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Aakash iTutor is an innovative digital learning program for class 8 to 12+ students. The program is specially designed for Boards, Engineering, and Medical aspirants. All the courses under Aakash iTutor are prepared by Aakash experts hence they are well-structured for self-learning purpose. Students can access Aakash iTutor with or without internet. In fact, Aakash iTutor is the first tablet-based e-learning program which includes video lectures, e-books, and assessments. Aakash iTutor was introduced by Aakash Institute in 2015. Scroll down to get details on Aakash iTutor – A complete Digital Learning course that will give wings to aspirant’ dreams with cost efficiency.

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Advantages of Digital learning through Aakash iTutor

  • Cost Effective: The courses are designed in a manner that one can either buy few modules and chapters or can also purchase the complete course according to their requirements.
  • Easy to Access: Since there are both offline and online modes to study, it is easy to start a session anytime or anywhere even without internet connection.
  • Video Lectures by Expert Faculty: Video lectures in Aakash iTutor helps students to learn the concepts and see how the most difficult problems are solved by experts.
  • 24*7 Support System: With Aakash iTutor, students get ‘24*7 Support System’ to resolve his/her doubts and problems. Students can ask questions online and get answers from Aakash experts.
  • Practice Tests/Quizzes/AIATS: Aakash iTutor provides candidates practice test and quizzes along with All India Test Series (AIATS) for self-evaluation.
  • Convenient and Self-paced Learning:  Aakash iTutor is designed for all. And students from areas with limited Internet access can opt for USB learning mode as well. Moreover, students also save on travelling and relocating. Apart from that Aakash iTutor is currently offering some great deals at unbelievable discounts.

Aakash iTutor – Modes of Learning

Aakash iTutor offers Tablet-Based Digital learning program for Class 8 to 12+ which is first of its kind in India. The program was introduced in 2015 and has got a tremendous response from students. What makes Aakash iTutor popular amongst student is the fact that it is accessible both with and without internet. Students can take iTutor in any of the following modes;

Aakash iTutor

USB Learning Mode
Students opting for this mode do not require internet, they will be provided Aakash Video Lectures, eBooks, and Tests in USB/Memory Chips. It gives freedom of studying at the comfort of your home using your own desktop, laptop or tablet.

Tablet Learning Mode
Students can alternatively opt for Lenovo Tabs that are pre-loaded with Aakash Video Lectures, E-Books, and Practice Tests. These tabs can be bought from Aakash Institutes at a discounted price.

Online learning
If you have access to the internet then you can directly access Aakash Video Lectures, eBooks and Tests online on your laptop or any other device. In Online learning mode, monthly plans and chapters are also available.


 Convenient. No Commute.


 Anytime. Anywhere.


Engineer & Medical Aspirants*


Aakash iTutor (Free Online Trial)

*Aakash iTutor also provides structured courses to prepare for Boards exams.

  • Click Here to Apply for ACST for Engineering (JEE Main and Advanced 2019-20)
  • Click Here to Apply for ACST Medical (NEET/AIIMS 2019-20)
  • Click Here to Apply for ACST Foundation (NTSE & Olympiads 2018-19)

Aakash iTutor – Number Game!

Since its inception, 9,43,000 users have registered with Aakash iTutor with more than 3.5 million views on the educational lectures and thousands of success stories. In 2017, 490 Aakashians qualified in AIIMS examination and more than 6000 Aakashian succeeded in JEE (Main & Advanced). Students can choose 1 and 2-year courses through digital learning program. Following is a brief about available content.

Video Content

Practice Tests


1500+ (Hours)



In case of any query regarding 
Aakash iTutor, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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