National Biennial Competition

10th National Biennial Competition 2016-18 | National Innovation Foundation

Last date to apply

March 31, 2017

About National Biennial Competition

  • National Biennial Competition is an initiative of National Innovation Foundation(NIF) for Green Grassroots Unaided Technological Innovations, Ideas & Outstanding Traditional Knowledge practices developed by various people and communities in the unrecognized sector. 
  • Children in or out of school are also encouraged to send their original ideas for the competition.
  • NIF is mandated to build a National Register of green Grassroots Technological Innovations and Traditional Knowledge practices developed by various individuals and communities in the unorganized sector.
  • The idea is to provide risk capital to such individuals from the unorganised sector whose innovations or traditional knowledge are promising and meet the criteria of NIF.
  • NIF's commitment to grassroots innovators and traditional knowledge holders is aimed at
    • Build Linkages: Building their linkages with institutional scientists, technologists and designers to add value in their technologies
    • Provide Fund: Providing micro venture innovation fund (MVIF) - support to help convert innovations into enterprises.
    • Protect IPR: Protecting their intellectual property rights and
    • Creating a culture of creativity and innovation in society
  • NIF is striving to make India innovative, self-reliant and a world leader in sustainable technologies.
  • The last date for the 10th National Biennial Competition is March 31, 2017. Entries received after March 31, 2017 will be included in the 11th National Biennial Competition 2017-19.

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National Biennial Competition Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both
Region All India
Class/ Age  Students upto class 12/ Self employed / Professionals / Aided /Unaided /Theories or Art.
  • Should be a Citizen of India
  • Open to Students, Self employed / Professionals / Aided /Unaided /Theories or Art.
  • Students are eligible for special category awards.
  • For Students: Inventions and innovations should be of their own creative thinking, without the support  of their teachers or any other person(s).
  • The innovations can be in following areas:
    agriculture, machines, processes or products for farm/non-farm operations, household utility, transportation, energy conservation or generation, reduction in drudgery, development of plant varieties, development of herbal remedies for human/ animal problems, or any other low cost sustainable green technologies. 
  • Ideas for innovative technologies which have not yet become products are also welcome.

People not eligible to participate in National Biennial Competition

  • entries from professionals that is, those having professional/ post graduate degrees or affiliation with formal institutions or
  • those who have gained long professional experience in public or private sector, are not accepted.
  • Projects of students enrolled in engineering, bio technology or any other professional/ post graduate courses will also not be considered.

National Biennial Competition Reward

National Biennial Competition Rewards

National Biennial

Reward of National Biennial Competition

  • The best three innovations will be awarded Rs 500,000 (National First), Rs 300,000 (National Second) and Rs 100,000 (National Third) each in different categories.
  • NIF may also give a Life Time Achievement Award of Rs 750,000 to an outstanding innovator with demonstrated lifelong creativity

For Students

  • Prizes worth Rs 30,000, Rs. 25,000 and Rs 20,000 for the best three entries and several consolation prizes of Rs 10,000 for students.
  • A chance to get registered in National Register.

Other Benefits

  • The outstanding entries will also be widely publicized in the Honey Bee Newsletter and through other media.
  • Summary and/or details of the selected innovative practices and traditional knowledge practices included in the Register will be displayed at the websites of NIF with the Prior Informed Consent (unless such knowledge is already in the public domain) of the innovators/knowledge providers.
  • Facilitation through other Linkages/ NIF Website.

National Biennial Competition Application form and Process

National Biennial Competition Application Process

  • Individuals, from the unorganized sectors of the society, who have achieved distinction in improving quality and productivity without the aid of formal institutions can apply.
  • Students upto class 12 can also apply for National Biennial Competition

How to send your entry for National Biennial Competition
Individuals or groups may send as many entries on a plain paper providing

  • Technical details of the idea or innovation or traditional knowledge practice along with sketches, photo or videos wherever available/necessary
  •  Genesis of idea/innovation or traditional knowledge
  • Educational qualification of the innovators/ traditional knowledge holders  and occupation
  • In case of a student, The class in which the student is studying.
  • Complete postal address with pin code and contact number.
  • Any other information that may seem necessary.

Herbal entries may be accompanied by properly dried plant samples to enable correct identification.

 Entries may be submitted along with copy of the reports

National Biennial Competition Selection Process

National Biennial Competition Selection Process

  • All entries for National Biennial Competition will be screened for their validity, uniqueness, creativity, social impact, potential impact, eco-friendliness, value for linkage with science & technology and prospects of diffusion through commercial and non-commercial channel.
  • The selected entries will be evaluated by a group of experts and Honey Bee Network Collaborators.
  • NIF will take into account BOTH education AND occupation of the participant

National Biennial Competition Address

National Coordinator (Scouting and Documentation),
National Innovation Foundation,
Satellite Complex, Bungalow No 1,
Premchandnagar Road , Jodhpur Tekra,
Ahmedabad 380015

National Biennial Competition Contact Details

Telephone: +91-79-26732456, +91-79-26732095, +91-79-26753501
Fax: +91-79-2673 1903, +91-11-4385 1803

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Conducted by

National Innovation Foundation and Honey Bee Network
(NIF), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. to recognize, respect and reward grassroots technological innovators and traditional knowledge experts

The Honey Bee Network was established in 1988-89 to connect creative people across language cultures, acknowledge the contribution of innovators and expand policy and institutional space for local knowledge experts by ensuring fair share of benefits.

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