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JEE Advanced Topper 2018: Lay Jain (AIR 9) Preparation Strategy


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Lay Jain from Kota is among the top 10 JEE Advanced All India Rank holders. He secured 312 out of 360 marks and wants to study Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Lay Jain also aced his Class 12 board exam with 94% from DDPS Kota. Two years ago, Lay started preparing for JEE Advanced 2018 and joined ALLEN Kota. He believes in self-assessment and advises the JEE Advanced aspirants to utilize the time properly. Know more about JEE Main Topper 2018 Lay Jain from the interview below.

jee advanced topper lay jain

Mota Chashma: What was your first reaction after getting your result?

Lay Jain: I was really excited after getting to know that I scored 312 out of 360 in JEE Advanced. I am feeling very elevated.

Mota Chashma: Please tell us about yourself and your family.

Lay Jain: I am a resident of Kota. My father is an engineer working for the Indian Railways. My mother is a homemaker. I went to DDPS school in Kota and gave my Class 12 board exams from there.

Mota Chashma: According to you, how was the difficulty level of the paper? Which were the toughest and easiest sections in JEE Advanced 2018?

Lay Jain: The overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate. For me, Mathematics was the most difficult section and Physics was the easiest section of JEE Advanced 2018.

Mota Chashma: Was there any difference in the preparation strategy in the last months of JEE Advanced as board exams were also during that period? How did you manage to prepare for JEE Advanced and boards at the same time?

Lay Jain: I followed the same strategy for JEE Advanced and my boards.  I studied NCERT books a lot since it was common for Class 12 boards and JEE Advanced. I scored 94 percentage in my Class 12 boards.

Mota Chashma: Did you take any coaching? Do you think coaching institutes help you for better preparation for JEE Advanced 2018?

Lay Jain: I joined Allen Kota for my JEE Mains and JEE Advanced preparation. The classes in Allen helped me a lot to prepare for JEE Advanced 2018.

Mota Chashma: How extensively did you practice for mock test and sample papers? Do you think practising from the mock test or practice papers help and how?

Lay Jain: From Class 11 and in the first half of Class 12, I took mock tests and practised sample papers once in two weeks. And later, I started solving sample papers and appearing for mock tests once in three days. A week before the exam, I started solving once every single day. Solving the sample papers and appearing for mock tests helped me a lot in improving my speed and accuracy.

Mota Chashma: Are there any special books which you think have helped with your preparation? Are school textbooks adequate for preparing for JEE Advanced?

Lay Jain: NCERT books helped me a lot while preparing for JEE Advanced.

Mota Chashma: Why do you want to study engineering? Which branch are you interested in? Which college will you prefer for yourself?

Lay Jain: I always wanted to be an engineer. I want to complete my studies from IIT Bombay in Computer Science.

Mota Chashma: What do you think are the key factors behind your success?

Lay Jain: The factors behind my success are self-assessment and practice.

Mota Chashma: How did you de-stress yourself during your preparation? What are your hobbies?

Lay Jain: My hobbies are movies, music, table tennis and badminton. To cut down the stress level, I listen to music. Earlier, I played the synthesizer.

Mota Chashma: Who is your biggest role model and inspiration for life and why?

Lay Jain: My role model is Chitraang Murdia, topper of JEE Advanced 2014.

Mota Chashma: You know! You are an inspiration to thousands of students who will sit for JEE Advanced. What is your message to all future JEE Advanced aspirants?

Lay Jain: The most important thing for me was time. I would like to advise the future aspirants to avoid wasting time on social networking sites.

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