4th International Poster Competition

4th International Poster Competition 2015

Last date to apply

July 6, 2015

About 4th International Poster Competition

  • 4th International Poster Competition is an endavour to spread awareness about the Myths involved about the health perspective of Processed Food.
    • It is co-organised by Segunda llamada, Greenpeace Mexico and Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana.
  • The candidates willing to participate in the competition need to make a grayscale poster based on the theme: “Processed foods: Do you really know what you eat?
  • There is no participation fee for the 4th International Poster Competition and the winners will be featured on the Poster Itinerant Exhibition and will also be featured in the catalogue.

4th International Poster Competition

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4th International Poster Competition Eligibility Criteria

Gender Both
Region Global
Class/ Age Professional & Students in Design, Visual Communication & Related careers
  • Nationality: The competition is open for students and professional of all nationalities.
  • Participation: The participation is open for professional as well as students related to Design, Visual communication and related careers.
  • Language: The poster should be either in English or Spanish.
  • Originality: Posters must be original works created specifically for this competition.

Not Eligible to Participate

  • The Awards are not open for relatives and family members of Judges, and Individuals involved with or employed with the organizers, official partners or sponsors.

4th International Poster Competition Reward

4th International Poster Competition Rewards

The Winners of the 4th International Poster Competition will be selected by an international jury consisting of renowned names of the industry. Out of the entries received total 100 entries will be shortlisted to be judged by International Jury.

  • Total 40 entries will be selected for display at Poster Itinerant Exhibition.
  • These Entries will also be published in digital as well as printed catalogue.
  • The decision regarding the 3 winners and honorary mentions will be taken by the Jury.

4th International Poster Competition Application form and Process

4th International Poster Competition Application Process

The interested candidates are required to submit their entries online, in order to participate in the International Poster Competition. 

  • Number of Entries: Each participant can submit up to 3 entries (Single or Conforming series).
  • Theme: “Processed foods: Do you really know what you eat?”
  • Specifications of the Poster:
    • Size: 60x90cm (3545 x 5313px – 150 ppi)
    • Orientation: Vertical format only.
    • Style: Black ink or grayscale (NO RGB / CMYK).
    • Format: JPG,
    • Size: Maximum 5MB.

Submission of the Entries

The Entries are to be uploaded using the official portal available for the same purpose. The details of the things required to complete the submission are as follow: 

Click here to upload the poster.

  • Low Resolution Poster
    • Size: 600x900px
    • Resolution: 72ppi
    • Format: JPG
    • Style: Grayscale (NO RGB / CMYK)
  • Brief Justification: A brief Justification related to the poster in not more than 300 characters without name or alias.
  • Contact Information And Sustainable Action Proposal: Full name, age, address, zip code, country, telephone number, e-mail address and a proposal of a sustainable action related to food habits which the participant commits to undertake in his/her daily life.

4th International Poster Competition Selection Process

4th International Poster Competition Selection Process

The selection of the winners and the judging criteria applicable for the Poster Competition are as follow:

  • Judging Criteria: The entries submitted will be judged on the basis of
    • Concept originality
    • Graphic Quality
    • Message conveyance clarity
  • Result: Result of the competition will be made available on www.segundallamada.com as well as on Segunda llamada’s social networks on October 7, 2015.

4th International Poster Competition Contact Details

Email: info@segundallamada.com

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Conducted by

Segunda llamada

Segunda llamada is a non-profit social and environmental awareness project.

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