificed his whole kingdom when his step mother asked him too. When Lord Ram can have so much devotedness and amorousness towards his step mom, why can’t we have the same for our mothers? Little words of kindness, support and gratitude towards her would do wonders. Help your mother with her work and you’d actually feel strange tinge of tenderness and satisfaction in you! She’s the one who gives more attention to you than she gives to her husband and she’s the one who’s always got your back no matter what. An in-depth story line “sacrifices of the mother” shows her unconditional service to her children and her husband. She sacrifices at every moment of life.

No language can express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother’s love. So, one should always treat their mother’s right!

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